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When I purchase Fire TV Stick for the first time I was wondering if I can switch Firestick to another TV. I was very curious about it and since I had only one TV I didn’t get a chance at it. Although I search for this on the internet and find different guides that say yes you can do it while others were saying no.

In this way, I didn’t really understand if it is possible or not and then found several other people asking the same question. This is why I thought to try it by myself to learn if it is possible to use it with other television or not so I can make a complete guide for you.

However, after trying it with other TVs I found several things that I am going to discuss in this article. This is why it is highly recommended to keep reading this article until the very end. Because you will learn some interesting things about this amazing guide and will also solve a small issue that most of the users are facing.

Can You Move Firestick To Another TV

Now as I said earlier just like you, I also wanted to know if I can switch the firestick to another TV or not. So, the answer is Yes, anyone can move their Fire TV Stick to another TV they want. It is because there is nothing that ties this device with your TV as it is connected to the HDMI port.

That means you can simply unplug your device from the HDMI port on the TV and then remove the power adapter as well. Now you are ready to move this device and use it with any other TV instantly. This is really fun as you can carry it with you anywhere you are visiting like on vacations, or at a friend’s house.

The best part is no matter how many times you unplug it your data won’t go anywhere as once you downloaded any app it will remain there even with other TVs. That means if you are using Kodi and have tons of best Addons installed then you have access to all of them where ever you go.

This is why this device is my favourite as it doesn’t require setup each time just like Google Chromecast. As you just need to Set up Firestick for the first time and install the best apps for free streaming. Now carry this device with you and plug it and then you are ready to stream your favourite content there.

How To Switch Firestick to Another TV

After reading the above section we understand that it is possible to switch Firestick from one TV to another. This process is quite easy but yet many people don’t know much about it. If you are one of them and want to learn how to switch Fire TV Stick to another TV then you should keep reading this section.

Here I will share with you a complete method to use it with a different TV in under 2 minutes. This is why it is recommended to keep reading this section until the end. In case you missed any step you may not be able to use it or you may end up having some serious problems.

Ok, so here are the simple steps that you need to follow:

1 Unplug Firestick from your current TV and also remove the power adapter too.

2 Now you need to insert FireTV Stick to the HDMI port on another TV and connect Fire Stick with Micro USB and plug the adapter in the socket as well.

3 After this switch on both TV and FireTV Adapter and let it take its time.

4 Once completes it may not show Amazon Fire TV Stick so for this using the TV remote press the Source button and select HDMI.

5 Here you will notice the Amazon boot screen then just wait until it boots completely.

6 Once the boot is completed now Connect to the WiFi network (as this won’t work without WiFi).

7 After the WiFi is connected now you will be able to see the Home Screen having all installed apps.

That’s it you have successfully Set Up Amazon Fire TV on another TV and now just launch any of the Apps to watch free content.

If you are looking for free entertainment to watch movies and TV Shows then you may like:

However, if you are using this device in a Hotel or public place then don’t forget to use a VPN. Because using public WiFi may steal your password or personal data. This is why using a VPN will help you in protecting your privacy, search history, and data even if you are using public WiFi.

I prefer to use ExpressVPN as it is best and provides you with Kill-Switch feature as if WiFi turns off that page will be removed as well. It also offers a no-log policy and has the best and fastest web servers as compared to any other service out there. If you are willing to get this app then check out this article to learn more about it: Install on Firestick

I Moved and Now My Fire TV Stick Won’t Work


After moving Firestick from one TV to another many people are having several problems like their Remote not working, they unable to connect to WiFi, and so on. In this way, I am going to provide a few simple tips that can be useful to solve Fire TV Stick won’t work issue.

Make sure to follow the tips depending on the problem you are facing or if you don’t know the issue then reading every tip will be useful. It is because once you understand everything you will be able to solve this problem anytime when you face this issue in the future with any other TV.

Ok, so here are some common problems that occur when you switch Firestick to another TV:

Remote Keys Not Working After Moving

Talking about the first solution then with this a user may not be able to use the remote control. Even though some people reported that they cannot use some keys. This is because the remote is not paired yet or due to a new device it unpaired automatically to fix this you just need to pair the remote.

  • To pair, the remote unplug Fire TV Stick and your TV as well.
  • Now wait for 10 seconds and then Connect both at the same time.
  • Boot Fire Stick and your TV and wait until the Home Screen appears.
  • At this time stay on the Home Screen and then press and hold the Home button for about 20 seconds.
  • Now a message will appear at the corner that informs remote paired successfully.

After this now try to use your remote and Voila! it is working perfectly fine. Although if this is still not helping then you should follow these fixes to solve Firestick remote not working. Even though you can also try to reset the Fire TV remote or simply pair the remote on Fire Stick again.

WiFi Not Connecting After Switching to Different TV

Now let’s talk about the second and most common issue that most people have already faced. As we already know this device requires an internet connection to show apps otherwise you will see Home is a currently unavailable error. The reason behind this problem is that you are asked to connect to the WiFi that you were using.

But as you are already away from home it may be difficult to use the same network, although there is still a solution for this. As we just need to use our Phone’s tethering feature. It is quite simple and handy but the problem is it requires to have the old WiFi name and password.

If you have these just follow the steps given below:

  • First, open Settings on your phone and then go to the WiFi Sharing or Tethering option.
  • Now edit the WiFi tethering name and replace it with your Home WiFi network also use the same password and save the settings.
  • After this turn on Fire TV and then unplug it for a few seconds and then plug it again.
  • Boot FireTV and enable Tethering from your device too.
  • Now you will notice that FireTV automatically connects to the WiFi without asking for a password.

That’s it now you are ready to use this device like before and even though you can now connect to another network by going to Settings > Networks and choosing the preferred network. This is a simple and quick guide as you just need to remember the old WiFi name and password.

Also, keep in mind that this won’t work with iOS device users as there is no option to change the Tethering name. That’s why make sure to use your android device for this or borrow it from your friend.


So, in this article learn the whole process to switch Firestick to another TV. This device is really amazing as it is easy to Set up and after this, you can carry it with you anywhere you go. I personally love to carry it with me so I can watch my favourite TV Shows and Movies even if I am away from Home.

Furthermore, I have also provided simple fixes for those who are facing FireTV not working after switching. If you have skipped that part then please go above and check it again. Even though you are willing to know if you just skip the switching process then you can also find that guide in the above section.

Using this device on different TVs is fun but keep in mind when you are using public WiFi it may show your IP address to others. It makes it hackers easy to attack your device and steal personal information like Credit Card information, saved passwords, or other sensitive data. This is why I always recommend users to use ExpressVPN as it protects their privacy even if they are using the public network and is the best choice for 3rd-party apps as well.

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