5 Best Universal Remote For Firestick Device [Review: 2023]


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If the Fire TV remote is not working or it is lost and now you want to buy a replacement remote but don’t know what to do? Then there is the simple guide that will help you to choose the best universal remote for Firestick. Since there are hundreds of brands and remotes available out there it is very hard to find the suitable one.

Even though a few months ago I had the same problem as my remote just stop working and then I was searching for other remotes. But then I saw too many choices so I thought maybe just like me, other people were also facing the same issue. That’s why I bought a few remotes from the Amazon website.

However, not all of them were useful that’s why from them I just choose 4 working and compatible remotes. To get the best remote I would simply suggest reading this article until the end. As at the end I will also share my opinion with you regarding which one you should choose that works pretty fine.

Best Universal Remote For Firestick

Now as I said earlier I tried several remotes but most of them were useless like the response was too bad, some keys were not working, keep disconnecting, and so on. That’s why I choose 4 of them which works pretty fine but in the end, you will get the name of the winner as well.

Although to choose the best universal remote for Firestick make sure to keep reading this section until the end. Reading the review about each remote will help you in understanding it. However, you will also learn if this is worth buying or not but in case you don’t want to read each review then simply move towards the conclusion to get a winner.

So, let’s check out these top best universal remotes for Firestick & FireTV Cube:

Logitech Harmony Elite Remote


Logitech is the leading company that provides us with different sorts of best remote control for a TV. Similarly, they also provide a universal remote for Firestick known as Harmony Elite Remote. This remote comes with the support of Alexa and if you are a user of voice command you won’t get uncomfortable with it.

Instead of this Harmony Elite provides the support of 20+ smart households like Speakers, Soundbars, Lights, and so on. This is simply an awesome remote that provides even more advanced features as compared to the FireTV remote. It has a coloured display that can be used to open any activity, control Alexa, and use smart lights.

This remote comes with a rechargeable battery and you will get a charging hub to charge it whenever it’s not in use. The best thing that I love about this remote is that using Harmony hub you can control your devices away from Home. They also provide the support of a remote app to control your device even if you don’t want o use a remote.

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Alexa Voice Remote (2nd Gen)


This is the replacement remote from Amazon for FireTV devices, as it is the official remote which means it probably supports various devices. Although this new remote comes with some advanced features like Alexa voice command, volume control keys, mute button, and power button as well.

The design of this remote is quite similar to the Firestick 2nd generation as the only changes are additional keys. Talking about the size of this new remote then it is 38 mm x 142 mm x 16 mm while the weight is around 43.4 g without batteries. Unlike other universal remotes, this uses WiFi to connect with the TV.

However, there is a drawback of having this if you own a 1st Generation FireStick or a 1st & 2nd Gen FireTV then you won’t be able to use it. Otherwise, it works great and you can easily pair it with a TV in just a few seconds by using your old remote or your TV remote. To learn the complete method of pairing this remote just check this guide: How to Pair Firestick Remote

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SofaBaton U1 Universal Remote


SofaBaton is another best company that developed three different remote control F2, R2, and U1. R2 is a remote that is used for the Roku streaming devices while the F2 is an attachment for the FireTV remote. In this section, we are going to talk about their latest remote which is known as the U1 Universal Remote.

This remote is quite similar to the Harmony Elite but has some different features instead of a colour display it has an OLED screen. Other than this it has the wheel control to swipe between connected devices just by rolling that wheel up or down. With this remote, you can control around 15 devices at the same time which makes it all in one remote.

SofaBaton uses IR and Bluetooth connectivity which means you cannot use it with wireless devices like Roku Streaming Stick. This remote also comes with an application that you can install on your Android Phone or an iOS device to control most of the devices directly from mobile instead of using the remote.

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The Logitech Harmony Smart Control – Fully Functional Universal Remote


The next remote that we will talk about is from Logitech and that is known as the Harmony Smart Control. As compared to Elite this remote is way cheaper because it doesn’t have many features. Let’s instance you don’t get the availability of the coloured display, no harmony hub to use it outside the home, and so on.

But yet this is considered the best budget remote that can be used to control Fire TV Stick and other streaming devices as well. With the help of Logitech Smart Control, you can control up to 8 devices in your home which is half of the SofaBotan. It also comes with android and iOS app compatibility to access devices directly on the app.

Instead of this, you will be able to access some installed apps on TV and then just tap on them to launch quickly. Smart Control can also be used with other devices like Xbox, PlayStation, Apple TV, Philips hue, etc. Although since it supports WiFi connectivity that means you can even use it along with the Roku Streaming Stick.

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Replacement Remote For Firestick – Use FireTV Remote Application

In case your remote is just lost or it is not working but you want to watch a movie or TV show. Then you probably cannot wait for the replacement remote to buy. In this way, it is better to simply use the Fire TV remote application instead of going outside or waiting for Amazon to deliver the replacement to you.

This is the official remote application launched by Amazon itself that is available on both Android and iOS devices. You can easily get it from Play Store and App Store just by typing Fire TV Remote in the search box. Furthermore, this application supports Alexa voice command, can show apps on Mobile, opens System apps quickly, and so on.

This is my favourite app as I don’t like to use the remote all the time so when my mobile is near I just use it to open an app or search for any TV Shows or Movies. Using this is quite similar as you just need to be on the same WiFi network and then you just need to tap on the TV name and type the code that appears there.

To learn more about this app and get the best remote app you should check this: Use Mobile As a Firestick Remote

Are Firestick Remotes Universal?

Now the question that most people are asking throughout the internet is, Are Firestick Remotes Universal? So, the answer is No, Fire Stick remotes are not universal at all they can be only used along with the other Fire TV devices. For instance, you can use the Fire TV Stick 2nd Generation remote with 4K, & Fire TV Cube as well.

This is just the compatibility from Amazon only and that’s the reason why most people are confused over it. Although with this remote you cannot control other devices like Xbox, PlayStation, or Roku. But with the help of Alexa, you may be able to control some devices like Amazon Echo, Bulbs, Google Home, and so on.

Keep in mind that Alexa is only supported by the latest remotes and in an old generation, it is not working. If you have an old generation of Fire Stick then you should probably get Alexa enabled remotely from the above link.


This is the list of some best universal remotes for Firestick that you can use to control your TV. Each remote has its own compatibility, features, and benefits and each one is worth buying. Although if you have more devices in your home and have many remotes then I would simply suggest using Logitech Elite Remote.

It is because you can control up to 20 devices at the same time and toggling it is way easier. You can also check which device you are using by looking at the coloured display. However, the price might be high for many people that’s why those just buy a simple Alexa-enabled remote instead.

This is a simple remote that only works with the FireTV and you cannot operate other households with this. However, Alexa may support some Smart Homes like Bulbs, Echo Dot, etc. These both are the best choice but if you are a medium user then you can choose between Harmony Smart Control & SofaBotan U1 Universal.

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