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You have heard about Kodi Boxes a lot. Right? Maybe some friend of yours told you how dope it is, or you have seen or read about it on the internet.

Now that you are convinced to buy one, you are confused about which one suits you the best. If that’s the case, go no further.

I am here with the list of the Best Kodi Boxes on the market. All of them are used and tested by myself, so all the information in this article will be precise, genuine, and accurate.

With me so far? Let’s get right into it.

What is a Kodi Box?

Kodi is a free and open-source media software that was developed by Microsoft in 2004 for its original Xbox device. It was called “Xbox Media Center” The main purpose of this software is to play digital content such as movies, documentaries, TV series, and other videos. You will have to provide it with the desired media, and it will play it for you. 

Now let’s talk about the Kodi Box. A Kodi Box is basically a streaming device that runs Kodi software or is at least compatible with Kodi.

Most of the Kodi Boxes have Kodi pre-installed which makes them even more legitimate and genuine. 

Not just that, you will be able to install additional add-ons that will let you embed your streaming apps with Kodi. With the help of that, you will be able to stream Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon prime content within Kodi. 

To sum up, you will be managing and playing your favourite movies, TV shows, and other streams for free. This is why Kodi has become an unbelievably powerful platform for streaming fans.

Vero 4K +

Vero 4k+ is a free and open-source Kodi box built on Linux that lets you stream your digital media in 4k, HDR, and even in 3d quality.

Talking about the specs, I would like to mention that it comes with :

  • 1.6 GHz Quad-core processor
  • 64-bit architecture
  • 16Gb eMMC storage
  • Two USB ports and a MicroSD slot
  • WIFI and Bluetooth supported
  • 3.5 mm Analogue audio output
  • Built-in Infra-red (IR) and Radio Frequency (RF) receivers

Another notable thing about this is that it comes with a very beautiful Candy bar-styled remote along with a power cable. Upon shooting this up for the first time you will a quick flash of the Linux command line doing the job of setting this Kodi up for you

A slight drawback about this Kodi box is that it doesn’t come with preloaded add-ons but anyways, they are very easy to set up and run. This Kodi box has a built-in google assistant and Chromecast function that makes it more than just a streaming device.

Unlike most Kodi boxes, this is one of the safest and legal Kodi boxes that eliminates the risk of losing your money on it once you have bought this up. In order to play your media files in 4k, this Kodi box uses H.265 HDR10 processing which is one of the latest techniques in the market. 

My experience with this was very good. I tried running different movies using the plex server and the results I got were totally mind-blowing. Not only this Kodi box was running in stunning visual quality, but it also had a very good playback speed that I never expected 

Another thing I would like to mention here is that it can run any kind of media file that you throw at this, this is the power of Vero 4k+.

The only drawback I found as mentioned earlier was with those add-ons. Neither it comes preloaded with them nor you can stream some of your popular services like YouTube Tv and Hulu.

Also, when I tried running Netflix on it, it was only able to run that in 720p which I found disappointing.

But with those few drawbacks, it still has got that unmatchable 4k resolution and with other new exciting features being added every month, you should give it a try.

Amazon Fire TV Cube

From running your website on Amazon Web services to buying things from their stores, Amazon is undoubtedly one of the leading companies in the domain of technology and its product are second to none.

When the Amazon Fire TV Cube was first unveiled, it was oversimplified in the headlines, essentially being an Amazon Fire TV stick. Wrapped around an Echo speaker and a Fire TV stick up in one box

It’s a lot more sophisticated than that. The fire TV cube’s promise is that It can manage your television, and even your home On paper, it sounded pretty amazing, as you can control this all by using Alexa. 

So, as a big Roku supporter, the question was whether the fire TV cube was sufficient to remove the Roku Ultra from my shopping list.

And that’s why we have added Amazon Fire TV Cube to our list of the best streaming device for Kodi. This Kodi box is one of the latest and most powerful streaming devices that comes with the following specs:

  • Android 9
  • Fire OS 7 with S992X processor
  • 32-bit architecture
  • 2 Gb DDR4 memory with Hexacore CPU
  • Bluetooth and WIFI supported
  • 16Gb internal storage
  • Voice-enable-your-app function
  • Built-in Alexa (Voice assistant)
  • Dolby digital plus audio

The thing I liked about this is that it has the highest-end AV-format support that delivers a fluid 4k experience instantly with 60 frames per second

It has both near-field and far-field Alexa support with 8mic built into it that makes it just more than a home theatre, you can control your lights, channels, and almost everything in the room in which your Kodi Box is placed giving the users a hand free and hassle-free experience of Kodi boxes.

But it doesn’t stop here, you can tune in to your play station and start playing on it if you are getting bored due to a lack of internet connection. You can switch to a cable network connection to get rid of all the boredom.

When you shoot this up, you will notice a very beautiful interface popping up on your screen questioning you about who’s watching right now.

And then after choosing your profiles, it will get you to your favourite Tv Shows and movies right from the place you had left them before 

But all these features come with a hefty price tag of 120 US Dollars which in my view is quite reasonable for this fire TV.

The only bummer I found about this was it doesn’t come along with an HDMI cable and a slight audio lag which many users won’t even notice.

Along with this, from time to time you will see different ads that will keep popping up on your screen that many users will find annoying.

Apart from these ads and prime content being shoved on your face from time to time, you will notice how quick the interface actually is and how remarkable the quality actually is. You are truly going to love this.

Xbox One X 

Xbox, Microsoft’s most premium console is not only a great gaming system but it’s one of the best streaming devices also and the best way to get most of it is to install Kodi in it but before talking about that,

let’s start with talking about the specifications, it comes with.

  • 1TB HDD
  • AMD Jaguar 2.3Hz Octa core processor
  • AMD Radeon GCN 4.0 graphics
  • 12 GB ram 
  • 3 x USB ports
  • Dolby Atomos Audio enhancement

Along with this, it has a display resolution of 4k with a 120Hz refresh rate that guarantees a crispy and fluid experience. However, Xbox one x is mostly known for gaming but here is how you can unleash the power of Kodi via Xbox One x.

  • Fantastic
  • Ares Fitness            
  • The Oath
  • 4K addon
  • Venom
  • TV One
  • The Crew

By installing these add-ons, you can stream any of your favourite movies or Tv show, and with that said it’s highly recommended to use ExpressVPN while using Kodi because when you are using this, your IP address is vulnerable to the service provider and can be exploited by hackers.

The One X comes with a redesigned UI that is significantly less cluttered than previous versions, which is a welcome change. Several unusual navigational design choices continue to baffle me, such as the unusual placement of the “see all” button when browsing Store categories and the seemingly random home screen arrangement. 

It takes some getting accustomed to, but once you do, your complaints seem insignificant. 

The One X’s speed also contributes to the snappiness of the interface/experience; the delays and pauses of prior generations are no longer there.

Xbox One X is not only one of the best gaming consoles but a very powerful streaming device also, so what are you waiting for? Bring a piece for you and transform your home into a complete entertainment theatre.

Xbox One X is quite expensive, and it can cost you as much as 433.90$. If you are a passionate gamer as well as a person who loves to watch movies, Tv shows, etc.

Only then you should aim for this. Otherwise buying an Xbox just for running Kodi in it is never a wise decision.

Android TV Box 11.0

Android TV box as the name suggests is A KODI Box based on Android 11, the latest Android on the market.

It comes along with the following specifications

  • Android 11 OS
  • 2GB ram and 64 GB ROM
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support
  • A free Mini backlit keyboard with a remote
  • 16GB storage 
  • Quadcore cortex A 53 Ultra-high frequency CPU

Now talking about the display quality, you can stream your favourite content in 4k, Ultra Hd, and even in 3D.

Once you have received this product, you will notice the film right on the TV box surface and that is to protect it from scratches, but you can choose to tear it off if you want to.

This box comes with preloaded Netflix, YouTube, Kodi, and many other applications giving you a head start.

Unlike other Kodi boxes where the users struggle with the device not catching Wi-Fi signals, this one ensures to catch maximum possible signals that aim to smoothen the user’s experience   and its H.265 Hardware decoding that can save up to 50% of your bandwidth

The huge keypad remote is an excellent addition to this TV box. The regular remote is okay, but the lighted, qwerty-sized keypad improves it significantly.

The TV box itself is of the ideal size for hiding in your entertainment Centre or proudly displaying on top of your entertainment hub.

The digital clock on the front of the box is also major assistance. It’s bright enough to light up a dark space just enough for you to see where you’re going and avoid stomping your toes on the cabinet.

The network sets the clock for you, so you don’t have to bother about it when the time changes.

It has a very smooth and crispy interface with no lags. Connecting via HDMI, the picture is super clear. I tried it with a 4K HD movie, and the visual quality is great!

The spherical shape and LED display make it a showpiece in the entertainment Centre. This box has a USB 3.0 port. It contains an HDMI port, a micro jack, a digital audio output source, and an SD card slot.

But a slight drawback about this box is that the remote doesn’t function for streaming services like Netflix which is quite common in Kodi boxes because these services are originally developed for Androids, Mac, etc.

To overcome this, they have decided to add a backlit keyboard as I mentioned before that makes the navigation very much easier 

If you are looking for a low-price but reliable Kodi box, then there is no other choice than this one


Last but not least in our list of the best android streaming device for Kodi is the NVIDIA SHIELD TV pro 4k. Nvidia has a very respectable reputation in the technology market due to its production of graphic cards that are primarily responsible for running most of your computers but what have you ever imagined how powerful its Android TV can be?

Here are the specifications of this great innovation 

  • Nvidia Tegra X1 + chip
  • Built-in plex media server 
  • 3Gb Ram and 16Gb storage
  • Remote with motion-activated backlit buttons
  • Dolby Vision and Dolby Atomos 
  • 2x USB 3.0 ports 
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth supported
  • Built-in Google Assistant

These specifications grant immense power to your device that provides the user with an immersive 4k experience they will never forget.

You can use Chromecast too to cast your shows running on any of your devices to this. Some other features include a built-in voice search feature, a remote with backlit buttons to help control your device in the dark, and an IR blaster along with a built-in remote control lost search feature so that you don’t have to ever worry about losing your remote

It features a very solid performance for a streaming device. Another good thing about this is that it can upscale your low-resolution content to ultra-HD and 4K sometimes by using artificial intelligence.

I wholeheartedly suggest them to any AV fan looking for or in need of the greatest streaming box. It can provide uncompressed audio and video to high-end receivers, something no other streaming device can. Not accurately, at any rate.

The one drawback I noticed was that due to the lack of hardware acceleration for the VP9 Profile 2 codec, you are still unable to play YouTube HDR material.

For me, this is the most disappointing aspect of the new model. If YouTube HDR is essential, you should acquire the Chromecast Ultra, but for all other purposes, the Shield is a better option. 

Undoubtedly Nvidia shield is the best platform to stick with if you want to see the power of Kodi but all these features come with a price tag of 199$ that is although a little expensive but trust me, it’s totally worth it guys.


After reading this article, I’m sure you have got a complete overview of the best Kodi Boxes that are ruling the market right now. I have included all the necessary information with experimented proof that will help you in choosing the best one for yourself.

Now in case you are still confused over these top 5 boxes, let me make it a bit easier for you. 

If you have a reasonable amount of budget, Xbox One X would be the best choice for you. Apart from being one of the best gaming consoles, it is a powerful streaming device as well.

If you ask for my personal recommendation, I would surely suggest you go for Nvidia Shield TV as it is the best Kodi box that I have used so far.

The performance is just incredible which is accelerated by Artificial Intelligence and the price is affordable too. Once you get it, I can assure you that you will never regret your decision.

That’s it for today, I hope you liked my efforts and are able to get the most out of this article. If that’s so, do appreciate me sharing this article with someone in need and also let me know about your suggestions and recommendations in the comments sections below. Peace!!!

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