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Rumours are spreading throughout the internet that says TVZion Apk Shutdown for some reason. In case you are looking for its answer or finding the best TVZion alternatives. Then you came to the right place as in this article we are going to tell you everything regarding these rumours.

I would recommend you to keep reading this article until the end as we are going to discuss some important topics. Like I will tell you if it is really shut down and also if it is down then what is the reason behind it why it suddenly went down.

Even though you will also be able to get the same app as Zion TV which provides free movies, TV Shows and other content. All these apps are working even better than this and provide the latest content and even some apps will give you live TV channels.

Is TVZoin Really Shutdown?


Yes, TVZion is now officially shut down by the Global Anti-piracy groups because of the illegal activities. As it provides users with Movies and TV Shows that are not owned by them. That’s why some people reported this app and then after a while, it went down.

Their official website is working fine but the link to that app is not working. Even if you manage to download it from another website you won’t be able to use it. The reason is simple the servers of this app have been disabled by the hosting provider.

In this way, you won’t be able to stream any free Movies or TV Shows as it doesn’t scrap any link due to server issues. That’s the reason why most people have been shifting from this amazing app to any other alternative that also provides the same content as this.

Reason Why TVZion App Shutdown

TVZion is an app that scraps links from various sources including pirated websites or torrent sites. The content was not owned by the TVZion which makes it illegal to stream it and after this Anti-Piracy Group ACE send a notice to the owner.

Instead of this they also sent a notice to several other similar websites like,, and In this letter, they were told to remove all these copyrighted content or else within 10 days their hosting will be suspended.

The source of this news is TorrentFreak which is the biggest hub of providing news regarding content piracy etc. To learn more about it you can simply read the whole news and the statement of the owner just by following this link: TVZion Piracy App Ordered to Shut Down

Best TVZion Alternatives

Now as we already know that this app has been shut down so there is no need to stick with TVZion. In this way, I am listing some of the best TVZion alternatives where you will get free Movies, Web-series, Dramas and some other content.

All these apps are tested by me and are working perfectly fine on Firestick 4K, FireTV Cube, Firestick 2nd, 3rd Generation and even on the FireTV Stick Lite. If you own any other device like Roku, Nvidia Shield, or Chromecast with Google TV then you can also use it with them.

Ok, so if you just want to grab these apps then just check out the given below the list:

Cinema HD


Cinema HD is our top best alternative to TVZion as even better user interface and can be used with a remote easily. Even though it has several other features you don’t need to buy any subscriptions to get any advanced features as everything is completely free of cost.

It also has an option to request Movies or TV Shows and they will be listed in a separate category. Cinema HD offers Movies and TV Shows from all over the world and the best part is there are no advertisements on it. Also, to get the premium links from the internet you can also integrate Real-Debrid into it.

This app also supports 3rd-party media players like MX Player, VLC, one player and some others. Furthermore, you will also get an option to stream any content using Subtitles which could be a great option for foreign language users. In case the user is on the Phone, Tablet then He/She can also download it to watch it later when they are not connected to the WiFi.

How To Install Cinema HD On Firestick



Now talking about the second TVZion alternative Cyberblix is the best app that is quite similar to Cinema HD. It is also considered as the clone app to the Terrarium TV as when it was shut down they then released this app and it has almost the same user interface as well. It also provides the same content as others but the best thing is you will get a separate section for Netflix, Hulu & Prime Video.

Another thing that makes it the best choice for this list is it supports the subtitle features and it has around 255+ Languages Subtitles. That means no matter which language you are speaking you can easily get the related subtitle within a few seconds. Cyberflix also let the users download or save offline Movies along with the subtitles to watch them later.

If you love to use any other Media Player instead of the stock then you are capable of using MX Player, VLC and Cyberflix player as well. The best part of having this alternative version is that you can also use it along with the Chromecast device. You just need to play any movie or a TV Show on your mobile device than just the Chromecast icon to connect it.

How To Install Cyberflix On Firestick



So, Mobdro is the app that provides users with Live TV Channels from all over the world. The reason why we are listing it here is that it also has some movies and TV Shows in it. Although you will forget this section once you start using Mobdro on your device. It is because this is the most famous app that contains thousands of free live TV channels.

The best thing about having this app is you don’t need to be in any specific country as you can stream it anywhere in the world. Considering the user interface than Mobdro has a nice and clean interface that can be also used with a remote. Furthermore, everything is categorized in a nice way so anyone will get their favourite channel quickly without even using the search bar.

Mobdro is completely free to use but the problem is you will see too many ads during the streaming or searching for content or channel. Although they also offer a feature to remove ads in exchange they will use your phone as a server. I would rather recommend using the version of the ad because you won’t get annoyed because of their ad placement.

How To Install Mobdro On Firestick

Typhoon TV


The last and yet best TVZion alternative that I would like to mention is Typhoon TV. This is the best app for providing free content like Movies, Web-series or TV Shows. Typhoon TV doesn’t contain any sort of advertisements here which means you won’t be disturbed by these ads. Even though it has a simple and easy-to-use interface similar to Cinema HD or Cyberflix.

With the help of this app, you can stream your favourite content in HD, Ultra HD and even sometimes in 4K. This streaming app also lets you download almost every content on your device in case you want to watch it while travelling. You can even watch your content with subtitles and it has around 256+ different languages for subtitles.

Instead of this, you can also use the Real-Debrid account with it to get premium and Ultra-Fast links to avoid buffering. Another feature that this app provides is to find any Movie or a TV Show by using the Year, Category or by actor. Also, I would recommend you use the MX Player with it in case you don’t have Real-Debrid and want buffer-free streaming.

How To Install Typhoon TV On Firestick


Streaming Movies or TV Shows is quite fun when you are getting them free of cost. But the problem is these apps provide links from third-party sources. In this way, there are chances that you will get pirated content and that’s why when you stream it you may end up getting in some serious trouble.

That’s the reason why it is highly recommended to use the VPN along with it. By using a VPN you can keep your identity hidden to stream everything without any issue. Furthermore, it helps you to get use the apps that are geo-restricted in your country.

There are several other benefits of using a VPN so I have written a whole article regarding this. After reading it you will be able to get the best VPN service for you and also learn some benefits of using this service along with 3rd-party apps.

You can simply read it by following this link: Best And Cheapest VPN For Firestick Reviews


Since the TVZion Apk Shutdown, many people were so sad about it because they don’t have any other app for free streaming. Although here I have mentioned some of the best TVZion alternatives that have their own benefits.

All these apps come with their own features so make sure to read about each app so you can get the suitable choice for you. Although all of them are working 100% fine and I have already checked them before posting them here.

In case you are using a Firestick 4K or any other FireTV Device you can follow the below links in each step to learn the process of installing. However, I would recommend going with Cinema HD because it is available for many years and has thousands of free Movies and TV Shows. It also supports the Real-Debrid and also provides fast links even if you are using a free version.

Also, if you find this article helpful then don’t forget to share this amazing information with others so they can also get the best app for themselves. Even though if you have any other suggestions or know any other best apps then please let me know in the comment section.

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