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Have you just lost your Firestick Remote and now you are worried about how to operate it or watch your movies?? Well! If so then don’t worry about it anymore as I came up with the complete solution guide that will overcome this situation.

Don’t forget to read every solution if one isn’t helpful for you, then another will surely help you out. This guide is 100% working and the methods that are provided here are checked by me so don’t hesitate to try.

FireTV remote is tiny which makes it easier to lose however in some cases if you have kids in your home then there could be a chance they lost it. Because the Remotes are the best toys for little kids as whenever they saw them they try to play with them.

How to Find Lost Firestick Remote

This is really a tough solution for Firestick users because if you already used Roku TV before then you know that they come with a button in that application so whenever you click on it the remote makes a noise. The noise will remain until you find it and stop it by yourself.

Unlike this Amazon is far away from this as there is no such option even on Firestick 4K or Fire TV Cube. In this way, it became tough as you have to find it on your own. Just keep moving the Sofa or Mattress the last time you sit on it and check every place where you have doubts.

If finding it for hours but still get no luck then you might need to purchase a new one or use the old Firestick remote if you have any. Since Amazon supports the backward version which means the older remotes are still worth so grab that one and use it with the latest FireTV.

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Ways To Control Firestick Without Remote

If you are unable to find the lost Remote or don’t have any old available, either you cannot purchase a new one. Then don’t worry as there are still possibilities that you can control Firestick without a Remote. There are two parts to it one is using a Remote Application while in the second method we are going to use Keyboard or Mouse.

Both of these methods are working like a charm and I have checked them by myself.

Control Firestick with Phone

First of all, we are going to discuss controlling FireTV using the remote application as it is the official app from Amazon. It can be downloaded from both Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Here are the steps that you need to follow:

Open Apple Store or Play Store and in the search box type Amazon FireTV. Now open the first result you see there and click the Get or Install button. The download will take some time depending on your internet connection and then it will be installed automatically.


When the app is downloaded and installed now just launch the app and then sign in with an Amazon account. Make sure to use the credentials that you are using on Amazon Fire TV.


After logging in into App now just Turn On WiFi and then connect to the same WiFi as your Firestick is connected.


When WiFi is connected now you will see FireTV is listed there just tap on that TV.


After clicking on that you will see the 4-digit pin code appears on your TV, now using the mobile phone type that same code to pair it.


When the code is inserted now the app is successfully paired with your FireTV so using the empty are trying to navigate from one place to another. You can also open any of the apps just by tapping on the centre in that empty space.

Instead of this, you will also find the installed apps listed there, and also it has the Mic icon which is for the Alexa voice assistant. You can immediately open Settings just by clicking on that Settings icon in the Remote app and can perform every action just like the physical remote.

You Can Use Other Best Remote Apps As well: Best Firestick Remote Apps

 Use a Keyboard or a Mouse

Connecting a mobile remote app with Firestick isn’t a big deal but in some cases, your phone battery ran out or you have to attend a call, etc. Then at this place, you might not be able to use your phone to change the channel or anything like that but for this, we have another option of using a Mouse or Keyboard instead.

It would be a great option when you are using a web browser or other app that doesn’t support remote control. Because Firestick is based on Android so there are various apps available that only support touch screens so having a mouse or a keyboard can make things easier.

If you want to use a Mouse or Keyboard instead of a Phone then here are the steps you need to follow:

Please Take a Note:
You must connect with the mobile phone by following the above guide as without this we won’t be able to pair it.

After successfully connecting with Mobile App using the first guide now open Home Screen in FireTV and then using navigation move to the above Menu and select Settings.

Now move forward and then open Controllers & Bluetooth.


After this open Other Bluetooth Devices and then click on Add New Bluetooth Device.


Here you need to click on the Pair button from Keyboard or Mouse and then it will start searching for the available connection.


When Firestick finds the nearby connection you will see the name appears there so navigate to that name and select it to pair.

It will take a few seconds and then you will see the device is the connected notification on the TV and also check in Keyboard using LED lights.

If you don’t have a keyboard or mouse yet then you can buy Rii i8+ Mini Bluetooth Touchpad&QWERTY Keyboard that comes with a mouse attached and is the best option for FireTV users.

Also, don’t forget to check the list of best Bluetooth keyboards for FireTV Stick 4K and FireTV Cube by following this link: Best Bluetooth Keyboard For Amazon Firestick (2020)

How To Connect Wifi Without Firestick Remote

This solution is relevant to the second guide in which I told you to connect using a FireTV Remote application. Now the problem is if you are away from your home or using another network instead of the one you used in Firestick.

Then you may not pair the Remote application with Firestick easily as we don’t have a remote control so for a new WiFi connection we must go to Settings and connect it with it. But don’t worry if you remember the name of that old WiFi and also the password then you are lucky enough.

Requirement To Perform this solution:

  • Old WiFi Name & Password
  • Two Mobile Phones or 1 Phone and a PC (Android Only)
  • A Sharp Mind 😀 (Just kidding).

1. First of all take your both Phones or take a Laptop and then create a Hotspot with that, now change the name and password of that Hotspot to the one you are using previously.

2. After this Turn on Hotspot and using the second Phone connect with that network and then open the Play Store and download Firestick Remote app.

4. When the download completes now log in with the account you are using on Firestick.

3. At this time turn on the TV and the WiFi will be connected automatically after this, you can see the FireTV appears on the mobile app.

4. Click on the name and type the code that you see on the TV Screen.

That’s it now the pair is completed and you can use your mobile phone as a remote control. But this will only work when you remember the old WiFi name and password as well. Otherwise, this is totally useless for you, if this works for you then you are done, if not then check out the second solution

Buy New Remote

However, if all of the above solutions aren’t helpful for you then there is the last option which is buying a new Remote for you. There is no need of buying a Firestick remote but in most cases, the CEC-enabled remote can be useful for you as they could work with almost every device.

In that case, you have to go to the local store and buy a CEC-enabled remote for your television. There are hundreds of brands available out there that support Firestick but this task is a little bit time-consuming as you have to check every remote to see if it’s working or not.

To save your time and effort just go to Amazon and then order a new Firestick 4K remote from them. Because if you were on an old version then buying a new remote could be useful. In the latest remote they add some new keys like Volume Controls, Alexa is way better than before, and many more.

You can buy Amazon FireTV Remote from here: Amazon Firestick Remote


These are some solutions that can help at the time when you lost the Firestick remote, all of these are working 100% fine and are tested by me. Each of the solutions has its own requirements so if you are lucky enough you can easily solve this problem without wasting money. Otherwise, if all of the methods aren’t helpful for you then purchasing a new remote is the only option left.

Because without a remote Firestick is totally useless and you cannot open anything just like your TV. In this case, I would recommend buying a new remote from Amazon Store. It is because if you purchase any 3rd-party remote there could be chances it won’t match or if matched then you won’t be able to use Alexa anymore.

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