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Have you been using Fire TV Stick device at your home but you are not feeling comfortable with this? If so then in this article I came up with the top best Amazon Firestick Accessories that you should buy. These are some cool and interesting accessories that will help you to change the whole user experience.

All of them are tested by me and are compatible with the device so don’t forget to check out this article until the end. Because just like you, I was also getting bored with how I was using this device. But then I thought to search on the internet about what other things I can do with my device to change my usage.

After that, I spent several hours searching for this and found some cool and interesting things on the internet that I thought would never exist. This is why after I find these things I thought it would be also better to share them with my visitors so they can also get the benefit of these amazing accessories.

Best Amazon Firestick Accessories

Firestick is simply an awesome streaming device as compared to others because it is easy to use and affordable as well. But the problem is this device is limited and lacks various different features. For example, it doesn’t come with the additional port to plug in and use USB just like Nvidia Shield.

Or else it doesn’t offer an option to use the Ethernet adapter just like the Google Chromecast. Similarly, there are various things that we can see on other devices but not on the Fire TV Stick. However, you now don’t need to worry about it anymore because I have collected all these things for you.

As in this guide, you will be provided with the best Amazon Firestick Accessories that are pretty amazing and even though these are quite affordable. I am definitely sure that once you complete reading this article you will be able to find everything that you wish Firesitck have.

So, let’s not waste any further time and just check out the list of best Amazon Firestick accessories below:

Fire TV Remote with Keyboard


Most of you might really get annoyed by the interface of the Fire TV remote that you are getting out of the box. It is because it lacks various keys and is a little bit harder to use sometimes. As it makes it hard to type your account information in different apps and it is hard to use touch-based apps or a web browser.

However, there is a solution for this as you just need to purchase the WeChip W1 Wireless remote along with the keyboard. This is pretty awesome and is affordable at the same time. With the help of this remote, you can type anything in FireTV using the keyboard that is attached behind this.

Instead of this WeChip, W1 comes with the built-in mouse feature so you can use a web browser or touch-based apps without any sort of issue. Using this is quite fun and easy because there is no set-up required you just need to plug the dongle and then start using this amazing wireless remote.

Although since it requires a dongle to make it work then you will be required to buy a USB OTG which is listed below. Despite this, if you just want a wireless keyboard then you may also like: Best Wireless Keyboard for Fire TV Stick

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Sideclick Remote Attachment


Now let’s consider if you are watching your Amazon FireTV but now you need to volume down the Soundbars what will you do? Of course, you will search for that remote and then use it to control the volume of the Soundbars. Other than this it also goes for the different devices including Blu-Ray Players, receivers etc.

So, if you just want to avoid using different remotes for each device and want to use the Alexa remote instead. Well! then here are the best Amazon Firestick accessories for you and the name of this is the Sideclick attachment. This is basically a simple and easy-to-use universal remote attachment that can be used along with the Alexa remote.

With the help of this, you can operate different IR-based devices easily and replace all these remotes instantly. This attachment is compatible with all Fire TV devices including the latest Fire TV Stick 3rd Generation and Lite. The best part is you can also use it along with Alexa so it is not going anywhere too.

Sidelclick for FireTV is really an awesome accessory that anyone should have who is using multiple devices. Because it is cheaper than most universal remotes and it also works with Alexa. Even though it can replace multiple remote controls so you don’t get confused about which one to choose.

However, this attachment is a little bit limited so you may not get different features. In this way, I would simply suggest choosing any universal remote from the list I have in the Best Universal Remotes for Firestick.

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OTG Cable


Since we know Fire TV is quite limited because there is no way to use the SD card, USB etc. Similarly, if you have purchased the WeChip W1 wireless remote then you will face this issue. Because to make it work you will be required to use the dongle otherwise this is completely useless for you.

Well for this there is still a solution available which is simply buying a Micro USB to USB Adapter. This is pretty cheap but provides the best functions to your FireTV. Using this OTG you can simply use the dongle, USB or SD Card reader on your Firestick device easily.

The best part is there is no set-up required because this is just a plug-and-play cable which is easy to use. No matter if you are a technician or not because after looking at this you will understand how to use it. This is simply an awesome product that I was also looking for because I was just hoping to expand the storage which is now possible.

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Ethernet Adapter for Fire TV


Firestick is really an awesome device to stream favourite TV channels and apps on non-smart TV. But the problem is WiFi connectivity is very poor as often it shows Home Screen Unavailable even if the WiFi is connected. Despite this, you will face buffering issues while streaming and so on.

So, if you are just tired of these things and want a fast and reliable connection then simply buy an Ethernet Adapter. This is an official product made by Amazon that is used to connect wired connections. It is not cheap and there are other Ethernet Adapters available but this works pretty good and you won’t face any issues with it.

Using this is pretty simple as you just need to plug the Ethernet cable at one end and also the Micro USB on other hand. Now just plug the power adapter into the socket and boot the Fire TV. That’s it now you will see the internet is working and you can check it by going to Settings > Networks and it shows Wired Connection instead of WiFi.

If you are facing any issues with WiFi then you may also like to read:

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Fire-Cable Plus Wireless Adapter


Now let’s consider if you are using FireTV wall-mounted and you have run out of the socket what will you do? How will you use the Firestick? As if you use the USB cable that you get out of the box and plug it into the TV then you will face different issues like it won’t work properly or else you will see Optimizing Storage & applications screen etc.

However, in this list of the best Amazon Firestick Accessories, I came up with a solution for you. All you need to do is purchase the Fire-Cable plus wireless adapter from Amazon. This is an awesome cable that is used to provide the device with enough power to make it run smoothly without issues.

The best part of this is that it is quite cheaper than you can expect and use it is much easier. All you need to do is connect the micro USB to the Fire TV and then instead of using the Adapter just plug the USB into the TV’s USB port. After this just turn on the TV and the Fire TV will boot automatically and works normally.

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Amazon Echo Dot


Sometimes we get too much tired to use our remote or we just want to use it because we put it far away. But now you are just trying to sleep and want to turn off the TV what will you do? I know it is a hard situation as you have to get up and then grab the remote to turn off the TV.

But now with the help of this amazing Firestick accessory, you don’t need to use the remote. As Amazon Echo Dot is the voice assistant for Amazon that helps to operate the TV using voice. These small speakers come with Alexa compatibility and require pairing the TV and then just forgetting about the remote and using voice commands instead.

However, this amazing smart speaker can do several other things like you can dim or turn off the lights. Also, you can ask Alexa to play your favourite song, ask for the weather, you can ask for jokes and much more. This is really an awesome accessory that is highly recommended for all Firestick users who want to change their user experience.

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Hermitshell Travel Case Fits Amazon Fire Stick


Are you going on travel or on a vacation to any other city but you don’t want to leave Firestick behind? Or else you just don’t want to use it for some time because you are going to try another device? In this, it is really hard to find the right place for this because during travelling you might end up denting or breaking the Fire Stick device.

Well for this the simple and affordable solution is to purchase the Travel Case that is manufactured by Hermitshell. This case is specially made for the Firestick device where you can place all the accessories including 2 AAA batteries, USB cable, HDMI Extender, Power Adapter, Remote & Firestick.

Hermitshell Travel case is made of the EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) material which lasts longer than others. It is also hard so even if you drop it the Fire TV or other accessories won’t be affected. The size of this case is small which makes it easy to carry and you can place it in any portion of your travelling bag.

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TotalMount Universal Remote Holder


Now the thing that I am going to talk about in the list of today’s best Amazon Firestick accessories is related to the remote. It is because most people like me just forget where they place the remote last time. Even though they sometimes lost it or those who have kids at home will definitely carry the remote and break it.

However, you can avoid this problem and save money by buying an additional or replacement remote for Firestick just by saving the old one. You can easily do this by purchasing the TotalMount remote holder which is available on Amazon and is affordable for everyone.

This remote holder case is made of premium plastic that lasts longer and also has ventilation to avoid dust. Using this hold you can place and secure two remotes at home. Although the best part is you can choose between colours as it is available in two different colours which are Black and White.

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So, these are some of the best Amazon Firestick Accessories that everyone should buy for themselves in case they want to change their user experience. Each accessory that I have provided in this article is compatible with the Fire TV device so you don’t need to hesitate to try it.

Other than this each one of them has its own benefits like the Ethernet Adapter is used to provide fast internet speed and a buffer-free experience. However, the USB OTG is used to connect the USB, Portable Drive and other devices including Dongle to use the wireless remote that is mentioned above.

After reading this article don’t forget to share your experience on which accessory you love the most or which one you are already using. Also, if I have missed anything here or you know of any other product that could be useful then don’t hesitate to share it with us if I find it helpful I will list it here as well.

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