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If you are a Firestick user then you probably hear the name of a famous website called Troypoint. Because when I once bought this device and try to search for any app or other tutorial I was getting this website at the top.

After that, I saw many people asking regarding this as if it is safe to use or if should I use the Troypoint downloader, and many more. This is why I start researching on this website so I can share my knowledge with you and if my visitors are also concerned about it would get some idea.

In this way to learn more about this website, I would recommend you to keep reading this article until the end. It is because at the end I will also share my opinion on whether should you use Troypoint or not but before jumping to the conclusion make sure to read everything here.

What is Troypoint?

Torpoint is a very old website that is serving Firestick users. They have their official YouTube channel, Twitter, and other social media pages too. The main goal of this website is to provide a tutorial on how to install it, what is, and other stuff related to FireTV Device.

Furthermore, they also offer some other services like Troypoint Rapid App Installer and provide Supercharge guide for free. Including this, they also offer a feature to order a T-Shirt that can be designed by the user itself which is quite a good feature.

Instead of this they also offer various guides related to Kodi like how to install it, which are the best Add-ons and installation of Add-ons too. This website is available since 2009 and the developers are making changes to bring new tutorials.

Troypoint Downloader


If you are following Troypoint tutorials then you surely heard about the Troypoint Downloader application. It is an app that is used to sideload a 3rd-party application on a FireTV Stick 4K, FireTV Cube, and other devices.

But the problem is that this Downloader app is not as developed by them as it is developed by the Team of AFTVNews. They have modified this app’s system file, and logo and made it look like they are the real owner of it. But when you download Downloader from Amazon Store you will notice the icon is changed.


Instead of Troypoint, you will notice it shows the AFTVNews icon. But you don’t need to worry about it anymore because this app is completely safe to use. I personally checked this on my FireTV and scanned it using VirusTotal.

Troypoint Reviews

Troypoint is quite an amazing place where you will get almost all sorts of tutorials related to FireTV or Kodi. But for a few months, they are not updating the content and the repositories links they are providing are not working as well.

Instead of this, you will notice too many advertisements for IPvanish VPN which makes it hard to read the tutorial. Also, at some point, their article is small which makes it hard to understand and the steps are not properly described too.

These are a few things that I don’t like about Troypoint because IPvanish ads make it hard to understand the real tutorial. I also believe that they are doing this so users use their Rapid App installer instead of using the official Downloader or another app.

Is Troypoint Safe and Legal

Troypoint is completely legal to use because they don’t promote any sort of illegal application or other malicious apps. However, it is also labelled on Scamadvisor as a safe website to surf and they do not have any scam records at all.

Even though I already told you earlier that you will find tutorials related to FireTV App installation and Kodi Add-on installation. I also tried their tutorials and installed the application that they are providing and I found nothing there all apps were safe.

But please keep in mind that whenever you are trying to install a 3rd-party app providing free Movies or TV Shows you should always use a VPN. It is because these sorts of apps may contain links from Torrent websites or copyrighted content that is illegal to access.

What is Troypoint Rapid App Installer

Troypoint has also introduced a new application called Rapid App Installer. This app is used to install various 3rd-party applications free of cost that includes Cinema HD, Kodi, TeaTV, and many more.

They claim that all the apps are up to date and whenever an app receives an update they change it with the latest version. In this way, the user can easily download the latest version simply by going to the Rapid App installer and downloading the latest version.

However, some people have reported that they are receiving a parsing error message whenever they download an app. Basically, this error has nothing to do with this app because that error means your device is running an old version that’s why you are getting this message.

Furthermore, I love their Rapid app installer because it is quite easy to download the app and install them. But since many people are getting parsing errors that’s why it is better to use an alternative app store called Aptoide TV developed for Firestick Apps.


Torpoint is a good website to learn new tips and tricks related to Firestick 4K or FireTV Cube, Chromecast, and other streaming devices. But since we talked earlier their content is outdated and they are promoting IPvanish too much.

This is why I made this Firesticklab alternative website where users get the latest apps, and tutorials on Kodi, and share tips and tricks on Firestick 4K or FireTV Cube. Other than this we have the latest version of FireTV and keep updating the articles whenever we receive something new.

I am not against Troypoint as I am only sharing my opinion on it as I have examined this whole website. Although if you want to share your suggestions then please don’t hesitate to let me know in the comment section.

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