How To Set Up Amazon Firestick First Time [Step-By-Step 2023]


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Have you purchased a FireTV device recently but don’t know how to Set Up Amazon Firestick on your TV? If so then you are at the right place since here you will get everything regarding the Setup issue. However please make sure to read the article till the end and don’t skip any part of it.

As we are going to discuss the installation and Setup process and even though we will discuss the app installation. This is a complete beginner guide so if you already know about it then you can check out my other articles like Best FireTV Stick apps, Best Kodi Addons, or else check Jailbreak guide to install 3rd-party apps.

Just in case you are facing any issue at any step then don’t forget to check out the screenshots attached below.

How to Set Up Firestick First Time

Setting up Firestick isn’t a difficult task at all but if you perform any action wrong you may see some unknown errors. That’s the reason why you should read this whole guide to Set up Firestick successfully even if it’s your first time.

Before we proceed to the guide please make sure you have the following requirements. As without having any one of these things your Set up process is completed.

Compatible TV: Before buying or moving to Set up the process make sure you have the compatible TV. Since the old version of TVs doesn’t come with HDMI support so first check for HDMI compatibility from the TV manual.

An Internet Connection: Firestick requires having an active internet connection however make sure you have a fast WiFi connection at home. Although without having a good WiFi strength or speed it will take a lot of time during Set up process as expected.

Amazon Account: The last thing that we require during this process is an Amazon account. Just in case you purchased it from Amazon itself then this device will be registered already within the account that you used to buy. However, you can also create a new account during the Setup process or else change the pre-registered account as well.

Getting Started With Firestick Setup

  1. First of all, connect the USB to the Power Adapter from one end.
  2. Now connect the second end of Micro-USB with a TV Stick.
  3. After this connect the HDMI extender with your FireTV Stick.
  4. At this time insert two AAA batteries into the Remote control and cover it.
  5. Plug the Power Adapter into the power socket.
  6. Now connect Firestick directly or using an HDMI extender to the HDMI port in your TV.

Setup Firestick Lite, FireTV Stick, Firestick 4K

After you are done with the first basic steps of Setting up things now you can move towards the Setup guide. Below are the steps that are mentioned as well the screenshots are attached below to understand each step easily.

Turn on your TV and power on the power adapter as well, now choose the HDMI source from your TV to access Firestick content.


2. After this process is completed now you will be asked to press the Home button to pair the remote.

3. Once it’s done now you will be asked to press the Play/Pause button to start.

After you click on that button on the next screen choose your preferred language.


At this time it will start scanning for WiFi connection and you will see all the available WiFi there.


Choose your WiFi from the list and then type its password and click on Connect.


Once the WiFi is connected this device will start checking for updates and once the update is available it will be downloaded automatically.


In a few moments, the Update will be downloaded and installed as well and after that, you will be asked to Sign in with your Amazon account.

As I said if you have purchased Firestick through Amazon website, your device come already registered with an account that you used to buy.

Now click on I already have an Amazon Account or I am new to Amazon (they will say to create an account on If you have already an account or created a new then click on the first option.


After this, you need to type your email & password and then click on the Sign-in button.


You will then see the screen your device is registering.


Now after this it will ask if you want to use this email or not then just click on the Continue button.


You will be then asked if you want to save the password or not so I will select Yes.


On the next screen, it shows parental controls so if you have kids at home make sure to enable this feature otherwise just select No Parental Controls.


At this time you will see the preparing remote screen appears and once it’s finished you will see the list of TV brands so choose the brand that you are using from the list if the brand isn’t available then just scroll below and select Brand not listed.


After this, it will show a screen where you will be asked to turn on the TV volume to check if the remote is paired or not so click Next to test.


You will then hear the music and it will then say to press Volum Up & Down to see if the volume decreases and increases.


At this time if you hear the voice is decreased or increased then just click Yes.


You will then see a message appears “Your Fire TV remote is now successfully Set up” then click Ok.


Amazon will ask if you want to purchase a free trial for Amazon Prime or not so click on the option that depends on my case I am cancelling it.


That’s it now at this time you will see the Home Screen of Amazon appears which means you have successfully Set Up Firestick on your TV. You can now watch your favourite Movies, TV Shows, Web-Series, Live TV Channels, Music, and so on.


For this, you need to install various apps that can be downloaded from the Amazon Store. You can read how to use the guide to learn the downloading of applications and some other features as well. But before moving to it we need to understand some features of Remote.

Amazon Fire Stick Remote Instructions

Amazon Firestick isn’t any ordinary remote but it has some cool features that you can use. For example, their Alexa voice assistant service, with this you just need to press a button and ask anything to Open App, Search App, Play Music/Movie and some other features as well.

This can be operated by using the Mic button located at the top so just press and hold it for a few seconds until you see the light blinks. At this time you can perform various activities without using the navigation keys for example let’s try saying “Alexa, Open Netflix”.

Other than this it can rewind Movies, Fast Forward them, Skip a few seconds, Play, Pause, Stop, and even close them. The usage is quite simple if you already used Google Assistant or Siri on iOS devices this is much similar to them.

Even though this remote has the navigation keys to move from one app to another. It has a Home button to directly open Home Screen and minimize some apps as well. Instead of this, you will see the Back & Menu button as well to move back to the screen or to launch Menus there.

For instance, if you don’t want to use the Alexa voice assistant then there are keys for Fast Forward, Rewind, Play/Pause etc that can be used as well. You can also turn off your TV using the power button located at the top near the mic icon.

To use Firestick Remote your TV must be HDMI-CEC compatible otherwise some buttons like Volume Up & Down or Power won’t work.

How You Can Install Apps on Fire Stick

After the Setup process is done now you will see there are not many apps installed which means you need to download them by yourself. This device runs on the FireOS which means it comes with its own Amazon App Store. In this way, the availability of the apps may be different as compared to Android devices but still, some popular apps can be downloaded.

We are going to download Disney+ on our device as it is available on the App Store and is the overall best app. It is a premium membership-based application in which you will be charged monthly to watch their content. However, the app contains various Movies & Web-Series from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Pixar, Star Wars, National Geography, and so on.

Ok, so let’s follow the given method for installation:

From the Home Screen on FireTV go to the above menu and then Open Search.


Now at this time using the keyboard type Disney+ or either you can use the voice assistant to type it for you.


At this time you will see some results appear on a select Disney+ icon

Now you need to click on Download (You own it) button.


Just wait for a while and the download will starts automatically, once the download is completed just select Open to launch.


That’s it the app is now installed successfully so just sign in with your Disney+ account to start streaming.


By following all the above steps you can get all your favourite apps in one place. Perhaps just in case, some apps aren’t available in Amazon Store then the only way to get them is by sideloading.

This is the process of installing 3rd-party apps that aren’t available on the Store. For this, you need to have a jailbroken device if you don’t have it yet then follow this guide: How To Download Apps on Firestick [Sideload Apps in FireTV Stick

Jailbreaking Firestick can be useful to get some free content to watch as many apps like Live NetTV, Titanium TV, Cinema HD, RedBox TV, TeaTV and TVZion are available. These are third-party apps that provide Movies, TV Shows, Kids’ Shows, Live TV, Web-Series and much other free stuff.

Change Wifi Network On FireStick

For instance, if you have changed the name of the WiFi network or you are on a vacation and don’t have your WiFi available then you can easily change it by following this small guide. This guide is efficient for those who love to travel and keep their device along with it.

Ok, so for this follow the below steps:

1. First of all close all your applications and after this go to the above menu and then open Settings.


2. At this time move open Network next to Notifications.


3. It will show the list of WiFi networks available so choose your WiFi from the list and press select.


If the WiFi isn’t available on the screen then scroll down and then click See All Networks.

4. After this you will be asked to enter a password for that connection so using the keyboard type password and press the Play/Pause button to connect.


Within a few seconds, the WiFi will be connected and you are done with it. In this way, you can change as many WiFi connections as you want.

Best Streaming Apps For New Fire TV Stick

Firestick is one of the best streaming devices that can be used to run your favourite application on any TV. In this section, you will get some best Streaming apps that you can download on FireTV and start watching your favourite TV Shows in no time. Some apps are free to use while some of them require a membership so let’s check out the list.


Disney+ is a subscription-based application that provides TV Shows & Movies as well. It is the official app of Watt Disney and you will see the content from various projects that Disney works with. For instance, it provides Movies or Web-Series from Marvel, Pixar, Disney Originals, Star Wars, National Geography, and other big entertainment companies.

You can download Disney+ from the Amazon App Store as this is completely legal and safe to use. However, this app only works in a few countries so if this isn’t working in your region then use any VPN. Other than this it comes with a decent and easy-to-use interface that can be controlled using the remote.

How To Install Disney Plus on Firestick

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is another best app for streaming basically as the name suggests this app is used to watch Live TV Channels on Firestick. This is a complete cord-cutting application as it works over the internet so you don’t need an antenna or cable connection. It comes with 85+ different channels however the numbers could be changed depending on your region.

YouTube TV is currently only available in some parts of the region and it can’t be used anywhere else. To check the region compatibility you can open the YouTube TV website and enter the zip code of your region. Other than this you will get unlimited storage for the DVR cloud to watch your favourite TV Shows even if you missed them on time.

How To Install YouTube TV On Firestick


Vudu is a streaming app that can be only used to watch Movies however there are no TV Shows or Web-Series available. This app isn’t based on subscriptions or comes with the premium version, rather you can either buy or rent movies. The price plans for each movie could be different which means you have to pay more for a single movie.

Other than this you can also rent a movie for a few bucks but the problem is it will be expired within a week. But also they offer some free content as well that is labelled as Watch with ads so you can watch some movies for free but in return, you have to face some advertisements. The ads are also well-maintained as a user can see around 3-4 commercial breaks within 2-hour movies.

How To Install Vudu on Firestick


Of course, everybody knows the name of the most famous streaming platform Netflix, this app is also available on the Amazon App Store. However, it comes with monthly-based subscriptions only and has three different plans. You can either buy Basic, Standard, or Premium plans, so in the basic plan, you can only stream in 480p resolution while in standard it’s 1080p but in Premium you can stream in 4K or UHD.

Netflix has a database of thousands of Web-Series and also some movies as well. Even though you can watch some of the Netflix Originals like Peaky Blinder, Stranger Things, Ozark, When They See Us, Orange Is The New Black and many more. It is available in almost every region but still some countries have banned it so for this just use any VPN service.

How To Install Netflix on Amazon Firestick

Frequently Asked Questions

Now as we have completed the Set up of Firestick by using the above guide but still if you want to ask anything then this faq list will surely help. These are the questions that many people ask those who buy FireTV for the first time.

If you are one of them then you should be probably thinking to ask one of these questions. Perhaps if this doesn’t work then don’t forget to ask in the comment section. Don’t hesitate to ask I will be glad to hear from my visitors and will love to help them.

Do I need Smart TV To Use Firestick?

No, to use Firestick you don’t need to have a Smart TV as these types of TVs already come with an Android OS or their own OS. However, this can be used on any ordinary TV and makes them Smart to run various apps like Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, Xfinity Stream, Disney+, and so on.

Do you need the Internet for FireStick?

Yes, Firestick requires a user to have an active internet connection but through WiFi. There is no port or any option to use the wired net through FireTV Stick. In this way first, buy a router for you to share your internet through WiFi, and then you will be able to use this device.

Does FireStick Use a Lot of WiFi?

Firestick itself doesn’t use a lot of WiFi but in case you are streaming a lot and in 4K or 1080p resolution then the data will be consumed a lot. Since the 4K device supports the streaming of High-resolution videos that increase the amount of data consumed per minute.

Is it OK to Leave Your Firestick Plugged in?

No, always avoid letting Firestick plugged in because when you leave it there it still gets power through the adapter. In this way, you can face various problems just as overheating, or even in the worst-case scenario, your device could be damaged as well.

How much electricity does a Firestick use?

Firestick consumes electricity depending on what type of task you are performing but the max consumption is around 5w. Other than this it consumes 3.0W while in menus, 3.8W while streaming HD videos, 5W while playing video games, and at last around 2.0W while it’s on standby.


This is how you can Set Up Firestick for the first time as I have cleared everything that a newbie must know. You shouldn’t skip any of the guides from above because you can learn to install apps, how to use remote, and some other useful information.

Just in case you didn’t understand any of the steps above then just check out the screenshots attached. Even though you are new then don’t forget to check Jailbreak FireTV Stick, Best Apps, Install NordVPN, and Best Browsers. These will surely help you to change the experience of using your TV and will be used as a complete cord-cutting.

If You find this article helpful then don’t forget to share it with others as it will help me to grow my website so I can bring more content for you. Although if you want to give me any suggestions then feel free to write them down below your suggestions are appreciated. You can write your review below and also ask anything that you want don’t hesitate with it.

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