About me

Welcome To FireStickLab

I am Amelia the founder of this website, I just loved to watch movies, listen to music, and watch dramas. That’s why I purchased this amazing device from Amazon Store because I was fed up with using my ordinary TV. After this, I started to understand this device and start learning about it like what else I can do with it.

So, I found many tricks and tips that not all the users know about and this is the reason why I thought to start this website so I can share my knowledge with you.

When I start searching on the internet I found many applications that can be easily used on FireStick and can be used to Stream Movies totally free. But I was facing issues with it as everyone was asking that you will require to jailbreak it.

I was very confused that what does this mean? how it helps me to install those free apps and several other questions arose in my mind.

Then I keep searching on it and found the perfect way which helps me to Jailbreak this device. And then I was able to install these apps and now I am streaming movies without paying a penny.

So, now as I am here with you I will provide you with every help and solve every issue that you are facing at any point.

If you just loved my work and want to show me some love then don’t forget to share this website with your friends.

It is because I want to share my knowledge with more people so as long as you keep sharing it encourages me to bring more cool tips and tricks for you.

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Who I am

I am Amelia Johansson the founder and the CEO of Firesticklab. I belong to a small family that cannot afford to buy expensive things like Smart TV.

Then I kept searching on the internet how I can convert my simple TV into Smart.

After researching a lot I was reading the same name, again and again, that is Amazon Firestick.

So, one day I thought to buy it and check if it’s really worth it or not. When my parcel arrives I was a little bit nervous as $39.99 is huge money for me.

So, then I just set up which took around 20 minutes (as I was totally noob :D) after the set up was done.

When I turn on my TV, I was really amazed and impressed with it. After using several weeks, I became bored as I don’t have the premium membership of most applications.

That’s why I was watching the same thing again and again but after some days I try to research it. Then I found many people like me need assistance with this device and this is Firesticklab was created.

Why I  Choose Only Amazon Firestick?

Have you ever wondered why I only choose Amazon Firestick? If not then here is the reason why I just love this device.

There are many Android sticks available out there that provide you with the same things as it but the reason why I loved it because it’s simple to use.

Yes, that’s true you can easily set up it and can watch your content within a few minutes! Even though another good thing that you only see with the Fire Stick is the Alexa. Yes, it comes with a voice assistant that makes the user experience even better.

Just press the remote button and tell Alexa to perform a task without using your remote. Even though you will get the Prime Video Integration directly when you buy it. This is also another thing that not most of the Android Players provides.

The Interface of this device is quite difficult to understand but even though with the help of Voice Commands we can launch favourite apps easily.

Also, the Firestick 4K supports the 4K resolution directly on a normal TV which Roku or other sticks don’t provide.