How To Install New TVAddons Repo on Kodi [Updated 2023]

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TVAddons is one of the best repositories available for Kodi users that comes with a huge number of Addons that can be used for multiple purposes. If you haven’t installed this amazing repo on your device then you came to the right place in today’s guide I am going to tell you the complete steps on how to install the New TVAddons repo on Kodi instantly.

It is highly recommended to read the guide till the end otherwise you might miss some information and also could cause some errors as well. In the last of this guide, you will get some faqs as well so if you are having any trouble or might have some questions then this will surely help.

What Is TVAddons Repo?

TVAddons is the repository of Kodi which is famous for having an unlimited number of Live TV Addons. Instead of this it also contains various other Add-ons like Program Add-on, Subtitles, Music, Picture, Services and many more. Every Add-on in this repo is working 100% fine and all of them are up to date so you don’t have to update them by yourself.

However, this amazing repo was shut down previously so many people were very sad about this and they kept requesting the developer. Now the developer has listened to them and we have that TVAddons back in our Kodi and it now works even better than it was previously.

It contains various famous Add-ons which include YouMusic, Tubi, Netflix, Indigo, Free Live TV, CatTV, Big Buck Bunny, and many more. However, you will also find some new Addons here that you might not hear of before like DiasporaTV, MMA, Telly Ads, SubLoader, etc.

How To Install New TVAddons Repo?

Ok, so now as we know that it is worth installing the new TVAddons repo on Kodi then you might be curious about it. Well! if that’s true then you are ready to go here is the complete step-by-step guide to installing this repo on Kodi 18.8 Leia.

But before we move to the installation section first of all we have to enable the installation of Unknown Source in Kodi. By default user cannot install any repo or Addon from other sources except Kodi so for this we need to enable the installation of third-party sources.

For this just check out the below steps, you can also check the screenshot attached below to understand better:

Launch Kodi on your Firestick or any other device you are using and then from Home Screen click on the Settings icon located top left-hand side.


After this go to the System Settings located right side below.

Turn On Unknown Sources to Install TVAddons

Now simply from the left side below toggle from Basic to Advanced or Expert.


When it’s done now choose Add-ons from the left panel and then from the right side click Unknown Sources.


It will then ask for the confirmation so simply select Yes and you are ready to go.


Now as we have enabled the installation of third-party sources we can simply move towards the installation process for this make sure to follow the below steps carefully:

If you exit the Kodi then launch it again and from Home Screen again open Settings (see the screenshot below).


2. At this time you need to open File Manager.


From here you need to click on the Add Source button.


It will open a pop-up window with some options so select None-.


After clicking on it now type the address for the source which is and click Ok.


Now type the name of Source as Fusion or any other so you can remember it later.


When it’s done now simply click Ok to add the source and you will then notice the name appears there which means we have completed this step.


Ok, now go back to setting and click Add-ons.


From the next screen scroll down and select Install From Zip File.


It will launch a pop-up window with multiple folders, just find the name you typed (in my case name was Fusion) in step 6 and open it.


Now open >Kodi Repos > English and then select (x.x.x is the version number of Repo so it might be different when you install it).


After clicking on it wait for a few seconds and then a notification will appear on the top right-hand side “TVAddons Repository Installed”.


That’s it the repository is now successfully installed on your device and now you can access all of its content directly by going to Install From Repository > TVAddons Repository and then open any category and start downloading your favourite Addons.

Update TVAddons Repo to New One

After installing the TVAddns Repo on Kodi our job isn’t completed here as we have to keep our repo up to date. Because most of the time users don’t update the repo or Add-on and they face some unknown errors while using Kodi. It is only because they don’t update their Addons and Repository so for this make sure to keep everything up to date.

Ok, so, for now, we need to move to the very important guide which is how to update TVAddons Repo. For this just follow the given below steps carefully:

  • Launch the Kodi on your device and then open Add-ons.
  • Now just click on the Package Installer or Box icon near the Settings icon.
  • After this click on the My Addons section.
  • On the next screen open Addon Repository.
  • After this, find the TVAddons Repository and open it.
  • Now you will see the options appear below so from there click on Update.
  • A new window will appear so choose the version from there and wait until the Repository is downloaded.

In a few seconds, the repository will be updated and you will see the version is changed below the TVAddons Repository name. If you don’t want to perform these steps every month then just enable Auto-Updates, so whenever it receives any new version it starts the download and installs it automatically.

For this enable the Auto Update located near the Update button, when it’s done just close the Settings as you don’t have to do anything.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have successfully installed TVAddons Repo by following the above guide but still have some questions to ask. Then don’t forget to read the below faq list which will help you to find the most asked questions and I hope it will also help to find your answer.

If this doesn’t work for you then feel free to write your question below, I would love to hear from you and will try my best to solve that issue or answer that question.

Is TVAddons repo free?

TVAddons is a repository which is completely free to use and it doesn’t ask for any donation so download everything that you want without paying a penny. However, it contains some services like Real-Debrid and others which might ask for money.

Does TVAddons repo still work?

Yes, TVAddons repo is still working in 2020 however it was closed a few months ago but after too many requests from the people the developer launched it again. It now works better than before and now has more Add-ons with multiple choices and categories.

Can I Delete the tv addons repo?

In case you have installed the Addons that you love and don’t want anything from TVAddons then you are free to delete them. It doesn’t remove the Add-ons you downloaded from here or doesn’t even make changes or anything like that.

Do I Need VPN For TVAddons?

Yes, using the Addons or Repositories that are not from the Kodi itself is harmful to use without a VPN. Because they sometimes offer content that is copyright protected which can lead to legal trouble. However most of the time you may also download some sort of virus through these Add-ons.


No doubt everyone loves to watch Live TV on their computer or on a TV, but finding free channels is quite a hard job. But after you follow the above guide to install the TVAddons repo on Kodi then you will find many free Addons that help you to watch Live TV Shows, Movies, Cartoons Documentaries etc. This is one of the best repositories which will provide users with unlimited Add-ons of multiple categories.

The guide is quite simple and easy to understand but if you are facing any issues with any step don’t forget to check out the screenshot attached below. I hope it will help you to understand each step easier, but if you are still having any issues don’t forget to write them down below. Also, if you know any other way of installing it except the one provided above then I will surely add it here.

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