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Looking for a guide on how to get subtitles on Kodi 18.9 Leia or an older version? If yes then you came to the right place because in today’s article I am going to share with you a complete guide to easily download subtitles for any movie with less effort.

Everyone loves to watch movies and TV shows from all over the world but what if that movie or show isn’t in your language? Because many people around the world can’t speak or even talk in English that’s why they are unable to watch their favourite movie unless the dubbing is released.

However, there is another reason for this like many movie releases with the low-quality sound we can not understand a single word at this place I use to play Films with subtitles. Another reason for this could be watching anything at night and you don’t want to disturb anyone.

I also used to watch my favourite movies late at night but the problem is I cannot use high volume as it can disturb others’ sleep. To overcome this problem I used to play TV shows at low volume and then I just look at the sub-title to see what they are saying.

How To Get Subtitles on Kodi


So above were the reasons why I am using subtitles on Kodi however you may have different reasons. But it doesn’t matter let’s check out the step-by-step guide on how to download subtitles on Kodi easily. Make sure to read the whole guide till the end otherwise you may not be able to download it.

Launch Kodi on FireTV and then click on Addons from the left-side menu.


Now click the Package Installer icon located left-side above near the Setting icon.


After going there you will see many options so from here just select “Install From Repository”.


It will then show you all the repositories available so from this list scroll down and just click on Kodi Addons Repository.


On the next screen, it will show you all the available categories of Addons so simply scroll below and here you will see the Subtitles section just click on it.


Now you notice many subtitles service providers are here so we have to install you just need to scroll down and click on this name.


From the next screen, you need to click on the Install button located below on the right-hand side.


This will start downloading the Addon you can see the progress near its name. When the addon downloads it will automatically install and you will receive the ‘ add-on installed’ notification on top of the right side.


When this notification appears now click the title and it will open a new screen. From there simply click on the Configuration button (see the screenshot below).


Right after clicking on the Configuration button, it will open a dialogue box where you will be asked to enter your username and password for the Open Subtitles account.


Note: If you haven’t already signed up there then just go to and click on the register button. Now enter the details that are asked and then type username and password for your account and remember it because this addon won’t work without login information.

Now click on the username and password and enter the same details as you used during the sign-up process and click Ok.

After following all these steps now go back to Home Screen and now click on the Settings button located near the power button.


From here select the Player Settings located at the top section.


Now from the left-hand side on the bottom, you need to change the Settings from basic to Advanced or Expert. Without changing this, you won’t be able to make any changes so please do check it is not basic. After selecting Advanced or Expert Settings now simply click on the language Settings located left side.


Now scroll down to the Download Services section and then choose a language to Download Subtitles for English or whatever language you want.



After selecting the language now click on Default TV Show service located under language to download Subtitle for.


It will then launch a pop-up window from here it will ask to choose the subtitle service so if isn’t available then click Get more. Now when you see the name just click on it and then select Ok.


Now you need to click on Default movie Service and follow the above steps and then choose


As we have successfully installed and set up the subtitles on Kodi now just play a movie from your favourite addon. Then click on the select button in the remote to open playback screen options. From the below options click on the Subtitles icon Next to Settings.


Now Enable Subtitles option is disabled and then click on Download subtitle.


It will show you the list of all available subtitles so choose the file having more reviews.


Now go back to the movie and Voila, subtitles are there and now you are done with this.


In this way, we can easily watch our favourite movie with subtitles even if the audio quality is bad. Even though we will be able to watch at night and avoid disturbing others.

How You Can Turn Off Subtitles on Kodi

Just in case you are watching a movie having good audio quality and have the same language you speak. At this time these Subtitles could be annoying because we cannot stop looking at them even when we don’t want to. This is where we need to disable them as we don’t need them right now.

To turn off subtitles on Kodi you can simply follow the below steps:

  • Open Kodi and then click on the Addons section from the left side.
  • From there select Video Addons and launch your favourite Addon.
  • At this time play, a movie or TV show that you want to watch.
  • Now when it is playing just simply press the Ok button on the remote to open Screen Playback options.
  • From the below options click on the Subtitles icon located near Settings.
  • After this simply click on the Enable Subtitles at this time it will be disabled.

Now it will stop showing the subtitles unless you enable it again. To enable it you have to follow the above steps but instead of Disabling you have to enable it.

It is really annoying when you want to watch a movie but each time you play you have to follow these long steps to download a subtitle file.

If this is the issue that you also feel uncomfortable with then we might be similar because I also hate to follow the same process again and again.

Just follow the given below steps to enable automatic subtitles on Kodi Leia:

Launch Kodi and select Addons from the left-hand side.


Click on the Package Installer or Box icon near Settings.


After this go to Install From Repository.


From here select Kodi Repository.


It will open the list of Repos so just scroll down


Click Services.


At this time click on AutoSubs.


On the next screen click the Install button located below.


The addon will be downloaded & installed automatically. You will also see the notification on the right side above.


After installing the addon now you just need to open any movie and at the time of launch, it will show you an option to download subtitles. Now you don’t need to download from the Subtitles section while playing the movie as it appears automatically.

How To Get Subtitles on Kodi Without OpenSubtitles Login

No doubt that OpenSubtitles is the best service to download subtitles for various movies, TV Shows, & Web-Series. But it took a lot of effort to Set up and also consumes too much time as well. Many people don’t want to go with the registration process so for this, you can check this guide.

Please keep in mind that this service is not good enough as compared to OpenSubtitles and you may not find the subtitles for many movies. It is only for those who don’t want to follow many steps or don’t want to create an account. If you have time or you don’t feel uncomfortable like others I would still recommend going with the first guide.

Ok, so without wasting any time just check out the below steps:

1. Launch Kodi on FireTV Stick and then click on the Settings icon located near the Power button.


2. From here you need to click on the Player Settings.


3. After this toggle to Advanced or Expert Settings if you are on basic. Now from the left-side panel just click on the Language option.


4. At this time scroll down to Download Services and then Choose your preferred subtitle language from Download Subtitle.

5. After choosing the language now simply click on Default TV Show Service and it will open a dialogue box. From this box, you just need to click on the Get More button (see the screenshot below).

6. It will show you the list of all available Subtitle services so scroll down and click on

7. The Addon will be downloaded and within a few seconds, it will be installed and also will select as the default service.

8. Now follow this same process in Default Movie Service and instead of Getting More just select which is now available there.

That’s it now you don’t need to sign in here or create your account just open any movie or TV show and enjoy watching with subtitles. This is the easiest way and time-saving method but has a limited number of movies and TV shows available.

Best Subtitle Addons For Kodi

No doubt that OpenSubtitles.Org is one of the best services to get subtitles on Kodi but in most cases, we cannot find all files there. So, if you have searched subtitles for a specific movie but are unable to find it then don’t worry as there are other best subtitle addons for Kodi that are already available to help you.

These are not the best from OpenSubtitle however you can still download missing files from there. The installation process is the same so don’t worry about this.

However, there are many services that are available but below are my top 3 best services that I am personally using.

The very first addon that most of the time I use when I cannot find the relevant subtitle on OpenSubtitle.Org. In this addon, you will find a subtitle for every movie, TV Show, Web-Series or even documentary. It comes with 50 different languages so users from all over the world can easily use and get the most relevant for them.

The most famous languages on are English, Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Farsi, Indonesian and Vietnamese. Even though you may find other languages as well but if it doesn’t have a result for your desired language just check out the second alternative.

In case you love TV shows more than movies then here is the Addic7ed or Addicted addon for you. This addon has thousands of subtitles for TV Shows & Web-Series as well it also contains some movies as well but it is mainly focused on TV Shows.

When using this Addon if you can’t find the subtitle for your TV Show you can ask them or try to search using the search box. It has subtitles from 30+ different languages which is not enough but still, we can consider it as an alternative to


Another best subtitle Addon for Kodi users is available directly in Kodi Repository so we don’t have to use any 3rd-party source. However, with this addon, you will get thousands of subtitles for both TV shows as well as for movies.

The developers are working hard to bring new content to the users however in the latest update they change the API key. Now the addon is pretty fast and provides more content easily, also the search menu is enhanced and works better than before.


I hope after reading this guide you successfully understand how to get subtitles on Kodi. In this article, I have covered everything that a user should know like how to turn off subtitles. Even though you can find the guide for enabling auto Subtitles on movies or TV shows.

Just in case the OpenSubtitles.Org isn’t working for you or you didn’t find the relevant result then you have the chance to use alternatives. These alternatives are tested by me and I am personally using them, but I am sure you will get everything with OpenSubtitle.

If you have any other suggestions or need any sort of help or have questions please feel free to write your opinion below. Don’t hesitate to ask your question or ask for help I would love to answer it and will be glad to help you out.

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