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If you are a lover of Chines, Korean or Japanese Movies and TV Shows then you surely be using IcDrama. But unfortunately recently we heard the news that IcDrama not working for some reason. That’s why I try to figure out of there is any solution available or any best Alternative even what’s the reason behind it.

This is the reason why I tried to install this Add-on by myself unfortunately I was facing failed to install dependency error. The meaning of this error is this Addon is shut down and will no longer work for you or the owner discontinue it by himself.

There could be various reasons behind it that we don’t know much about it. However, after this, I received many emails regarding this problem. This is the reason why I am writing this guide as here you will be provided with the best IcDrama alternatives.

Why IcDrama Not Working?

the drama was the most popular Add-on for providing Korean, Taiwanese, Hong Kong, and Japanese Movies & TV Shows. But recently it went down because of providing copyrighted content as the developer doesn’t have any rights to provide these videos.

This is the common problem that almost every Add-on has ever faced in previous years we saw the Exodus and Covenant shut down. But there is still something confusing as after shut down we always hear from the developers themselves.

As Gears TV Reloaded IPTV shut down and that’s why the developer of this service made a complete video on it. We still have doubts regarding this and to understand it more you just need to read the given below section.

Will We See IcDrama Addon Again?

Now as I already told you earlier that we haven’t received any words from the developer so there could be chances that we see IcDrama again in the future. It doesn’t mean if the name is the same but I am sure we get it back within a few months or maybe years depending on the developers.

The reason why I am sure is that a few years ago we saw the Exodus shut down and after a while, a new Add-on named Exodus Redux was launched. Similarly, another Add-on called Genesis that was also removed from their website came back with the new name Genesis Reborn.

This is the common thing that Kodi users face as the developers sometimes stop working on it or the Add-on is removed because of piracy content. Unless we have Kodi I am sure we will see those Add-ons again with the new name and new repository as well.

Best IcDrama Alternative


Since the hub of all Chines, Taiwanese, Japanese, and even Hong Kong Movies or TV Shows, IcDrama not working that’s why considering an alternative version will be a good option. In this way, you will be able to watch all your favourite TV Shows or any Movie without interruption.

The Add-ons that I have provided here are working fine and there is no issue with them. But the problem is some of them might not provide all content because of geo-restrictions. That’s why make sure to use the best VPN for Kodi so you can unlock that content.

It also helps you to stay hidden because using such Add-ons might get you into a serious problem. Once you purchased the VPN and installed it you can simply follow this article and install these alternative Addons along with Kodi.

Ok, so below is the list of IcDrama that are working even with Kodi 18.9 Leia:

Catch-Up TV & More

Catch-Up TV & more are listed top in our today’s alternative list as it is available for many years. This Kodi Add-on is basically an IPTV service which means you will get thousands of Chines, Korean, and Japanese Channels.

With the help of this Add-on, you will be able to stream live TV channels, and also some Movies and TV Shows. Furthermore, it also has other channels instead of only Chinese and you can simply open it by going to the country.

These channels can be streamed directly on Kodi without any interruption as it has the fastest servers than anyone else. Even though you won’t find any dead link here because the developer team used to checks for it usually.

YouKu TV

YouKu TV is another best alternative for IcDrama that provides a huge amount of content to the users. Although this Add-on is also an alternative to YouTube and as we already know that YouTube is banned in China.

That’s why they created their own video-sharing platform and named it YouKu TV where you will find all sorts of videos.

It provides users with the on-demand-Movies, Videos, TV Shows, News, and some other content. However, there is a huge drawback for dubbed users as this Addon doesn’t offer this feature.

When you stream through YouKu you will be only able to watch content in the Chinese language only. In case you are already from china or know the language then you should probably install it.


Viki is another best Add-on where you can stream Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, and other Movies or TV Shows. This service is owned by a famous company named Rakuten which is also the developer of the Viber messenger app for android users.

It is the OTT service where a user can stream Movies or TV Show through the internet instead of using a wired cable connection.

This Add-on is same as the Netflix because of its interface and the content it provides. However, this also requires a paid membership to watch all Movies.

But still, it can be used for free but you may face some Ads or a limited number of TV Shows. It is good to buy their membership because the content it provides is simply awesome and is available in various parts of the world.


No wonder everyone knows the name of the most popular video streaming platform Netflix. This add-on comes with various sorts of Addons from all over the world. Due to having international content, Netflix makes its way to being included in IcDrama alternatives.

Perhaps unlike other alternatives, this service requires you to have a paid membership otherwise you cannot use it. However, if you haven’t purchased it yet then it is better to use their free 1-month trial.

You will surely find a lot of cool stuff as it has almost all popular titles including Train to Busan, Lucid Dreams, Cities of Last Things, The Wandering Earth, Rampant, and so on.

But if you are living in China then you may already know that this service is banned there. This is the reason why you should use the VPN to unlock its content and stream movies & TV Shows without interruption.

How To Install Netflix on Kodi


the drama was the best Add-on for all Kodi users who love to watch Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and other Asian content. But as we know that IcDrama shut down because of illegal activity it is hard to believe and people are getting sad over it.

However, in this guide, I have listed some of the best IcDrama alternatives to watch Live TV, Movies, TV Programs, Music, and other content free of cost. Every Addon has its own features so make sure to check them before installing them on your device.

Other than this if you seriously love this Addon then I would either recommend you to use their website. It is still live and works great like before. But please keep in mind to always use the VPN to keep yourself secure while surfing these untrusted websites.

In case you find this article helpful and want to show some love then make sure to share it with others. Also, if you have any questions regarding this Addon then don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section. I will be glad to hear from you and will love to hear from you.

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