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Firestick is a popular and most used streaming device introduced by Amazon Corporation. But still many people who bought it recently or a few weeks ago may have questioned if there is a monthly fee for Firestick or not.

Well! regarding this question, I came up with a complete guide in which you will learn everything. Don’t forget to read this article till the end otherwise, you may miss some important information. This is only for those who bought this device recently so if you are an old user you can check out my other articles.

Is There a Monthly Fee For Amazon FireStick?

The simple answer is no, Firestick doesn’t cost a single penny monthly after you buy this device. It is just a streaming device that can be purchased from Store or Amazon Store and once you bought it you don’t need to pay a monthly fee for this.

Other than this if you are using any apps for streaming like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube TV, etc then it may cost some money. It is because these channels are not free but require a monthly membership which you will be charged monthly.

However, there are still many apps that can be used to stream some free content like BBC iPlayer, Pluto TV, Vudu, Plex, ITV Hub, and so on. These can be downloaded from the App Store and then you will be required to create an account to stream content for free.

These channels provide only limited and old content so to watch the latest movies, Live TV, TV Shows, Documentaries, etc you have to jailbreak Firestick. By doing this you can install many free apps like Cinema HD, TeaTV, TVZion, Kodi, and Live NetTV.

How Much Is a Fire Stick


There are three different variants of Firestick available in the market Firestick Lite, Firestick HD & FireTV Stick 4K. The prices of all three devices are also different and there is also a difference in features as you cannot stream 4K movies on a normal FireTV or FireTV Stick Lite version.

If we talk about the prices then the lite version is way cheaper than others and it was released recently. This version will cost you around $29.99 and is best for those who don’t have enough money.

You can also buy a normal version of FireTV Stick that costs you around $39.99 and is better than the lite version. However, it has the Dolby Atmos which is missing in the lite device and also Amazon launched the 2020 version of this device at the same price.

Now talking about the last and most powerful version is Fire Stick 4K and it costs around $49.99. It can be used to stream movies in 4K Ultra HD and also supports Dolby Atmos and HDR. These are something that makes it better than any other device and there is no 2020 version of it yet so just purchase the 2018 variant.

You can either buy this device from the local Store or simply buy it from Amazon for instant delivery. If you are interested in buying then check out the below links.

Buy Amazon Firestick

Firestick Channels Cost

Firestick is a product of Amazon and in this way, if you are willing to add some channels then you need to first purchase Prime Video subscriptions. It is their own service where you can watch Movies, Web-Series, Documentaries, Anime, Kid Shows, and almost all sorts of content.

In this way, you can add some 0f the Addons channels to watch Live TV as well. Keep in mind that adding separate channels on Prime will cost additional money.

Below is the list of channels with their price that can be added to Prime Video:

CBS All Access$5.99
PBS Kids$4.99
PGA Tour Live$9.99
Nick Hits$7.99
Sundance Now$6.99
Acorn TV$4.99

Below are some apps that can be used separately from Prime Video:

Now you might be wondering where is Hulu or Netflix. Well! to watch these contents you have to use their own apps and purchase subscriptions from them. There are various apps available on Amazon App Store that provides unlimited entertainment.

  • Disney+ $6.99
  • Netflix $13.99
  • Hulu $11.99
  • Vudu Purchase/Rent/Free Watch
  • NowTV – $15.41
  • YouTube TV – $64.99
  • Spectrum TV – $44.99
  • Xfinity Stream $17.99


After reading the complete article I hope you understand and it solves all your doubts regarding whether is there a monthly fee for the Firestick question. I tried to write everything that can help my visitors and indeed provide every information about paid channels of Fire TV.

If you don’t have enough money to purchase a subscription for any app then I would recommend reading my Fire Stick jailbreak guide. After this, you can check out the best free apps for jailbroken Fire TV devices that you can use to stream Movies, TV Shows, and even Live TV totally free of cost.

Just in case you still have any questions that you want to ask or want any suggestions please feel free to ask in the comment section. I would be very glad to hear from my visitors and will try to answer their questions and solve every problem that they are facing.

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