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Are you new to the Fire TV device and don’t know where to start? In that case, I came with you with a complete guide on Amazon Firestick remote instructions. This will help you to understand the remote of the Fire TV completely and help you to learn the keys and how to use them with your TV.

Even though I am also going to provide you with some of the shortcut keys that will help in making some work easily. In this way to learn everything about it just make sure you stick with this article until the end. Because if you skip any of these parts then you may not be able to understand some important features.

Amazon FireStick Remote Control Instructions

Amazon is improving its devices a lot, not only the Fire TV Sticks but the Remote as well. When the first model was launched the remote control was quite simple with only a few buttons. But after launching the latest Firestick 4K the remote became advanced and some new features have been added as well.

However, in this article, the Firestick remote instructions that I am providing here are for the latest Alexa Enabled. It is because the old 1st and 2nd generation remotes are discontinued by Amazon. This is the reason why talking about them would be useless because no one is going to use them.

Although if we compare this new model to the old one then we notice many differences between these remotes like the design is completely changed. Instead of these new buttons are added like the Power button, volume control keys, and a mute button which was missing in the old one.


Ok, so here are the Firestick remote instructions that you may need to know:

Power Button: This button is located at the top left corner of the Remote and you can use this to Turn Off the TV immediately. However, to use this button you will be required to enable the HDMI-CEC option because without this you won’t be able to power off your TV.

Mic Button: You may be already familiar with this button as it is available in various Fire TV remote models. Using this button you can use the Alexa voice command feature to Open apps, Search for Apps, rewind, forward, and many more. To use this button you will be required to press and hold the mic button and say your commands.

Navigation Keys: These keys are located in the centre of the remote and are quite similar to the old remotes. However, using these keys you can move from one app to another. It has 4 direction keys Left, Right, Up & Down and these can be used for page up and down in case you are using a web browser.

Select Button: This button is located in the centre of the navigation keys and it is used to select Select Menu, Open App, and many more. Using the navigation keys you can hover over different apps to launch them you need to highlight the app icon and press this button.

Back Key: Now below the navigation key it has 3 buttons row in which the first button is the Back key. Using this key you can go back to the last option that you were using. In short, if you open an app then pressing this button will help you to close it or else go back to the previous page.

Home Button: In the same row you will notice a Home icon key located in the centre of this row which is known as the Home button. This button is simply used to open Home Screen no matter which app or what are you doing. Unlike the back key, this doesn’t bring you back from one menu to another but it only brings you to the Home Screen immediately.

Menu Button: The last button that is located in the same row is the menu button which is also known as the Hamburger or 3-Horizontal line button. This button is quite handy that you can use to open the menu of any application and also used to Uninstall apps quickly from the Home Screen.

Rewind Key: Now let’s just talk about the second row that is located under the navigation keys so the first key is the rewind. With the help of this key, you can rewind any movie or TV show, it works with different apps like Hulu, Netflix, Prime Video, and some other apps.

Play/Pause Button: In the same row there is another button available that is used to Play & Pause your media. This is also useful with all apps so you can pause it if you have to do some work and play at the same time. However, this button will not be useful while watching Live TV or streaming live videos from YouTube, NFL, etc.

Fast Forward Key: The last button that is located in this same row is the fast-forward which you can skip a few seconds while watching movies or TV Shows. However, this key is also useful with all sorts of applications that support fast-forward features and will also work with media players like MX Player and VLC.

Volume Controller: Under these buttons, you will find the Volume controllers there that you can use to Volume Up or Down your TV. These keys are only available on the latest Alexa Enabled 3rd Generation remote that you get with new Fire TV models or with Firestick 4K. It is also available as a replacement remote which can be purchased from Amazon, however, using these keys will also be required to enable HDMI-CEC.

Mute Button: The last button that is available at the bottom of the remote is the mute key which was also missing on the older remotes. But now thanks to Amazon we are getting these features in it and using this you can mute audio without using the TV remote which makes it a Universal Remote.

FireStick Remote Control Instructions Shortcut Keys

Now by reading the above guide we learned some basic remote control instructions where I showed the keys and their work. But this doesn’t end here Amazon has a unique remote that is also used to perform some actions by using the shortcut keys.

There are several actions that can be done using the short keys like restoring, resetting remotely and even unpair remote. This makes our work much easier and helps us to solve various problems.

I have mentioned some common and useful shortcut keys that you can use with your Firestick remote:

Restore Firestick Using Remote Short Key

The first shortcut key that I am going to share with you is used to reset firestick to default settings. However, this is very useful most of the time if your Fire TV Stick freezes or stops responding. When that happens you won’t be able to use the remote to open settings or can perform other actions.

At this point using the remote short keys saves our time and gets us out of trouble. Although using this is optional so don’t try this with your TV because it will remove everything from the device including your account, downloaded apps, saved files, your Settings, and so on.

The shortcut key to restoring Fire TV is the Right navigation key + Back button

Reset Remote using Short Keys

The next shortcut key that I am providing is to reset the Firestick remote which is also most useful in different places. This key is used when a user is facing an issue with the connection between the remote and the TV. It happens most of the time when you use Fire TV for quite a long time without rebooting.

To reset the remote using shortcut keys you need to use Left Navigation Key + Menu + Back

Unpair Fire TV Stick Remote Shortkey

The last key that I am providing here is to unpair the remote from Fire TV Stick. This is useful at the time if you don’t want to use the current remote because you are using a replacement one. It might be not useful for most of you but still, it is a good shortcut key that should be listed here.

Ok, so to unpair the Fire TV remote using the shortcut key you need to press and hold  Back + Home + Menu


There is no doubt that the Fire TV Stick is the best streaming device to convert a standard TV into Smart TV. However, they introduced a new remote which is a little bit confusing for many users. This is why I write this guide to provide users with Amazon Firestick remote instructions to use it without facing any problems in the future.

I have covered everything that a user needs to know what new keys come with the remote control, what are their functions, and how to use them. Instead of this, I have also shared some shortcut keys that you can use for different actions like resetting the TV, unpair remote or just resetting remotely.

In case you have complete reading this article and find it helpful then make sure to share this useful content with your friends as well. It will help them to learn the new remote and will help me to grow this website so I can bring new free apps, tutorials, and tips & tricks for you.

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