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Tired of searching for the best Kodi builds for Firestick? If yes, then you are at the right place in today’s guide, I am going to share with you some best and most working builds that are working 200%.

I don’t just share these at once, but I also keep checking if they got any updates. Even I look for new builds that roll into the internet, so with this single guide, you will get all things.

Don’t miss any part of this guide, or you may not get the correct information, and in this way, you can download a thing that may not work for you.

It is because I am sharing about which version of Kodi is compatible with a specific Build. So, keep reading this guide, and you will understand why we can use these with our Fire Stick or Fire TV devices.

What is Kodi Build?


Kodi Build is like a package in which we can find everything for this application like Skins, Audio Encoder, Settings, Addons, and many other things.

It contains some famous add-ons that are automatically included in them and also provided the Skin, which is applied automatically and completely changes the layout from ordinary Kodi to a brand new look.

This is totally fun if you don’t like the old look of this application and wanted to get some free Addons as well.

It is really simple to use them with our device, and these can be used everywhere, whether you are using a Windows Device or a macOS machine. Even if you use an Android phone or an iOS device, this is for you and is working perfectly fine on each device.

Now there are many people who are asking if it is safe to use these builds. Or am I going to face some issues with it? If you also have these questions, then don’t worry as below. I will also cover this section. Then I will give you my opinion in conclusion if you should use them or not so stick with our guide till the end.

Please Take a Note:
Firestickab is an educational-based website the content we share on this website is only for educational purpose. We are against piracy, and we never promote such things to our users.

So, before trying anything, make sure to connect with the VPN service to keep your identity hidden. Because using these Builds/Addons may cause you trouble as your personal Data may leak.

Top 15 Best Kodi Builds 2023

Now, as we understand what is called the Build and understand some benefits of using the best Kodi Builds for FireStick.

You should read the review of each Build as it will help you to understand what you will get with it. Because sometimes you may install anything which contains Adult material and you have kids in your home. So, you should avoid this thing, and this is why I recommend reading the whole guide.

The Joker Build


The Joker is the best build that is not like others but is far better than them, it is just launched recently so many of you might not know about this. Basically with The Joker, you will get almost all sorts of Addons including Live TV, TV Shows, Movies, Sports, Kids Shows, and even some systems Tweaks and unique User-Interface.

Even though it also provides some other builds through The Joker Wizard and these contain The Crow, Joker 2.0, Fractured, The Cannabis, and much more. It can be only used along with the Kodi 18.6 Leia as it is released now that’s why it may not work on Kodi 17.6 Krypton.

The best part of this build is that it doesn’t require to have a huge amount of Storage or RAM as well as it is simply lite in size. Perhaps some of the included builds in The Joker Wizard might ask for more storage but still, you have multiple options available there.

No Limits Magic

Compatible with Kodi Krypton 17.6 & Leia 18.1 18.5


In case you are an old user of Kodi, then you surely listen to the name No Limits Kodi Magic. It is the best Build that is still famous in the year 2020, and that’s why we listed it as #1. The No Limits Magic comes with the very eye-catchy theme named Aeon Nox 5: Silvo Skin. It has a decent layout, which means a user can easily navigate from one place to another.

In this Build package, we will get some famous Addons like Yoda, cloud TV, Copy & Paste, Pulse Fitness, Sports Devil, The Magic Dragon, etc.

This is getting an update on a regular basis as soon it gets an update from Kodi any. Also, it automatically updates the Addons for you. What else do we need? Of course, we get almost everything with this No Limits Magic.

It requires to have a Kodi build 18.1 to Kodi 18.5 & Kodi 17.6. So, if you still have an older version of it, you should update it right now.

If you don’t know the proper way, then here is the guide which you can follow to keep Kodi updated and enjoy watching your favourite TV Shows and Movies non-stop.

How To Install No Limits Magic Build On Kodi


Compatible with Kodi Krypton 17.6 & Leia 18.1 18.5


Are you using the Kodi from past years? If yes, then you surely used the Durex Build with it. So, this Xanax is also developed by the team that developed Durex for us.

Because the older version was so popular, this is why it also gets too much fame from the users. The user interface of this new Build is almost the same as it was previously on the Durex, so if you are a fan of it, then you surely gonna love this one.

In this Build, you will get to see these awesome Addons: Maverick, Yoda, The Magic Dragon, Exodus Redux, Galactus, etc.

Since this is the new Build, so don’t worry, it is already updated, and the developers are also working on it to keep it stable. Feel free to use it and change the experience of using the normal Kodi into a cool-looking and unique interface.

How To Install Xanax Kodi Build

One Nation Kodi Builds

Compatible with Kodi Krypton 17.6 & Leia 18.1 18.5One-Nation-Kodi-Builds

This is another most famous portal, and it contains a various number of Build in it that are compatible with the Kodi Leia and Krypton as well.

The builds which we get with this portal are very lightweight, so don’t worry about the performance of your Fire Stick.

These are the builds that you can get with the One Nation Portal: Kodi Collusion, Nebula, Ebony, The Batman, Cobalt, etc.

So, the most famous of these is the Nebula, which is light in size and offers a variety of Addons like The Magic Dragon, SportsDevil, Supremacy, Exodus Redux, Maverick TV, and others.

These provide us with the fastest servers, and most of them contain live TV Streaming. These Live Channels currently only support the UK and USA for international users; it is recommended to use the VPN.

Misfit Mod Lite

Supports Kodi 18.1 and 18.5 Leia Only


No doubt people nowadays just wanted to watch free TV Shows, Movies, Web Series and other sorts of entertainment.

If you are also one of them who wants these things and it is a reason behind the installation of a Kodi on FireStick? Then this Misfit Mod Lite could be the best Build for you as you will get all these things with this single Build.

Don’t get confused with the Lite in this Build, name, although it shows the size of this Build, which means it is light in size.

I know it’s painful having low Storage in FireStick, but even though you can use it without any issue. The size of this Build is very small and doesn’t use too much CPU; this means no performance issues at all.

With the help of Misfit Mod lite, you will get Project M, Bennu, Crackle, ESPN 3, GoodFellas, SpinzFlix, The Pyramid, SportsDevil, and so on.


I will only work with the Kodi 18 to 18.5 Leia


Streamline is the best Build for those who are just tired of watching movies in buffering. So, with the help of this light-size Build, we are going to watch movies, TV shows, Dramas, and many other cool entertainment things with fast servers.

Yes, that’s true. Streamline is the only Build available, which gives you fast streaming links totally free of cost. You are not going to ask for payment or donation and keep watching Films without getting disturbed by annoying ads.

This is only supported by the Kodi 18 version up to 18.5 Leia, so make sure to update it before installing this on your FireStick.

With this, you will get some famous Addons as well, and these contain Exodus Redux, The Magic Dragon, Mancave, Supremacy, etc. Perhaps providing these awesome Addons, also gives a unique user interface that can be used easily.


Compatible with the Kodi version 18.1 to 18.5 Leia & 17.6 Krypton


Slamious is part of the One Nation Portal, so if you have used this before, then you surely understand that they made a working build for Kodi.

It is working for the Kodi version that is running 18 or above, and even it is supported by Krypton, etc. This could be the best selection for Sports lovers as the Addons we get can help us to watch live Sports TV.

Slamious also provides us with an easy, user-friendly interface that you can easily navigate and is far better than the Official theme.

It doesn’t require us to have a high CPU or very big Storage, so don’t worry while using it in FireStick. This can be easily downloaded by using the One Nation Portal repository which is:

Xontech Kodi Builds

Compatible with the Kodi 18 and 18.5 Leia


I am sure you heard this name for the first time; it is because this Build is totally new, and is released after 18 updates.

This is the reason why it only supports Kodi versions 18 to 18.5, and the developer has promised to keep working on it until the Kodi is alive.

Now we don’t have to worry about this anymore, yes, and this will be with us for the long term. The user interface is very friendly, and everything is at your fingertips and can be managed easily.

By using Xontech, you are going to get Movies, Music, 3D, 4D, Documentaries, Live TV, Kids, Sports, systems, Hub, etc.

The links which you will get are the fastest so you can watch your favourite movie without being annoyed by the buffering. Even though this also supports Real-Debrid integration so now we will get even the best links for streaming. With Xontech, you will get Gen-X, Kingdom, Limitless, Kratos, Phoenix, and many more.


Compatible with Kodi 17.6 Krypton & Kodi 18 to 18.5 Leia


DaButcher is basically a library in which you get some best builds for the Kodi on FireStick. This is not new, but most people didn’t hear the name of this Library.

So, I personally tried it and used it with my Fire TV, and it impresses me a lot, and this is the reason why I thought to list it here as well. The user interface is quite simple, and everything is given on the Home Screen.

DaButcher library will provide the following Builds: DaLight, Dax, BaBs Basic, Robo Red, Black Glass Anime, Plain 17, and DaX17.

These are tested on both Kodi Krypton and Leia versions and are working perfectly fine. The most useful Build is Dax 18, which you can use, and it has a total size of around 108. Instead of having a small size, you will get some amazing Addons that can be useful for free streaming.

Blue Magic

Works with the Kodi 18.1 and 18.5 Leia only


This is the latest Build, which is developed by the Luxury Build Wizard, those who have made builds for both Kodi 17.5 Krypton and 18.5 Leia.

Currently, it only supports the 18.5 version because it is new and doesn’t support Krypton if we talk about the interface, then it doesn’t have a unique UI at all because we have seen many builds that provide the same user interface.

So, similarly, in Blue Magic, you will see everything on your Home Screen, and from here you can directly open SportsTV, LiveTV, Movies, TV Shows, and other things.

This comes with some famous and very handy Addons that are Monster Munch, YodaDeathStarcloud TV, and The Magic Dragon. All these Addons are already up to date, and this Blue Magic is also going to work for the time.

Diggz Xenon

It only works with Kodi 18 version to 18.5 only. An alternative of this Build named Xenon Redbolt is available for the v17.5 Krypton users.


The name Diggz Xenon comes because it is the Build from the Diggz repository. This is ideal for the users who are using it on their Fire TV and on Fire Stick devices.

Xenon is very famous because of offering 3D and 4K streams to its users. This is the thing which makes it unique from others and is worthy as well. From the Diggz library, you will get some other builds like FENTastick, Als Fuse Light, Als AM Smooth, Als Xperience, etc.

The unique thing which you will see in this Build is the Weather Widget that comes with Xenon. If you have enabled the location access to Kodi, you will see the weather directly on Home Screen.

This could be the best option for those who love sports, and even for those having kids in their homes. Instead of this, you will get some famous Addons like Fantastic, Maverick, and Skynet. Bob Unleashed, Elysium, and so on.

CellarDoor TV Kodi Builds

CellarDoor TV is compatible with the Kodi 17.5 Krypton and also in 18.1 & 18.5 Leia


CellarDoor TV Wizard was the most famous Build around Kodi lovers, but somehow the developer stopped working on it, and it disappears.

But Fortunately, the old CellarDoor is back now with more advanced features and some new builds as well. It is light in size, which is around 258MB, so don’t worry about storage issues on your FireStick anymore.

Basically, it is the part of the eponymous RepositoryRepository in which we can see many other builds like The Magic Dragon, DeathStar, SportsDevil, Seren, Numbers, and many more.

It is quite easy and simple to use, and anything can be accessed directly from the home screen. You can easily watch your favourite shows, Movies, TV Channels, and music as well. It offers several Addons like Cartoon Network, YouTube, Google Drive, Aptoide TV for FireStick, and so on.


Works perfectly fine with Kodi Leia 18.5 and Kodi Krypton 17.6


Titanium is the all-in-one best Kodi Builds for FireStick as it provides us entertainment from all over the world.

With the help of this, you can watch Live TV, Live Sports, Sports Highlights, YouTube, Kids Zone, Music, Sports events, and some of the TV Channels from the UK and the USA as well. The total size of this whole bundle is around 280MB, which is quite small.

Because we are getting too many things in just 280MBs, for example, you will get these Addons preinstalled in Titanium build: DeathStar, Yoda, Gaia, SportsDevil, Stream Hub, Royal We, Echo Streams, and so on.

Titanium comes with the old Skin Jarvis which is loved by many people, so now that is also back with this awesome Package.

How to Install Titanium Build


It supports Kodi 18 Leia up to 18.5 only.


If you are looking for something new, then here is the best and the latest Build for you named Turbo. It comes from the TurboJ TV Wizard, which is the RepositoryRepository of TurboJ.

This comes in two different versions, which are a lite and a normal one. So, it is highly recommended to go for the lite version for FireSick device users although if you are using it on the ComputerComputerComputerComputer then go for the normal version.

This contains too many add-ons that are integrated, which are for Fitness, Movies, Sports, Kids Planet, and other entertainment.

Another best thing is that you can also use the IPTV in it, which is possible after the latest update of Turbo. The package size of the lite version is around 260MB, and you are getting too many things as not expected.

Equinox Kodi Builds

It only works on the 17.6 Krypton.


This Build has almost everything that any Kodi lover needs like Sports, 24/7 channels, Movies, Music, Documentaries, and so on.

It is especially for the Sports lover as you are getting many things like Live Sports, Highlights, Events and some other things if we compared it to other Addons.

In this awesome build package, you will get Project M, Stream hub, Bob unleashed, Neptune rising, At the flix, Covenant, Maverick TV, etc.

This is the part of the Genie Repository and has a size of around 480MB, which is quite high if compare to others.

But even though we are getting almost everything in this single Kodi build, so make sure to clean your Storage or delete some Addons that are already available in Equinox before installing it. Also, don’t worry about the performance as this only uses your Storage, not the CPU.


It is compatible with the Kodi 17.6 Krypton, Kodi 18 Leia (up to v18.5)


Grindhouse is not a build, but it is the whole Library and is mostly called Grindhouse Wizard. This Library contains dozens of awesome builds that are useful for FireStick device users.

In this Library, you will get the versions for both Kodi 17.6 users and for the 18.5 users as well. So, for those who are looking for a powerful option then no doubt, Grindhouse is a perfect choice.

It has many builds which are very heavy and may occupy a lot of Storage, but instead of this, you will find some lightweight repos as well.

The list of the builds is very high, but instead of this, you should try these Arcades, Amber 18, GoodLuck, and Decades. Grindhouse library is up to date, so don’t worry about anything. You can use it for more time.


Benefits Of Using Kodi Builds

First of all, before moving to the guide, let’s check what the benefits of using these builds are. Below is a short list of some advantages that you are going to get after installing. Make sure to read it because by doing this, you will understand how worthy this could be.

Free Addons

The first reason why we should use Builds in Kodi with our FireStick device is that we will get some free Addons with it.

Every Build comes with its own packages so they can give us all types of Addons including Movies, Cartoons, LiveTV, Torrent, and so on. I also write a complete guide on some best Kodi Addons that you should check.

Free Skins

Now, this is something new that not everyone knows about, so with this Package, you are also going to get some free skins.

By using these, you will change the complete interface of your app and also changes the Settings and background as well.

Custom Layout

The Build is not only about getting Addons or Skins but even though you will experience the whole new layout and see the new icons and skins (mentioned above). It will change the theme, and you will see the settings are totally changed from the old version.

New Addons

Since these builds contain the Addons, if you think that these will be old, then you are wrong. Because many Addons are totally new, they may not be released yet.

So, by using this, you will get them first from anyone else, and you may get one, which is awesome from others.

Using Experience

Still, many people around the world are facing issues while using it. So, if you are one of them then here is the good news for you.

This makes it very easy to use as you see everything is categorized well, and you don’t have to install the Addons one by one by yourself.

No Skill Required

Since installing the Addons/Skins or other things in Kodi required some knowledge. Because we have to perform some actions like finding the repository URL add to the source.

Then install from Addons, and not all the people around the internet know this thing. But with the help of the Builds, everything will be done automatically, so just install it, and you get Addons, Skins, Layouts, Movies, and so on.

How To Install Kodi Builds on Firestick

Before we install, the Kodi builds make sure you have a Jailbreak FireStick device; otherwise, it is not going to work for you.

Here are some best topics that will be helpful for you if you are a newbie and bought the Fire Stick recently.

I am going to install Maze Build in this Tutorial. Don’t worry, and every Build requires the same steps that you can follow for installation.

Useful Links:

First of you need to Jailbreak your Amazon FireStick to run Kodi there. After this, you need to Install Kodi On Firestick (for those who don’t have installed it yet).

Now open Kodi on your Firestick device and then click on Settings (Gear icon) from the above menu.


After this, you need to click on File Manager.


Now from here, click on Add Source.


It will launch a Window now click on None-


When you click on it, you will be asked to enter your so just type this link: and then hit Ok.


Now just go back to Settings and, at this time, click on the Add-ons section.


From the Add-ons section, you need to click Install from the Zip menu.


At this time, it will show you a warning message saying for Security we have a disabled installation of unknown Addons. So, you need to click on the Settings option.


You will then see the Settings here, so from here, just enable the Unknown Sources.


A warning message will pop up, so ignore it and press Yes.


After this, just go back to the same menu and again click on Install from Zip. It will then launch a new Window, so from here, choose LostKodi.


Now at this time click on

Just wait for a few seconds until you see Lost Build Wizard is Installed.


After this, it will open a Menu and will ask you to choose things that you want to Enable or Disable. Don’t touch anything, and simply click on Continue.


It will then show you a Lost Build Wizard where you will be asked to click on Build Menu, so simply click on that option.


Here you will see all the available build versions,s so choose the version accordingly. In my case, I am choosing Maze V2.5.


Now we just need to click on the Fresh Install (Erase then Install New Build).


It will ask you if you want to restore the configuration or not, so it is highly recommended to choose Continue.


After this, the Build will start downloading the necessary files.


Then it will automatically install on your system.


When the installation is completed, you will now be asked to Reload Profile or Force Close. So, it is recommended to Force Close your Kodi.


Now relaunch the Kodi and experience the totally new look of Kodi Media Player.


That’s it, and these are the simple and easiest steps that you can follow to install these builds on your Firestick. I hope you follow all the steps carefully and installed a copy for yourself.

But somehow, if you are facing any type of issue, then let me know in the comment section.

Good & Bad Things about Using Builds in Kodi

Everyone is Using Kodi Builds on their FireStick, but did you ever think about the bad things that happen when using it? Or even some good things that come with these packages? If not, then here is a small overview of what are the Good and Bad things that we face by using builds in Kodi.

So, First of all, let’s talk about the Good Things first:

Good Things About Kodi Builds

New User Interface: Yes, that’s true with the help of these packages you will get a totally new look for your Kodi.

It is because these come with a Skin that is already available in the Kodi Addon section, so this is not a new thing, but we can consider it a good thing.

Built-in Addons: This could be both Good & bad as well, so the good is because we don’t need to add source code again and again to download tons of Addons. Because it already has some best Addons enabled in it, which we get directly with this Package.

Free Live TV: Yes, that’s right. Most of these packages come with an opportunity that provides us with live TV totally free. Maybe in most countries, you won’t be able to watch it, but in the UK and the USA, you will surely get many free channels.

Movies: If you are a movie lover, then you may love this thing because, with these builds, you will be able to watch many movies totally free. These movies contain the latest, old, genre-based, Oscar Winner and can be found by IMDb rating.

No Knowledge Need: Yet this is another good that we can see while using these types of packages. Since it has done everything automatically, so we don’t need to have the knowledge of installing things from the Repository.

So these are some good things that we can see while we use any of these builds. Since we know that everything has some bad side effects as well, similarly, it also has these, so let’s check out the list of the bad things which we face while using them.

Bad Things We See While Using Kodi Builds

Now here is the dark side of using these packages on your FireStick or FireTV:

Adult Content: As in the above section, I mentioned it would install Addons automatically, so in some of these builds, you may find Adult content as well. This is a bad thing for all of those who have kids in their homes because we don’t allow them to watch such things.

Slow Down FireStick: Just because they install tons of Addons, Skins, and other things automatically, this doesn’t mean your device will work fast. But it will make FireStick way slow as most of these builds are around 900+Mbs, and this will slow down your device, and also you will face some issues with Storage.

Broken Shortcut: This is another breakdown of using these builds because I personally use some of them on My FireTV and on my Computer. Most of the time, I found those builds that have broken shortcuts, and this is very annoying. Because in this 3rd-party Skin, you will face many problems while searching for that specific Setting or a program.

Outdated Addons: So, basically, this problem we face is when the developer of the Build doesn’t add the repository link of that Addon, and instead, he added that Addon in it. So, now whenever the developer fixes some problems or launches a new update, you won’t receive it.

Dead Builds: Another downfall of using these builds is that most of the time get dead or the developer stopped working on it.

This is the worst and ugly part of using any addon because no matter what happens, these builds die. So, the problem we get with this is that we have to restore our Kodi to factory Settings again and again. In this way, we start everything from the scrape, so this could be the most downfall of using these packages.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)


If you have read the whole guide and I am sure you just followed all the steps carefully and installed these packages on your FireStick device.

But somehow, if you still have some questions that you are trying to ask, then make sure to read this FAQ list. In this list,

I have collected some most asked questions from the internet, which will surely help you. Just in case you didn’t find the relevant answer here, don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section.


No doubt using the Build on your Kodi player makes it super easy to use for everyone. Even though we get some Addons with it, which means that we don’t have to separately download them. You will get everything when you use these best Kodi Builds For Firestick or FireTV.

No doubt No limits Magic is one of the best Builds that is ever made for the Kodi player. I would recommend trying it once as we are getting almost everything with it. It has the best and very easy-to-use interface that will look adorable on your TV.

I hope you loved them, and if you have tried any of the above, don’t forget to mention your experience in the comment section. Also, make sure to tell me if any of them is not working so I change it with the new one as soon as possible.

If you find this article helpful and want to show me your love, then don’t forget to share it with your friends. Also, don’t forget to bookmark this website, so in this way, you will get the latest post first.

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