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Did you just install Filelinked on your device but can’t find any good code? If so then you came to the right place as in this article I am going to share with you the best Filelinked Codes for Firestick. These shortcodes that you will use from here are working fine and are tested by me before posting them here.

With the help of this, you will be able to get the latest apps to stream Movies, TV Shows, and Live TV free of cost. This guide is useful for several users including FireTV Stick 4K, FireTV 2nd, 3rd Generation, FireTV Cube, and even Android device users. To get the suitable code for your make sure to read this article until the end.

With the help of this article, you will also learn how to use these codes to download apps using Fielinked. However, I also shared some famous apps through my own codes that can be downloaded easily. I have hosted these apps on Dropbox and OpenDrive so don’t worry while using it as it is completely safe and secure.

What are Filelinked Codes and How Does it Work?

Filelinked codes are basically website URLs that a user converts using DroidAdmin a.ka. Filelinked to share files safely. In this code, a user or community shares files, applications, or other stuff with another person. Nowadays it is used by Firestick or other android TV users as it is the easiest way to download 3rd-party apps.

With the help of this service, a user just uploads an apk file on OpenDrive, DropBox or, another file hosting service. After that, they need to create an account on the Filelinked website and create a code from there. Then it requires the direct URL of that specific file or apk and also an image as a logo or icon that is used to identify that file.

Once they are done with it they also require to type the name or description of that file which is an optional feature. After that, they just receive a code that they share online through YouTube, Forums, Blogs, etc. So once any other user types that code in the application He/She will get the content that is shared by that user.

This is also a bulk file share service that means with a single code get you may get several apps or files within that code. Then anyone just needs to click on the Download icon that is located next to the application and it will start downloading that file. Everything is quite easy and since the URLs are direct that means it requires a single tap or clicks to download files.

Newest Filelinked Codes with Latest Apps version

I have added the newest codes and every code has one app that is included in the latest version these apps only work on firestick, FireTV 4k, and android devices as well or even you can use them in any android operating system.

Filelinked CodesPINWhat You Get
710740573580KODI 18.9 Leia
366865612134Cinema HD
215718690908Live NetTV
926671693434Morpheus TV
111474482244Mouse Toggle
958112143344Peacock TV
661385674411 Ola TV


Best Filelinked Code Without PIN  For September 2023

Finding the best apps that provide Live TV is a difficult task, but don’t worry, I have solved that problem as well. Below is the list of codes that will provide you with the Live TV apps, and these are free to use.

It doesn’t cost you a penny, but some apps might contain advertisements because this is the only thing that keeps such apps alive. But even though some apps are ad-free that you can use them as well so let’s move to the list without wasting time.

The below given Filelinked codes work without any pin and I have tested it and these all codes are working in September Month 2023

List Of  Best FileLinked Codes Working For FireTV Stick

23119623 – No Pin: In this code, you will some App Stores and also free live TV apps that include BeeTV, ApToide, Mobdro, IPVanish, CatMouse, CyberFlix, Cinema HD, FreeFlix HQ, LiveNetTV, MediaBox HD, MX Player Pro, Mouse Toggle, Nova TV, RedBox TV, TeaTV, Theater Plus, TV Zion, Typhoon TV, Titanium TV.

67664537 – No Pin: This code is best suitable for free TV apps that contain NovaTV, TeaTV, TV Zion, ZiniTevi, UnlockMyTV, Vidmax, OneBox HD, 1234Movie, Media Lounge, Free Live Cable Website, Kodi 18.7 Leia, Ares Wizard, Typhoon TV, CineHub, Dream TV, Movies Time, Movie Hunt, Fast Movie, CinemaBox, Sofa TV, HD TV Ultimate, HD Movies, AZ Movies, Morphix TV, Plex Premium, Mega Box HD, Popcorn Time, Mega Shows, Smart YouTube TV, NAAd TV, Cinemax HD, Tubi TV, Sony Crackle, Airy TV, TVTap Pro, Kaken TV, USA TV, Live Planet TV, Oreo TV, Big TV, IPTV Smarter Pro and so on.

74747474 – No Pin: This is a multipurpose code that contains Media Players as well as Live TV apps, in this code, you will get VLC Media Player, MX Player Pro, Set Orientation, Yes Player, Downloader App, Amazon Prime, Typhoon TV, Kodi, etc.

51829986 – No Pin: This code is provided by Stream & Tech Now, here you will get the apps mostly for Live TV these contain Grace Life, SurfShark VPN, Express VPN, PIA VPN, Real-Debrid, 123Movies, BeeTV, Cartoon HD, CineHub, Cinema HD, Flex TV, Fast Movies, FilmRise, FilmZie, FreeFlix TV, JetBox, Kingo TV, Media Box HD, Mobiles Lite, Movie HUB, Movie Free HD, Old Movies, OneBox, Pocket TV, PTV Max, TVZion, Vudu, Daily IPTV, Arena Shows, ElMubashir TV, Mobdro, Ola TV, OreoTV, Pluto TV, UK TV, Amazon Prime, Messenger, FireTV Remote, Netflix and many more.

27256340 – No Pin: In this Filelinked code you will get many sorts of apps you will find as Venture Loader, Aurora Store, VirusTotal, SDMaid, ES File Explorer, Aptoide, ApkTime, Set Orientation, Android TV App, Background Process APK, ADB Shell, Brave Browser, AdBlocker, Blokada, Puffin Browser, MX Player, VLC, Audio Player, AM Player, Stream Digital Media Center, Fire Anime, Anime DLR, Fildo Music App, Stream R Us, Pandora Apk, Spotify, YouTube App, Fast Movie Apk and many more.

Latest Filelinked Codes List

The above codes that you get are quite old but don’t worry the user is updating the apps on time. However, I have found some new and best working codes that you should check too. Below is the latest Filelinked codes list in which you will get new sorts of apps for free streaming and so on.

Filelinked CodesPINWhat You Get
74513484NoneContains best Applications for FireStick.
222222224754All Sorts of Apks
91195389NoneKodi Builds For 17.6 Krypton
80409018NoneKodi 18 to 18.5 Builds and More.
17779393NoneContains Hundreds of Apps Without any Ads.
74238464NoneHuge Platform of Streaming Apps
38069272NoneFor those who want Apps for FireStick.
47603928NoneBest For Android Applications
789336819999For Movies & TV Shows Applications
705108629999Apps & Tools Compatible with FireStick
29834673NoneContains too many apps in English and Spanish
30612263NoneContains same and new apps from JM_tvbox
131313134545Media Players & Streaming Apps.
80454071NoneBest For treaming Applications
866662824242IPTV, Paid TV Channels and so on.
393477944242Contains some important files.
76115743NoneContains many useful applications.
88897031NoneIt contains emulators and Roms
44427643NoneIt has around 100+ Kodi Repositories & Wizards
55621089NoneBest for IPTVs, contain many apps used with Amazon Fire Stick.
74129627None1000+ Applications for Streaming free of cost.
44427643NoneA Huge List of Kodi Builds and Repositories.
631066187777For Streaming Apps.
88897031NoneContains a lot of Retro Games.

File linked Code For Cinema HD APK

Cinema HD APK822393861122

Are These Codes Safe?

Filelinked codes are completely safe to use until you get them from a trusted source like a person, blog, or YouTube channel. It is because some people have reported that they just ended up installing infected apps. Since we don’t know the exact URL of that source or know the name because in Filelinked code a user can change the app or file name on their own.

This is the thing that makes a Filelinked code unsafe to use but in case you are getting it from a trusted source then feel free to use it. For example, I at share the codes that are working and the best part is I first check them and then upload them here so my visitors don’t into a serious problem.

Even though I also created my own code where I have shared some of the best apps like TeaTV, Live NetTV, Kodi, Cyberflix, and so on. So, you can use that code without any issue as I guarantee myself safety and I never add anything to this since I am here only to help my visitors.

Although if you are getting any code from an unknown person through email, Facebook group, comments, etc. Then never ever try to use that code or you may end up having some serious problem. Also, I am not responsible for anything that happens after using it since I only tested the codes that are listed below.

Why Use Filelinked Code?

still, confused about why to use these codes? Then don’t worry as I am here to give you the complete information on why you should use them. So, as we already know that the Firestick is based on an Android Operating System, which means we have millions of applications available to download.

But there is a problem as many of the apps that provide free content like movies, TV shows, dramas, etc. are not available on the Amazon Store. Because they think they are violating their privacy, and this is the reason they remove it from there.

But don’t get upset as Android OS allows us to download and install from other sources as well. So, as a user of a Firestick, we face some problems while getting these apps because we require to have a Web Browser.

This is a very time-consuming process if you are downloading on TV, so in this case, we use these Filelinked codes to directly get almost all sorts of free and paid apps without using a web browser. It has the fastest servers and saves a lot of our time because we just input the CodeCode, and it will automatically start downloading that file.

How To Use on Amazon Fire Stick

Just in case you are a newbie and don’t even know how this application works, then here is the guide for you.

Since I have seen many people on the internet who don’t know the right steps and they failed to use this excellent bulk downloader app. But now by reading this simple step-by-step guide, you will 100% be able to use it.

Ok, so here are the steps that you need to follow:

Launch the Filelinked app on your TV as we have downloaded and installed using the above guide. After this, click on the Gear icon (Settings) located above.


After this, you will see all available Settings, so from here, you need to turn off Show Hints and Useful Information. It is because whenever you enter a code, it will keep launching a tab to provide some useless information.


After doing this, just click Apply, and then in the box type the Code you want. For instance, we use 74513484, and then we click on the Continue button.


Now, this will start connecting to that server, so wait for a few seconds, and then you will see a message (if enabled) from that provider. Here you need to click on the Dismiss button and then see all the available applications there.


Using the Remote buttons move to that application and then press the Ok button when you hover over the download icon. This will then start to download your applications, and then will be downloaded within a few seconds (depending on your internet speed).


Now you just need to click on the Open (Play) button, and it will launch the installer window. Here you need to click on Install, and the app will be installed on FireStick.


That all these are the easiest and the only possible steps that can be used to operate this fantastic bulk downloader.

The process for all codes is still the same, so don’t worry about anything. Some of those who are protected with Pin will require it after you click continue.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Just in case you read the whole guide, but still, have some doubts in your mind. Then there is the list of some most asked questions from all over the internet.

After reading these questions, you will surely find the answer that you are looking for. But somehow, if this doesn’t help you, then feel free to ask in the comment section. I would love to hear from you and would be glad to help my visitors.

Are FileLinked Codes Still Working 2023?

Yes, of course, these codes are checked 100% by myself, and all of them are working perfectly fine without issue. I keep checking these codes every month, so whenever I found any dead code, I remove it and update it with the latest one.

Is using Filelinked Codes illegal?

No, FileLinked Codes are 100% safe and secure to use. It is because this is just a website that converts your normal link into a code. So, don’t worry about using it as you are not violating any community guidelines or privacy, etc.

Can I create my own Code?

Yes, you can easily create the CodeCode by going to Filelinked. You will be asked to create a new account there, and after this, you need to create a configuration file.

After this, you will be asked to add the app/file URL and the logo. Then you will see your CodeCode is visible there; similarly, you can make as many codes as you want.

Is there any difference between DroidAdmin & Filelinked?

No, there is no difference between these two applications because it is the same name as this app. The older name of Filelinked was DroidAdmin, which is recently changed and is now known as Filelinked by many users. So, don’t be confused between these two names of a similar application.


Now following this article you get the best Filelinked codes list for Firestick users. All the codes are tested by me and the apps provided there are also up to date. Even though I have also created my own code there so I can provide you with the new app version so you don’t need to update them later.

Just in case you want to know the Best Apps for Firestick, then you can check on our website. Also, we have listed the best Kodi Addons to watch free movies and TV shows directly on your TV. You should check these that will help you change the experience of using it.

Instead of this if you are facing any issue with any code then please make sure to let me know in the comment section. Even though if you have questions then don’t hesitate to ask. I will be glad to hear from you and will try to change the code or the apk you are downloading as soon as possible.

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