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Kodi is one of the best Media Player applications for Firestick 4K, Android TV, Windows, Mac and other devices. However, it is worthless unless you don’t install any best Addon or best build in it. To install any of these you must require to have the Best Kodi Repositories as well.

This is why I am here with you with this guide as today we will talk about some of the best Repos of Kodi that every user should have. Having these reports could help to get Add-ons for Movies, TV Shows, Music, Programs, Games and many more. But before we move to the list first of all we need to understand what this actually and for this, you need to check the below guide.

What is Kodi Repository?

The word repository means a place where data is inserted into the computer like the Addons & builds are inserted in these reports which we download using Kodi. In simple words, a repo works like a cloud PC where our Kodi works as a downloader so when we type the source path of that repo it provides us with the data stored in it both Add-ons and Builds.

Every repo has there own data stored in it however in some repositories you may find the same Add-on or Build that is stored in another repo. But it doesn’t mean having one repo is enough for you because the more you have the more you will be able to get new Add-ons and builds for Kodi.

Best Kodi Repositories

As we understand that without a repo we cannot download any Add-on or build you must be curious to know what are the best Kodi Repositories. Isn’t it? If yes then your wait is over as now I am going to share with you all the tested repos that I personally use to get new add-ons instantly.

There are thousands of repo available but some of them are outdated while others may contain a virus that could harm your device. In this way make sure to use the repo that is listed here if you are using any other than this I am not responsible for any problem you face.

Ok, so let’s find out which repository you should install on Kodi:

1. The Crew Repository


This is not very famous but still, it’s getting some fame from all over the world because of having multiple types of Addons. Even though it offers some wizards as well and also comes with the build which can be found in the Program Add-on section.

With this repository, you will get Video Addons like The Crew, DC Universe, Marvel Universe, BumbleBee TV, Ghosts, LiveStreamPro and many more. In Program Addons, this repo provides its users with Djay Themes, BreezWizard, The Crew Wizard, Chains Build Wizard, and Elekta Pairing tools.

However, despite providing such amazing things The Crew also comes with some sort of repository which can be easily downloaded. You will get not much but at least a few repos that can be installed by going to Add-on Repository.


2. EzzerMacs Wizard Repository


This is another best Kodi repository that is not famous yet however, it may get popular someday because it offers a variety of free Addons in almost every category. It is useful for those who are looking for an Addon to watch free Movies, TV Shows, Music and many more.

With EzzerMacs you will get some famous Add-ons in the Video section that includes Luxray Video, DeathStar, Kratos Reborn, SportsDevil, The Magic Dragon etc. However, with this, you may also be able to watch some live TV channels but I would not recommend them because they are not yet stable.

Instead of this EzzerMacs offer its users wizards that include some builds as well, when you open the Program Add-on section you will get EzzerMacs Wizzard and SG Wizard. Even though this repo also contains some maintenance tools to easily remove caches or restore Kodi settings to default.


3. Kodi Bae


This is the most popular name among Kodi users so if you are an old user of this app then you surely hear this name before. Kodi Bae is the best repository because the developers focus on quality instead of quantity, which means it doesn’t offer various Addons like others.

However, they only provide Add-ons having great value and are already famous that includes Exodus Redux, cCloud, Ultimate IPTV, Seren etc. This could be the best repo for those who are willing to watch Free Movies, TV Shows, Cartoons and Documentaries as well.

Instead of this it also offers some other categories like Music, Look & Feel, Program, Subtitles etc.

How To Install Kodi bae repo 


4. Diamond Wizard Repo


Diamond Dust is one of the largest Kodi repo ever because it contains hundreds of Addons in its repo. This doesn’t only offers Video Add-ons however a user will get Subtitles, Music, Program, Services and many other Addons directly with this repo.

In the Video section, you will get dozens of Add-ons that include Pirate Life For Me, Golden Age, Vortex, TV Tap, LiveNet TV and many more. All of these are working perfectly fine with no issue and the streaming links are even faster as compared to any other.

Instead of this Diamond Dust repository also offers users with some program Add-ons like Diamond Dust Wizard and Diamond build. This repo is compatible with both Kodi 18.8 Leia as well as Kodi 17.6 Krypton, the size of this repo is quite low.


5. Cy4Root Repository


Many of the users might not hear the name of the Cy4Root repo before as it was launched recently but even though many people are aware of it. Even after being new repo, this offers some amazing Add-ons that are mostly focused on Video which means you have the opportunity to watch more and more free stuff with it.

The famous Addons that you will get from Cy4root are Uranus and Covenant however instead of this people loved to download Descent & Laplaza which comes with this repo only. Despite of this, you will also get some other selections like Sportowa, SportsDevil, Adult Swim etc.

Instead of offering these Addons Cy4Root also provides users with the Live TV Add-ons as well that work pretty fast and you will get TV Tap, Lola TV etc. They also provide Subtitles, Music, Programs and even some service to their users.


6. Supremacy


Supremacy is the most popular Addons among sports lovers so if you are also a sporting freak then this is what you need. However, this is quite similar to the Kodi Bae is it offers only a limited number of Add-ons but these are only famous and work perfectly fine.

Instead of only providing sports content with this repo you will also get some Live TV Add-ons as well as some IPTV services. In Supremacy Repo you will get some popular Addons like Supremacy Sports, Planet MMA, Electra Vault, Supremacy, Sublime, SportsDevil and many more.

Even though after having such a collection of Addons this repo also provides Program, Look & Feel, Service and Subtitles as well. Overall this is the best solution for all whether it is a sports lover or not as you can still find Movies, TV Shows, Live TV & other entertainment content here.


7. Ghost Kodi Repository


Ghost Repo is one of the best choices for those who are seeking entertainment like Films, Web-Series, TV Shows etc. As with this amazing repo, you will get almost every sort of Addon along with it like Kids Zone, IPTV, Sports, Live TV and Movies as well.

This is quite similar to the Supremacy because of having some popular collections of Addons. You may not find the huge list here but even though all Addons are worth considering. This repo contains SportsDevil, Watchbox, YouMusic, Magenta Sport,, Exodus Redux etc.

Instead of having only Add-ons Ghost Kodi repository also provides its users with some great builds. The builds are not good enough but at least you get some new skins and change the user experience as well. You will get Franks, Iconic, Fire & Ice, Dominus, InnovatiON, Doomzday and many more.


8. Super Repository


There are some people who are too lazy to try each repository by itself and they want some shortcut to get everything in one place. For those people, Super Repo or Superrepo is one of the best solutions ever as this doesn’t only contain Addons but it also provides some sub-repos as well.

This amazing Repo has a database of around 1700+ Addons in which there are around 1000+ Video Addons which means unlimited entertainment in one place. It is the most popular and well-known repo ever because the developer is still working on it and you will get almost every sort of Addon in one place.

With this awesome repo, you will get some famous Addons like SkyNet, FilmOn, DramaGo, Specto Fork and many more. Instead of providing video only, you can also change the user experience as well and for this, you will find some amazing skins like Nebula, Arctic, Mimic, & Amber etc.


9. T2K Repository for Kodi


T2K is the multiple sources Kodi repository in which you get almost every sort of Addon like Music, Video, Services, Programs and many more. This is not popular but instead of this many people are using and the famous Add-ons that come along with the repo are IT, Kingdom, several Fladnag addons, Plex, T2K 1 Click Movie and so on.

These are some video add-ons so you can also get some music as well which includes BeatIT, TuneIn, T2K Music etc. However, you may face a streaming issue with both music and video as the servers of this repo are quite slow so for this, you have to be patient.

Overall the Add-ons are good but in case you want to change the look of Kodi then T2K also offers some Builds as well. When you open the Programs section you will get T2K wizard and there you will find some builds like Fladnag Super Lite, The Last Kingdom, T2K Simple Build etc.


10. TVAddons Repository/Fusion Repo


TVAddons was once a very popular repository among the users but for some copyright strikes and violations, they went offline for a long time. But after going down for a while they are back again and now people know this repo as a Fusion which is the same as TVAddons.

The best part of this repo is that it provides GitBrowser, and as you know GitHub is the main hub of all repos. So, after installing this browser you can then easily download any Addon or Repo directly from GitHub and this is the thing that makes it unique from others.

Instead of having this, you can also find some video Addons and repositories as well. It has the Indigo repo which provides various sorts of Video-Addons to watch free movies & TV Shows. However, it also provides some foreign repos as well.

How To Install TVAddons On Kodi


11. Brettus Repository


Are you still a Kid by heart and still loves to watch a cartoon or do even you have kids in your home? If yes then at this time Brettus repo is all that you need to have in your Kodi. Since this amazing repository not only comes with the Addons for Movies, Music or TV Shows but it also provides some sort of anime shows as well.

Every Add-on is separated into its own category so it makes it easier to find the relevant content in no time. With Brettus you will get almost all sorts of entertainment like Music, Videos, Movies in 4K, Documentaries, TV Shows Web-Series and even some IPTV Services and Live TV Channels.

This repo comes with its own link scrapper which means there are chances you may get faster links from anyone else. It is just because there are not many users of it which means no traffic overall. This repo is best to scrap links of old and evergreen movies and TV Shows from the ’90s,


12. Magicality Repository


Since the shutdown of Blamo Repository, many people were very sad because this was the only source to download Neptune Rising Addon. However, after several months Magicality Repository was released and it becomes popular in no time. In this repo, you will not find the Neptune Rising as it is shut down however there is an alternative to it which is Magicality.

This Add-on works the same as the Neptune Rising and you can even say it’s way better than the previous one. You will find some famous Add-ons like Placenta, Magicality, SportsDevil etc. This alternative of Blamo Repo provides users with the same content as Live TV, IPTV, Sports, Movies, TV Shows etc.

You can even watch some dubbed animated cartoons here which can be watched from their own Add-on available in the Video section. This is a great choice for those who still love Blamo repo as they can get all of the Addons back with this Magicality Repository.


13. Kodil Repository


Kodil Repository is another huge platform of various sorts of Addons, from this repo you will get various sorts of Add-ons including Videos, Programs, Music, Subtitles and many more. This is the alternative of Ares Wizard as once it was used to be the hub of Add-ons. After being shut down because of violations people start finding alternatives and then Kodil came out so the developers hosted their content here.

Now as the Kodil became the hub you will then find around 400+ Video Addons and around 80+ Programs while there are hundreds of add-ons which are in the general category. Instead of providing only movies or TV Shows this amazing repository also offers some Live TV Channels, Live Sports & IPTV services as well.

It is quite easy to find your favourite Addon in no time as everything is assigned alphabetically so just find that word and start downloading your favourite Add-on easily. Even after having much content, the developers are still uploading some others so the user will get everything in one place.


14. AJs Repository


This is not a popular repository but still, you may find some decent Addons here because it is launched recently. Maybe in future, you will get some famous Addons and also some other things as well. But till now it only offers around 10 video add-ons and has 1 program Add-on.

This program contains AJS Wizard and after installing this wizard you will be able to download and install some of their builds as well. AJS Wizard provides its users with 4 different types of builds AJ Builds, Beckys Builds, Pauls Builds and Community Builds.

These categories contain around 20 builds that can be easily downloaded and installed in no time. However, instead of this, you may also see some of the maintenance tools like Deleting Caches, Thumbnails, Packages, Fresh Start, Reboot and so on.


15. AndroidABA


Unlike other repositories that I already shared above AndroidABA is totally different from them as it doesn’t offer Addons itself. However, it is the place where you can get some famous repositories instantly without adding sources for each. AndroidABA provides their users with some famous repo like Kodi Bae, Kodil, Super Repo, Fusion and many more.

It is just like the LazyKodi but you may find more links to this source as compared to the Kodi. Just in case you are fed up with adding every single source then you might love this repository. All you have to do is just input this in the source and then start downloading your favourite repositories more easily than before.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The list that I have shared is tested by me and is working fine but still if you are having trouble with anything or wanted to ask any questions. Then make sure to read the below faq list that I have collected from various QnA websites and after reading this you surely get your answer.

Can I Make My Own Kodi Repositories

Yes, anyone can make his own repository but the problem is you need to have a working and stable Kodi Add-on. First of all, make sure to develop an Addon by yourself and then you will be able to create a repo by yourself. For this you can simply follow this guide:

How Do I Wipe All Repositories From Kodi?

Wipe all the repo at the same time will be only done while using Fresh Start Add-on on Kodi or even it can be done by uninstalling and reinstalling it. In another case if both aren’t helpful then Go to Add-ons > Click Package Installer > My Add-ons > Add-ons Repository > Now uninstall every repo one by one.

Does Kodi Repository Still Work in 2020?

Kodi repository will work until the Kodi is alive itself because there are still many developers who are making new Add-ons daily and launching them to their repos. In this way, until the Kodi is alive the repositories will remain there and you will get free stuff.

What To Do If Kodi Repositories Not Working?

It is not a big deal as there are already hundreds of repositories available on the internet, the list that I provided here is the only which I checked personally. I will keep searching for them so whenever I get some new repo with new Addons I will immediately update it here.


Kodi is one of the best media player platforms however it becomes useless when you don’t have any best Kodi Repositories to get Addons from. It is because till then you can only watch content that is stored on your device only but after installing any Add-on you can stream your favourite Movies, TV Shows, Live TV and other types of entertainment easily.

Since this is a huge platform so you may get thousands of repos that’s why I listed some of my own tested repositories that you can use. All of them are 100% safe and secure and you will never ever face any issues along with them.

However, if you are streaming anything with these Addons then make sure to use a VPN along with it. Because some of them might be pirated content which can lead to serious trouble. You can check out the best VPN service for you that can completely hide your IP from tracking. Best and Cheapest VPN Review

If you like this article make sure to share it with others so they can also get benefit from it. Also, all the links are checked by me but if you find any link not working make sure to inform me by commenting down.

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