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If you are a new user of Kodi then you might have several questions in your mind like is Kodi legal? Should I Use? Can I stream TV shows and movies along with it or even if it is harmful or not? Well! if you are also looking for the answers to such questions then you came to the right place.

In today’s guide, I will tell you everything about this amazing platform named Kodi. Don’t forget to read this article till the end so you don’t miss any type of useful information. Before we move to the guide, first of all, it is very essential to understand what is Kodi actually and how it works. For this just check out the below paragraph.

What is Kodi?

Kodi is the well-known free open source media player that can be used to watch locally stored Photos, Videos, Movies, TV Shows and many more. Instead of this, you can also watch some content from networking which can be also referred to as through Addons.

These Addons help a user to get movies and some other entertainment content through the internet by scrapping URLs. To download the Addons you must need to install a Repository in it, by default Kodi provide some repo where a user can easily download any Addon.

However, it might give you a limited number of free sources that’s why some third-party developers also developed new Addons which can be only founded through third-party repo. Many repos like Kodi Bae, Fusion, Venom, The Magic Dragon and many more.

Even though it offers some best Kodi Addons that you must have including Exodus Redux, SportsDevil, Yoda, Covenant and many more. Also in Kodi, you will get an option to install a Build which contains some famous Addons as well as change the skin and user interface. Some of these builds which you should use are Xanax, Titanium, No Limits Magic and so on.

Is Kodi Legal?


There are basically two answers for this which are Yes as well as No, which means Kodi is totally legal to use as it allows users to stream the content that is already stored on their device. However, this app is also available on the Microsoft Store and as well as on Google Play Store so we already know these two platforms never host any illegal apps.

Now comes the second part of that answer which is why it is not illegal, as I already told above Kodi doesn’t only play locally stored media but it also offers some content through networking a.k.a Addons. Kodi by itself offers only fewer Addons that are legal to use.

While on the other hand if you are using any third-party Addon and stream any content by using it. Then at this point, it became illegal as third-party developers don’t own that content and they are streaming copyrighted content.

Should I Use Kodi?

Now the simple answer for this is Yes you should use Kodi on your device as it is not only the best but it also supports various platforms like Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and even iOS. In this way, if you want to play locally stored media then this is quite the best option for everyone.

Also, some of the Addons that Kodi offers can also provide some new content to watch like Movies, TV Shows, and sometimes sports as well. Instead of this third-party Addons can also be used along with Kodi but for this, you have to keep in mind to hide your IP address from your ISP provider.

Note: Make sure to always use the VPN service along with any third-party app including Kodi so you can avoid tracing from your Internet Service Provider.

Can You Get in Trouble for Using Kodi Streaming?

Kodi is completely a legal application, so you don’t need to worry about getting into any trouble after streaming through it. However, there is a point to it which is if you are streaming any copyright-protected content using the Addon will get you in trouble. Because pirating and streaming any content without purchasing is totally illegal in the US and even in Europe.

For this, a user must require to use the best VPN in case they are using a third-party Addon as we don’t know which is purchased and which is copyrighted content. In this way, after using the VPN we can simply hide our identity from Government and can easily stream whatever we want. Cheapest VPN For Kodi

But also make sure to only use the Addons that are verified by many bloggers as if you find any link through the internet and immediately download and install it. Then it might contain some virus or malicious codes that can lead to harm to your device and even steal your information.

Is Kodi Legal in the USA?

Kodi is legal not only in the USA but also throughout the world it also won the award of the Best Media Streaming application of the year. You can use Kodi on any of your devices whether it is Windows PC, Mac Machine, iPhone, Android Phone, and even Linux machine.

This can help you to stream some of the free content which is already stored on that device and also offers some content that can be accessed after installing the Addon. Some of the third-party Addons also offer copyright-free content while some may stream pirated content only.

In this way, if you are in the USA or any other country throughout the world then don’t forget to use the VPN with Kodi.

How To Secure Kodi


Now as we already know the bright and the dark side of using Kodi on your device. You might be thinking if is there any way to keep Kodi secure while streaming content. Well! the answer is yes, you can still remain anonymous while streaming movies, and TV shows and also avoid hackers and other viruses, etc.

For this I am writing some of the common things that you have to take care of while using Kodi on Firestick:

Stream Locally Stored Media

The first thing that I will suggest is to use it for streaming the content that is locally stored on your device. In this way, you can avoid the issue of playing copyrighted content and also avoid hackers as well.

Use Only Kodi Addons

Another thing that you can follow is to use the Addons that are only provided by the Kodi Media Player itself. However, they don’t offer anything illegal and that’s the reason why they are providing these free Addons. But there is a drawback as you may not get Movies and TV shows as it has only a limited number of content.

Use Trusted Third-Party Addons:

In another case, if you want to stream movies and some TV shows as well then I would recommend only using the Addon that is trusted by many people. Never ever use any Addon that is not known by many so whenever you see the new name make sure to first search on the internet about it then you can go with it. Best Kodi Addons

Use the Best VPN Service

The last thing that is also recommended by every user out there is always using the VPN service along with the Kodi. By using this you can simply hide your IP address from your ISP Provider as well as from Government. In this case, neither hackers can attack you nor any virus can harm your device. As some of these Addons also contain malicious code to steal sensitive information.

However, not all Antiruses are worthy as some of them might also store your log information which means the government or ISP provider can ask for it. In this way use the best VPN that also supports a no-log policy, for complete instructions check out this guide: Best Kodi VPN


Kodi is one of the best Media Players available for various devices with unique features and an awesome user interface. This media player can be used for various purposes like watching Live TV or even TV Shows and Movies. Some of the Addons provide games, cartoons, and other kid’s shows so even if you are at home you can still have it.

I am personally using Kodi for years and till now I haven’t faced any sort of issue with it. Just because I always use ExpressVPN whenever I open it and that’s the reason why I can stream movies, my favourite TV Shows, and some other content without even getting caught.

You can also download Kodi Leia 18.5 which is the latest version and it supports almost every Addon and builds. For those who are still using the 17.6 Krypton make sure to update it right now and see the latest features of it. If you don’t know how to update it just follow this simple guide: How To Update Kodi Latest Version

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