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Kodi Bae is the most famous and well-known Repository among Firestick users because it contains various types of Addons like SportsDevil, cCloud, 9Amine, Release Hub, Exodus Redux, and many more. These types of Addons can be found rarely but with this repo, you will get everything under your fingertips.

However, after being famous many people still don’t know the installation process if you are one of them then make sure to read this guide till the end. As in today’s article, I am going to share with you a complete step-by-step guide on how to install Kodi Bae Repository on Kodi Leia.

What is Kodi Bae Repository?

A Repository is basically a place where users can find and install Addons in Kodi, so Kodi Bae is similarly a place that contains some most famous Addons including Exodus Redux, Covenant, SportsDevil and many more. Before Kodi Bae others like Colossus and Fusion were famous but after they got shut down people move towards Kodi Bae.


This is the most trusted repo ever as it doesn’t contain any sorts of vulnerable files or malicious codes. That’s the reason why many people like me use this instead of others. However other repositories may also give you these same Addons but there is no guarantee if they are trusted or not. That’s the reason why I would recommend using this instead of any untrusted Repo so you don’t face any issues.

How To Install Kodi Bae Repository

Now comes the main part of this guide which is installing Kodi bae on your Firestick easily. If you are a Kodi user for PC or Mac then you have learned the method of downloading the Repo and installing it from storage.

However, in Firestick, this is completely changed as we don’t require to download any of the zip files however we just need to add the source URL. After this, we will be able to download Kodi Bae on our Firestick easily without taking much effort.

For the complete step-by-step guide make sure to follow the given below steps:

First of all, before we move to the installation we have to enable the installation of an unknown source. By default, Kodi doesn’t want its users to install 3rd-party add-ons. For this, you need to follow the below steps and after this, we will move to the installation guide.

  • Launch Kodi and open Settings located above the top left-hand side.
  • From Settings open System.
  • Now toggle Basic to Advance or Expert located left side below.
  • From the left menu select Addons.
  • On the right side enable Unknown Sources.
  • A warning will appear so ignore it and select Yes.

Now after enabling the Unknown Source just check out the below steps:

Go Back to Settings and at this time select File Manager.


Here click on the Add Source from left or right.


Now a box will appear so from there click None-.


In the next box type and click Ok.


Type the name of this source as Bae (to easily find it). and then click Ok.


Here you will find that Bae is listed in the File Manager.


Go back to the Home Screen of Kodi and then from the left panel click Addons.


Now on the top left side click the Box icon located near the Settings button.


Just scroll down and then select Install From Zip File.


It will open a box where you find various sources so simply find the Bae and select it.


In the next step, you will find some other folders so from here click =Zips=.


Now in this folder, you will get all the Repositories available there so just scroll down and select KODIBAE.ZIP.


After selecting it the box will disappear so just wait and within a few seconds you will receive a notification “Kodi Bae Repository Installed“.


That’s it we have just finished installing Kodi Bae Repository on our Kodi. So, to access the content just go to Install From Repository and then choose Kodi Bae Repo here you will find multiple folders having different add-ons. Open any of the folders and start installing your favourite add-ons quickly.

How To Update Kodi Bae Repository

After installing the Kodi Bae repo our work doesn’t complete here as we have to keep our repository up to date. It is because when the repo is up to date we will receive the new version of Addons and some other Add-ons as well (if they are added).

For this you have to just follow the given below steps carefully:

  1. Launch Kodi on your device and then select Addons from the left panel.
  2. Now again select the box icon near the Settings button.
  3. At this time simply open My Addons.
  4. It will show you the list of Addons according to their categories so from here select Addon Repository.
  5. In the next screen, you will see all the installed Addons so now select Kodi Bae Repository from the list.
  6. Now here you will see the Update option available below the menu before clicking on it check the version which is written under the name of Repository
  7.  After checking the version now click on the Update button and in the dialogue box check if the version you have installed and the available is the same or not. If the versions are different then click on the newer version (basically the upper one) and let Kodi update it.

In a few minutes, it will be updated, so now you have to enable the Auto Update option that is located on the right of the Update button. When this option is enabled you don’t have to follow all the above steps as it automatically finds the latest version and updates it whenever available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kodi bae free?

Yes, Kodi Bae Respotiory is totally free for the users, however, you will never get charged even if you install any Add-on or stream using that Add-on. This is quite amazing and the best repo as compared to others because it contains some famous Addons like Exodus, Covenant, Yoda Addon etc.

Does Kodi Bae still work in 2023?

Yes, Kodi Bae is still working in 2020 and I am also a big fan of it because of the content it provides. I have been using it for years and till now it works like a charm with no issue.


This is the simple and easiest guide on how to install the Kodi Bae repository on your Firestick or any other platform. These are the same steps that you can follow for every platform including Windows, Mac, Linux or even Android phones. However, you may also download the Zip file separately to install it quickly because the download speed in Kodi is quite low.

This amazing repo is considered the best repo ever which contains famous video Addons like Covenant, Yoda, Seren, cCloud and our favourite Exodus Redux. After installing it make sure to keep it up to date otherwise, it won’t work normally and you may also face some errors.

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