How To Fix Firestick Not Connecting To WiFi [Solved: 2023]


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After working for a long day and you came back home to watch your favourite TV Show or Movie to keep relaxed. But instead of this, you end up getting mad when you find out that Firestick not connecting to WiFi.

I know this is quite an annoying feeling as even if you were using it before but it occurs suddenly. Although I was also facing the same problem and I keep trying to connect with my WiFi network. Unfortunately, I end up with FireTV that won’t connect to WiFi.

This is why I kept searching regarding this issue and after spending a few hours I finally found some solutions. In this article, I am going to share with you all the possible ways where you can fix this problem and enjoy watching your favourite content again.

This article works on Firestick 4K, FireTV Stick 2nd & 3rd Generation and even on FireTV Cube. If you own one of these devices then you are lucky just keep reading this article till the end.

Why Firestick Won’t Connect To WiFi

Before we move to the fixing guide have you ever wondered why firestick won’t connect to WiFi? If not then you should think about it as once we understand common reasons we will be able to fix it instantly in future.

However, you can read some common reasons why FireTV won’t connect to WiFi and then you will understand which guide will work for you.

Ok, so simply just read the below guide to know about it:

Signal Strength: The first and the most common issue is the signal strength if your WiFi doesn’t provide enough signals you won’t able to connect it. This doesn’t apply only on Firestick although you will face the same on a mobile, laptop or any other device.

Router Problem: The router plays an important role to provide you with a WiFi signal so if the router is broken or anything happens. Then no doubt you won’t be able to use your WiFi network on every device including FireTV Stick.

Hindrance: If you are using your TV near Microwave, Cordless phones or other devices then you will face the signal issue. They cause interference with the WiFi signals and avoid them reaching your device properly.

Firestick Issue: The last thing which is rare but you should also keep in mind as sometimes your FireTV may end up with broken hardware. When this problem occurs you face the device not working properly or behaving strange and even won’t connect to WiFi.

How To Fix Firestick Not Connecting to WiFi

Now as we already know some major reasons why most people face the same error just like me. It is now quite easy to figure out the solutions.

You can simply read the complete article below and don’t miss any method provide here. Otherwise, you may not be able to overcome this problem.

The reason why you should read all the methods is simply that I already told you that this happens for various reasons. In this way, unless we don’t follow all the methods we don’t know why we are having this problem so just keep reading.

Check WiFi Strength

Signal strength plays an important role to connect your Firestick with WiFi without any interruption. It is because there is a limit to signal strength to which you can connect any network. If the WiFi is out of coverage or has poor signals then you will face several issues including too much buffering.

To check the strength you need to follow the below steps:

From Home Screen hover to the above menu and then select Settings.


After opening Settings just go to the Network section.


At this time hover over the Network that you are using and on the right-side signal strength will appear.


If your network has good strength then you can skip this skip. Although if you are having a poor signal problem then simply try to move the router closer to the FireTV device.

In case after having good strength WiFi isn’t connecting yet then try to use another network to check if the problem is with that connection or with the FireTV device. If you don’t have any other network available then simply create a hotspot from your mobile phone.

After this go to Settings and then select Network after this find the hotspot network that you created. If the network isn’t listed there then simply click See All Networks.


Once the networks appear there just hover over them and then press the select button. After this using the keyboard type the password and then hit connect button.


Check Modem Restrictions

This is the first method that you can follow in case your firestick not connecting to the WiFi. So, as we already know the modem is used to provide WiFi signals through a wired connection.

However, a modem is only able to connect to a limited number of devices. In this case, if you are already connecting WiFi with many devices then make sure to disconnect one of them. Once you disconnect a device now connect with FireTV and check if it is working.

Although if it doesn’t work then another thing that you can try is to check if the Firestick is blacklisted or not. You can easily log in to the admin portal of the router by going to the specific IP that is written in a box or on a sticker.

Once you logged in just open the blacklisted or blocked users section and then see if your device is there. If it is available in the list just make sure to Whitelist or unblock it and then close the Admin panel.

Now just go back to the Settings and then open Networks to see if you are able to connect or not. If the problem is still there then you should try to restart it.

In most cases, a simple restart works great than any other step so just unplug the router and connect it after 20 seconds and then check if the problem is fixed or not.

Connect WiFi Using SSID

Even after following the above-provided guide, if you can’t find any luck then instead of connecting to the available network let’s try using the SSID. This most of the time works even if you selected your WiFi as a hidden network.

To connect using SSID make sure to remember the name of that WiFi and also know the security type as well. If you don’t know anything from it then it won’t work so rather using the router I would suggest you use a mobile hotspot.

Or else just change the router WiFi name and also the security to remember it. Once everything is changed now just turn off the router and then turn it on again.

After this just follow the steps that are given below:

First of all open Settings from the above menu or else press and hold the Home button for 10 seconds and select Settings.


After entering into Settings now you just need to select the Networks section.


From the next screen just scroll down and then click on the Join Other Network option.


Once you click on it you will be asked to enter your SSID (name of the WiFi).


After typing the name then it asks you to select Security type (if your WiFi doesn’t have the password just select No Security).


If you select any security from the list then on the next screen you will be asked to type the password of that network.


Again click the Next button and last you will see three options so now just click on the Connect button.


This will take a few seconds once it is completed you will see the WiFi is connected and the name also appears in the list. It is the best and the alternative method when you face a Wifi not connected issue and in this way, you can easily fix it.

Restart Firestick

Restarting the FireTV device will be also useful when you cannot connect to a WiFi network. The reason is simple when you use this device continuously it starts heating. Once the firestick overheats you notice the performance issue and even WiFi won’t work either.

In this way can simply restart your device and then your device will be automatically connected to the WiFi. It doesn’t even solve this problem but also releases Caches and junk files, improves speed and so on. Amazon itself recommends its users restart their device once.

To restart your FireTV you just need to follow the below steps:

First, go to Settings by pressing and holding the Home button for 10 seconds.


After this move forward to the right side and then select My Fire TV.


From here scroll down and then click on the Restart button.


When you click on it a message will appears just click Restart.


After this, you will see the “Your Fire TV Stick 4K is Powering Off” message appears there.


Now within a few seconds, the device will turn off and turn on automatically. When the FireTV stick is turned on you will notice the saved WiFi is connected as well.

If you want to learn more about the benefits and different ways to restart FireTV you can follow this guide: How to Restart FireTV Devices All Methods

Reset FireTV Stick

After following all the guides you are still unable to connect to WiFi then the only possible way left is to factory reset your device. By performing a factory reset it restores all the Settings, removes apps, deletes downloaded files and even removes WiFi passwords.

Even if you made some changes by mistakes that are causing this problem then it will be solved as well. Use this section only if nothing is working so make sure to first follow all the above guides and then you can follow this last section.

Please keep in mind that Resetting your device means it deletes everything including apps, stored files, downloaded media etc.

Ok, so here are the steps that you need to follow to Reset FireTV Stick:

  • First, make sure to close all the applications and then go to Settings from the above menu.
  • Now move forward and then open My Fire TV.
  • After going there now simply scroll down and then click on the Reset To Factory Device.
  • You will receive a warning message so now click the Reset button from there.

That’s it now just wait for a while and this device will be turned off. After this, it deletes all the files and restores Settings back to the original. It took quite a while so please be patient and don’t unplug the device or the device will be dead.

Once the device is factory restored you will be required to Set up it again if you forget the process then follow this guide: Set Up Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Device – Complete Instructions for Beginners

During the Setup process, you will be asked to connect to a WiFi and then you can easily connect it without any issue.


This is the complete instructions guide to solve Firestick not connecting to WiFi in no time. Make sure to read all the methods that are provided here. By following these steps you will be able to use the WiFi again and stream your favourite content on TV.

I would suggest you instead of using a wireless network just use a wired connection. It provides extremely fast speed for streaming and it doesn’t have any connectivity issues either. For this, you just need to buy the best ethernet adapter for FireTV Stick and you are good to go.

Furthermore, if this article helped you at any point then make sure to write your precious feedback below. Also, don’t forget to share your experience as this will help other people to know that this guide is useful. Even if you know any other solution except this then don’t forget to share it with us.

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