Amazon Fire TV Cube Vs Firestick 4K [Comparison: 2023]


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Amazon is the leading company to provide users with the best streaming devices at an affordable price. In this article, we are going to compare Fire TV Cube VS Firestick 4K. Since both devices are developed by Amazon itself then you might be wondering which one to choose.

Although we are going to do a complete comparison between these awesome streaming devices. After reading you will surely be able to get the best and most suitable choice for you. To learn about each device don’t forget to read this article till the end.

Amazon Fire TV Cube Vs Firestick 4K

Amazon FireTV Stick and FireTV Cube run FireOS which is based on the Android operating system. That means we have the opportunity to watch our favourite TV Shows and Live channels from many apps. There are thousands of free and paid apps already available for Android users.

Since these both devices are launched by Amazon and run on the same OS then you may find several common things. But still, there are some differences in them like in shape, size, prices, hardware and even remote etc.

That’s the reason why most people are confused about which device to choose. So, without wasting any further time let’s start the battle between Firestick vs Fire TV Cube.

Firestick 4K


First, we will talk about Amazon Firestick 4K which is affordable to buy and is the most popular device. As the name suggests this device has a rectangular shape just like a dongle. Talking about the size then it is 4.0 inches long and 1.2 inches wide.

Other than this FireTV Stick also comes with a different version including Firestick 2nd Generation, 3rd Generation and lite. All of these devices come in different sizes and also offer different features to their users.


The first thing that is considered before choosing any device is the hardware so the Fire TV Stick 4K comes with 1.5GB of DDR4 RAM. Also, this device provides users with 8GB of internal Storage to download apps and movies. It doesn’t support any external SD card or USB Flash drive so you cannot expand the storage.

Instead of this, it comes with the MediaTek Chipset having a version of MTK8695+MT7668 having Quad Core 1.7GHz CPU. Furthermore, you will also see the latest Dolby Vision which has the IMG GE8300 GPU integrated. It supports video playback of 4K, HDR10+, 1080p, 720p, and 420p and also supports H.265 and H.264.


Fire TV Stick 4K supports 802.11 a/b/g/n/ WiFi connection with 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz dual-band. The WiFi connection is quite amazing and it catches signals even from a long distance. Also with the latest version of this device you can use an Ethernet cable as well.

But you need to buy the Ethernet Adapter separately as there is no dedicated port in the Stick. This device also uses the latest version of Bluetooth which is 5.0 and supports multiple devices at a time. You can use your Remote and even your Earphones without any issue.


The latest version of FireTV Stick 4K comes with a brand new remote having some additional buttons. As in previous versions, there was no Volume navigation keys or mute key. But with this model, you are getting these keys but make sure your TV supports HDMI-CEC.

Furthermore, it also supports the Alexa voice assistant and you can find that button at the centre. This button has been improved quite a lot and now works even faster than before. The remote of this device can be easily replaced by purchasing a new one from Amazon.


Talking about the price of this streaming device then the Firestick 4K version costs you around $49.99. With this price, you will get a FireTV Stick Dongle, an HDMI Extender, an Adapter, 2 AAA batteries, and Remote control.

Also, for those who are willing to buy the lower model then you can get FireTV Stick 3rd generation at the price of $39.99 and the 2nd generation costs $29.99. However, their latest device that is FireTV Stick lite that only costs you around $17.99.

Fire TV Cube


Unlike FireTV Stick this device is quite expensive and that’s why it provides some advanced features. As you can get an idea from the name the Fire TV Cube has a Square box design of 3.4 inches sides.

Till now there are only two models of FireTV Cube have been released which are 1st generation and the 2nd generation. The latest model of this streaming device is launched in the year 2019 while the first model is now discontinued.


Talking about the hardware configuration of FireTV Cube this device has a total of 2GB DDR4 RAM. Even though it has 16GB of internal storage that is double as compared Fire Stick 4K. That means you can download more apps, games and even download movies.

The process that this device uses is S922X which runs on Hexa-core (Quad-core at up to 2.2GHz + Dual-core at up to 1.9GHz). Furthermore, it has the latest GPU of ARM Mali having G52-MP2 (3EE) and also you can stream movies or TV Shows for up to 4K@60 fps. Fire TV Cube supports other media options as well including Dolby Vision, HDR10+, MPEG, H.265, H.264 and so on.


Just like Firestick it also supports the WiFi connection and it uses 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac along with 2×2 MIMO (2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz dual-band). The WiFi speed in this device is even faster if we compare it to other devices and provides a stronger connection.

One of the best things about having this device is that you can also use the ethernet cable as well. It has a separate port for this that also saves some money for those who prefer to use cable internet instead of WiFi. This device also comes with the latest version of Bluetooth 5.0 that works best with Remote, Headphones and other wireless devices.


The remote of the Fire TV Cube 2nd generation is quite similar to the Fire TV Stick 4K. It contains navigation keys, a mic button for Alexa, and even Volume control keys along with the mute button. However, the Alexa is much more accurate in a Cube as compared to the sticks.

The feature that makes this device unique is that you can also use it as an Amazon Echo Speaker. With this, you can play music, turn on and off lights and check the weather forecast and many more. This cube has its own speaker that controls smart home devices by using the Alexa voice assistant.

Price Comparison

The price of this device is quite expensive as compared to the Firestick 4K because of having a lot of advanced features. FireTV Cube comes with a total price of $119.99 that can be purchased directly from Amazon or from any local store.

When purchasing this you will get Fire TV Cube, 2 AAA Batteries, Amazon IR Extender Cable, Power Adapter, Ethernet Adapter and Remote control as well. However, you won’t get the Ethernet cable so you need to purchase it by yourself from any local store or from any online store.

Which Device to Buy

This is the complete comparison guide of Fire TV Cube vs Firestick 4K in which we learn everything regarding these two amazing Streaming devices. Each device is best in its own way but the problem is depending on your budget.

If you have enough money then without any doubt you should probably go with the FireTV Cube. As it offers some advanced features that Fire Stick doesn’t provide. You can easily control all your smart home devices and it supports Google Home, Amazon Echo Dot and some other devices.

Even though it has more storage that means you can download more free applications to watch Movies, TV Shows, News, Sports and many more. It could be also a great choice for those who love to play games because of its Hexa-Core processor and 2GB of DDR4 Ram you get almost zero lag while playing games.

Frequently Asked Questions

If reading the whole review if you are still confused about which device to choose then here is the list of some most asked questions that could be useful. These questions are asked by many users throughout the internet on various blogs.

Reading this will surely clear all your doubts and you will be able to get the best choice for yourself. Although if even after reading this you are still confused then feel free to ask in the comment section I will be glad to help you out.

What is the fastest Fire TV Cube or Firestick 4K?

Fire TV Cube is the fastest device available to stream your favourite TV Shows, Movies, News and some other content. It is because this device comes with 2GB of DDR4 RAM along with the Hexa-Core processor for fast app launch and gameplay as well.

Which is better Firestick or FireTV Cube?

FireTV Cube is the better device as compared to the Fire Stick because Cube has advanced features like controlling smart home devices, playing music, rewinding or fasting forward without using the remote. Furthermore, this device is able to stream videos in 4K @60fps and supports various playbacks.

Which is the best to buy?

If you have enough money then FireTV Cube is the best option to buy because you get 16GB of storage and 2GB of DDR4 RAM. It can be also used as the Amazon Echo Speaker and supports Google Home, Echo Dot etc. Also, it supports Ethernet cable connection directly without buying any additional device separately just like Firestick 4K.

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