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In today’s guide, I am going to tell you about the top best Kodi alternatives that you must try if you are fed up with using them. No doubt this is an amazing application that is available for various platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android, Firestick and many more.

Instead of this it also offers users thousands of free Add-ons and hundreds of Builds that help to stream content limitlessly. However times things got messed up as the Addons keep shutting down because of the copyright violation or they stop working.

So after reading this guide you will learn about the best alternatives that are available which may not look similar but still works fine. However, the Media Player you find in this article is 100% compatible with the Firestick so feel free to try it on your own.

Why Should You Focus On Kodi Alternative?

Kodi is a free Media Player that offers tons of Addons and Builds to watch Live TV, Movies, Music, TV Shows, Cartoons and a lot of cool stuff. But the problem is it is quite difficult to use because of having a user interface which not many people understand completely.

Even though recently many Addons got shut down and their website was taken down because of copyright infringement. Also, some Addons are still alive but the links they provide are very slow and it keeps buffering while playing a single movie or TV Show.

This makes me quite sad and this is the reason why just like me you should also focus on the alternative of Kodi. You can also use these media players along with Kodi as it doesn’t affect any app. However, by doing this you will get some more stuff to watch and have a choice between apps.

Best Kodi Alternatives

Now as we know why we should be using an alternative Kodi version, you will surely be curious about what are they. So, without wasting any further time just move to the main part of this guide, please keep in mind that all the apps are working fine and are compatible with Firestick.

At any point, if you feel the app isn’t working or it has some bugs immediately report me by commenting down below. Ok, so let’s check out our best Kodi alternatives for Firestick.

1. Stremio


Stremio is listed top in our best Kodi alternatives guide because there are many things which are common in both of these apps. Just like Kodi, you can install an Addon along with Stremio to start watching your favourite stuff online but this feature is limited as you cannot install any third-party Addon here. You will only get a limited number of Add-ons which can be downloaded by going to the Add-ons section.

This is an open-source program which is available for various platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and even Android. It is also compatible with the Firestick but it isn’t available on the Amazon Store officially so you have to sideload it. Another thing that you cannot find in Kodi except Stremio as it requires you to sign in with the account to keep using this app.

When you sign in with the same account on various devices that you are using, all of the data will be synced with it. You don’t need to install the Addons separately on each device but just sign with the same account and you have everything already there that you are using.

There is also a drawback in Stremio as you won’t be able to change the Skin just like Kodi neither you will be able to download a theme for it. All you have is the stock theme which will be with you till the end, other than this it offers various sorts of Movies, TV Shows, Documentaries, Live TV and many more.

You can also integrate your Trakt account along with Stremio in the case to access content from other apps. Instead of this you can also drag and drop the torrent file in this app and then it will start streaming. Perhaps this is way easier to use as compared to Kodi all you have to do is install the app and download Addon and you are done.

2. Emby


This is another best alternative version to Kodi which is a client server-based service. Back in the day, it was useless as you can only use it as a media browser. But after it got some popularity and people love using it, the developers start working on it and announced some cool features. With the latest version of Emby you can do whatever you want like Streaming Media from client-server, it supports various platforms, can be used as a DVR and many more.

Since the app is totally free but also has a premium plan with advanced features like DVR, Cloud Storage, Offline Download, Mobile Sync and many more. The premium plans of this app are of three types in which they paid you monthly $4.99 or $54 a year or even you can purchase the premium app for the rest of your life for just $119 which is quite amazing. Purchasing a premium would be as great as the features that Emby offers are quite amazing.

But if you don’t want to purchase a plan then you can still use it, as just like Plex it requires creating a server on the client’s PC (Your Laptop or PC) and then from other devices you can access its media. However, just like Kodi, it doesn’t offer any content on its own but to watch movies or TV Shows you need to install the plugin. There are many official and unofficial plugins available for Emby to stream various content.

3. Plex


Just like Emby, Plex is also a client server-based Kodi alternative but is way more efficient than Emby. This is the old and most popular media player ever that supports various platforms like Windows, Mac and even Linux. You can easily download and use Plex to your Android or iOS device, although it supports Roku and Firestick as well.

With the help of Plex, you have to first create a server on your computer or a device and then you will be able to access all their media from Firestick. The best part of having a Plex on your device is that it doesn’t require a user to be on the same WiFi network. In that case, no matter where you are in the world if you are connected to the server and the server is active you have the access to that files.

However, just like Kodi, it doesn’t offer any content by itself rather it takes the file from a client-server. But there is also an Addon like feature in this app which is called channels. Whenever you connect with that channel you will notice that more content is available to access. There are plenty of channels available out there in which some of which are officials while some are unofficially made by third-party developers.

There is no doubt that in the unofficial channel you will get way more content as compared to the official one. However, the Plex is completely free to use but it also offers a premium account with additional features. Whenever you purchase Plex Pass you will get Offline Download, DVR feature, Cloud Storage, Mobile Sync, Live TV and some other features. This is one of the great options for those who are moving to an alternative version and is trying something newer and better.

4. Media Portal


MediaPortal has also considered it the best Kodi alternative which helps a user to stream hundreds of Movies, TV Shows, Live Programs and many more. The best part of having a MediPortal is that you can record live Movies or TV Shows, which means if you love the Movie a lot just leave it to recording and then you will be able to access it anytime you want.

Since this software is considered as the best for watching movies, there is still a drawback as till now it only supports Windows. This means you cannot use it on Firestick, Android, iOS or the Mac, so if you have a Windows PC you are ready to use this amazing alternative.

MediaPortal also detects the Movies or TV Shows stored on your Hard Disk, so it automatically scans for the files and whenever it finds a DVD or Blu-Ray it will be visible there. Instead of this it also supports Addons similar to Kodi, with the help of these Channels a.k.a Addons you can watch media from different sources. Currently Media Portal doesn’t offer any official channel so you have to rely on third parties.

5. Mobdro


The last and still the best alternative that we can use is Mobdro, it is totally different from the above apps as you cannot install any Plugin, Addons or Channels with it. But still, Mobdro can open a door to unlimited entertainment by providing users with thousands of Movies, TV Shows, Sports, News and a lot more stuff. This also provides you with Live TV Channels that can be used anywhere in the world.

You are not required to stay in any specific country in the case to watch Live TV but it works everywhere. Also, you can watch international channels in various languages including Portuguese, French, German, Urdu, English and so on. It is totally free to use and you will never be asked to buy from it. However, in return, they will show their advertisements which help them to keep Mobdro alive.

Instead of this, you can also disable ads but in return, they will use your phone as a server. I am not sure about this how it works so you can also read their privacy policy to learn more about this feature. This application can be only used on Android Devices and Firestick, currently, there is no Windows, Mac or Linux version available.

6. SPMC: Semper Media Center


Semper Media Center is an outstanding application that is developed by none of the others but one developer from Kodi Keying. Since this is developed by the same developer so SPMC supports all the Addons that are available for Kodi itself. However, when you install it for the first time you will notice that it is far the same just like Kodi as it is totally inspired by it.

It has the same user interface, Skins, Addons supports and compatibility which we can get in Kodi Media Player. Many people also used to call it the clone because things are no different from the official one. However, this is more compatible with Android as compared to Kodi. Hence you can use it on your Firestick with no issue as it is also compatible with it too.

Now as you are already a user of old Kodi you won’t need to understand it more as everything is similar and works like the other one. Hence you can install some best Addons and Builds on it as well to make the user experience even better than before.


This is the list of all the best Kodi alternatives that I know and all of them are checked by me and working 100% fine. You won’t face any problems along with it, however, when using any of the Plugins or channels you need to be careful as some third-party developer can send a virus or malicious code through it. Instead of this, you can use it alongside Kodi with no issue as these are best in their own ways.

In my opinion, I would rather recommend using Stremio as it is the best and has way more features than others. It is also safe as they don’t allow third-party Addons which means all the content is totally legal and verified. But for your security, I would recommend always using a VPN service as these are third-party apps and maybe they show some content which is copyrighted.

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