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Have you started watching your favourite TV Show but suddenly feels the remote doesn’t work? Or it is broken somehow and you want to know the best Firestick Remote replacement? If so then here is the perfect guide in which I am gonna share with you some of the helpful information regarding purchasing a new remote.

However, it is recommended to keep reading this article until the end so you don’t miss any sort of information. It is because I am going to answer some of the most asked questions that people are asking on various forums. This is why when you read this whole article you will learn everything regarding the replacement of remotes.

Even though at the end of this article I am going to suggest to you the best remote and tell you from where you can buy it. Also, you will be guided to use your Mobile as a remote instead of purchasing a new one. That’s why just keep reading this guide and make sure to not miss any section provided below.

Can I Send FireTV Remote To Amazon For Replacement

Consider if your remote is broken or stopped working for some reason and you thinking to send your remote to Amazon for replacement. Then that’s a bad idea because your remote doesn’t come with the warranty which means it cannot be replaced or changed by Amazon.

FireTV only comes with the 1 year of limited warranty for the Stick, not for other accessories which means there is no sense in sending them back to Amazon. So, the best option in my case is to simply buy another remote from any local electronic shop or simply buy it from Amazon itself.

Furthermore, if you don’t want to use Alexa enabled remote then you can still use any other replacement remote instead. It is because FireTV supports the HDMI-CEC that means it can be used along with any other remotes. There are plenty of remote companies available out there that you can choose from.

However, it is better to first search on Google about which is the best HDMI-CEC-enabled remote and read reviews. After this, you simply need to buy it from a local shop or through an online website. This will cost you less compared to the original Amazon remote as most people may not have enough money for it.

Firestick Remote Replacement- Use a Phone As FireTV Remote

If you were thinking to send the remote to Amazon for replacement then, unfortunately, it is not possible. But in case you don’t want to purchase any 3rd-party remote as you don’t have money or whatever the reason is. Then I would suggest you simply use your Android/iOS device as a Firestick remote.

Amazon offers its users to convert their phone into a remote just in case they don’t want to use it or the remote is lost. With the app, you will get almost all features including Alexa support, and navigation keys to switch between apps. Also, my favourite part is the keyboard so with the app we simply use our phone keyboard to type anything.

This application is available completely free for both Android Phones and iOS devices users. If you haven’t downloaded it yet then make sure to open Google Play Store or App Store to install it right now.

However, you can also follow these steps to install the FireTV remote app and pair it with a TV:

Open Google Play Store or App Store depending on what device you are using and search for Amazon Fire TV. It will show some apps there now select the first app and then tap on the Install or Get button.


This will take a few seconds to install the app and once it is done tap on Open to launch it. After launching it for the first time you will be asked for permission to access Network just tap on Sure.


Once you allow it, on the next screen you will see Fire TV Announcement just ignore it and tap No, Thanks for dismissing it.

Now connect to the same WiFi network you are using on TV and then tap on the Device Name (your TV name) in the mobile app (Your FireTV Appear automatically when you connected same Wifi)


Once you tap on it a 4-digit code will appear on your screen just type this 4-Digit Code to pair your remote app.


Your device will be connected automatically to the TV and then you will see a notification that asks to Enable Vibration feedback. I simply tap on Do it later as I don’t like this option if you want to use it then tap on Enable.

That’s it now you have successfully paired the remote application to the TV and now using your mobile you can open any app, use Alexa and type using the keyboard instantly. This is one of my favourite apps and even after having a remote I prefer to use it as it saves time while searching for a movie or installing any app.

It is the official remote app from Amazon but there are still many 3rd-party apps available out there. If you want to give it a try then you should check this list of best FireTV remote applications.

Original Amazon FireStick Replacement Remote Buy New One

Now as we talk in the above post in which a user can use their phone as a replacement remote control. But most of them don’t like the app or don’t want to use them either. So, if you are one of them then you should simply buy an original Amazon Firestick remote that is sold on the Amazon store.

This is the original remote control that supports almost all the features like Alexa, Navigation Keys, Power Button Play/Pause, Fast Forward etc. Furthermore, it comes with the volume keys and has a separate mute button too. The best part of buying this remote is that you can use it on older FireTV Sticks too.

There are several sources available on the internet that provides you with this replacement remote but I would simply suggest getting it from Amazon. As you will get it at an affordable price and also comes with a 7-day of warranty so if this doesn’t work you can easily exchange it.

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