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Did you just pair too many remotes on your Fire TV device and now you want to learn how to unpair the Firestick remote? If so then you are at the right place because in this article we are going to talk about removing the old remote from our device. It is because for a few days I am getting too many requests regarding this article.

This is why I thought to make a complete guide on this so people who just requested it and even others will get help from it. So, if are one of them then make sure to keep reading this guide until the end. As if you miss anything you may not be able to understand the full steps or end up having some issues.

Unpair Firestick Remote From Settings

This is the first method that we are going to use to unpair the Firestick remote instantly from the Settings. Fortunately, since Amazon allows the addition of new remotes to the TV they also provide an option to remove the old ones. This is the best option for all those who just don’t want to use the old one because of purchasing a new remote.

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However to follow these steps make sure you are connected with two or more remotes. If you are willing to unpair the only remote then, unfortunately, you cannot do this. For this, you simply need to follow the second guide that you can find below this where we learned to unpair the Firestick remote by factory resetting.

Ok, so if you have two or more remotes paired just check out the below steps to unpair them:

Now go to the FireTV Home Screen and then hover to the above menu and select Settings.

Or you can press and hold the Home button for a few seconds and then open Settings from the next screen.

Settings-to-Unpair-FireTv-RemoteOnce you entered the settings just move forward and then open Controllers and Bluetooth Devices.


This will show different options there now simply open Amazon Fire TV Remotes that is located at the top.


After going there you will see the list of all remotes paired to the TV just hover over the one you want to Unpair and press the Menu button from the old remote.


At this time you will be asked for the confirmation if you want to remove it and then just press the Select button to confirm.


This will remove that paired remote from the list and then you will notice the name disappears as well. Now if you have more remotes paired and you just want to remove all of them just follow the same process. Once you are done with this just simply restart Firestick so the changes take effect.

Unpair Firestick Remote Using Mobile App

So, by following the above guide we just unpaired one of our Fire Stick remote from the list. But in case you only have one remote paired with a TV that is lost or you just don’t want to use it. Then you should probably be wondering if there is an option available or not. Well! there is also a way to remove a single remote as well.

Although for this you are simply required to have an Android or an iOS device. It is because in this section we are going to use a remote application to control our device. The reason for using the app is that Fire TV doesn’t unpair a single remote unless you don’t have any other to operate with.

This is why we need an application just in case you don’t have any other physical remote. The method is quite easy and will take only a few minutes to complete. But it is recommended to check the whole steps carefully and read them twice before applying or this method will not work for you.

So, if you already have an Android or iOS device let’s just follow these steps below:

First of all, using the remote you need to press and hold the Back + Home + Menu buttons for 20 seconds. Keep holding them until you see the Red or Slightly Orange light start blinking.


Now leave the remote and don’t press any key or it will be paired automatically.

After this simply open Google Play Store or the App Store and then search for Amazon Fire TV Remote. From there just select the first app and then click on Install or Get depending and wait until the app is downloaded.


Once the app is installed tap on Open to launch it and then it shows to enable app notification just select No, Thanks.


Now simply connect to the same WiFi you are using on TV too and then select the TV name on the remote.


This will ask you to type the code that you see on the TV Screen simply type it using the keypad on your mobile.


Your app will be paired with the TV and then from Fire Stick open Settings by going to the above menu.


Or you can press the Settings icon on the remote app and select Fire TV Settings.


From there just move to the right side and then click on the Controllers & Bluetooth Devices.


After this just open the Amazon Fire TV Remote located at the top.


It will show the paired devices list just hover to Fire TV Remote (don’t hover to Remote App).


and then press the Menu button from the application.


You will be then asked for the confirmation just press the Select button on the app to confirm it.


That’s it now the remote is unpaired from your Fire TV and you will notice the name disappears as well. After this, you can only use your mobile app to control your TV.

Also, if you have unpaired it and now want to pair it again then make sure to check this article: Pair Firestick Remote

Unpair Firestick Remote (Factory Reset)

Now let’s consider if you have followed the above method but still didn’t see any success. In that case, the only method left for us to simply factory resetting this device. Performing a factory reset will remove paired devices, restore all settings, remove installed applications, and so on.

In simple words, by performing this you will see the Fire TV like it was before when you purchase it for the first time. Also, after this, you will be needed to set it up again as it will remove your account as well. This is the last method in case nothing works so please first give a try to the guides that I have provided above.

Ok, so if nothing is working for you then here are the steps that you need to follow to unpair the Firestick remote:

  • First, make sure to back up all your data as it will be removed from the device completely.
  • After this from the Home Screen hover to the above menu and select Settings.
  • Now move across and then click on the My Fire TV.
  • From here just scroll down and select Reset Fire Stick to Factory Defaults.
  • When you click on it a warning message will appear just ignore it and press Reset.
  • Now you will see Your Fire TV Stick is Restarting message on the screen.

When that notification appears just wait for a while and after reboot, your device will be reset to default settings. Now the remote is unpaired as well so if you are willing to pair the new remote. Then all you need to do is Set up Firestick using that remote as if you use an old one that will be paired again.


These are a few simple guides that you can follow to unpair the Firestick remote from your TV and then pair a new one. All the methods that I have shared above are tested and working fine. Although make sure to give a shot to the first two methods as the last one is only for the situation when nothing works.

It is because this will completely reset Fire TV to default settings and delete all downloaded content, and apps, remove the account, and so on. However, the second method works great as you just need to have an Android or iOS mobile, and then using the remote application you will be able to remove the old remote.

Although if you know any other best solution for this then please let me know in the comment section. I will try it on my device and if it works I will add it here as well. Also, don’t forget to share your experience on which method works for you as it will help others to get the easiest method easily.

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