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Want to start your own IPTV business but don’t know which is the Best IPTV Reseller Panel Provider in 2024? If so, then you came to the right place because, in this article, I will discuss starting your own business.

This topic is one of the most searched and trending nowadays since many people prefer to watch an internet-based TV instead of a cable. The reason is simple: the price of that service is very friendly, and of course, it offers thousands of live TV channels and other features too.

It seems easy, but there is still a problem because when we search for the reseller provider, we see tons of websites on Google. This is why I am writing this article to offer my visitors the suggestions I have already used.

So, if you are also interested in starting your business and want to avoid any scams, etc., then just keep reading this article until the very end. You will also find my suggestion in the conclusion section, but still, you can choose your desired provider from the list given below.

What is an IPTV Reseller Panel?

An IPTV reseller panel is a digital management platform that allows the owner to manage users, create trials, add or delete new customers, check credits, and so on. A person will receive this panel after becoming a reseller with any available IPTV sellers on the internet.

Using the reseller panel for the first time could be challenging for many people, but it becomes easy once you get used to it. Even though there are tons of tutorials available out there that provide complete instructions to set up a panel for the first time even a reseller can ask for help from the provider.

When you purchase a reseller panel that means you are currently an owner of your company/product and you won’t be considered an employee. It allows you to create your pricing plans, add connections of your own choice, offer to remove or add new subscribers, and so on.

Best IPTV Reseller Panel Provider 2024

Now that we know how useful it is to have a reseller panel you might be wondering which is the best IPTV reseller panel, the provider? If so then I got your back because I have already checked several services and listed them here which you can buy to start your own business.

However, you need to keep in mind that each of these services has its benefits, features, channel numbers, pricing, etc. This is why make sure to read the review of each provider so you can find which service suits you the best. This is the list from best to best from my point of view.

It could be different for you since I haven’t compromised on money but instead, I listed them because of the features, benefits, and customer support too. Although if get confused over which service to choose then you might like to check out my opinion provided in the conclusion section.

GEO IPTV Reseller


In the list of the best IPTV reseller panel providers, we have a GEO IPTV reseller program that comes with amazing pricing plans and has almost every feature that a person needs.

GEO IPTV is a trusted website having thousands of resellers registered to their website and are offering a unique & the best service to their customers.

I have also tried their customer support which I found very helpful as they are available 24/7 to help their customers solve a problem or to set up an account for the first time.

Reseller Panel

GEO IPTV reseller panel comes with a simple and easy-to-use interface to manage your subscribers easily. With their panel, you can easily create 10 free trials or simply purchase a paid trial for the customers.

Instead of this you can also create a new customer, edit the previous customer, reset their ISP, kill the connection and some other features are available as well.

Another useful feature that I have noticed so far is that you can easily edit the M3U playlist for the customers to provide them with the channels they want and remove unnecessary channels.


Another thing that makes it top of the list of the best IPTV reseller panel providers is the number of channels they are offering to its customers.

Currently, they own more than 20,000+ live TV channels in almost every country. Because of this, almost everyone can make customers from their country and from other countries too.

With the GEO reseller, you will get TV channels from the USA, Canada, Portugal, Korea, UK, Saudia, Africa, Asia, and many a lot of other countries.

The best part is that these channels are not geo-restricted which means if your customer uses it from a different country then they can enjoy it without even using a VPN.


Instead of just live TV channels, you will also be provided with Pay-Per-View content completely free of cost with the same package you own.

You can easily watch paid live events, games, and other sections completely free with the Geo IPTV service. This feature makes it quite different and unique from others.

Their servers are quite fast and reliable so you won’t face any sort of buffering issue and can enjoy your favorite events without any sort of interruptions.


There is no doubt that the Geo IPTV reseller has the most live TV channels of any other services available out there but it is not enough to make it to the top.

It is because with this reseller plan, you will be provided with the 18,000+ Video-On-Demands having the latest TV Shows, Web Series, and Movies too.

Most of the video-on-demand comes with Ultra HD and HD quality while only a few of them have SD quality which is fair enough as users can still enjoy it on mobile devices.

Credit Price

The next thing that I am going to discuss here is the price of credit. As you already know the IPTV reseller provides you credits that can be used to purchase a service for customers.

Each service has its own policy as some offer 1 credit for a month while others offer 0.1 credit for a month. In the case of the GEO reseller then you will be consumed 1 credit for monthly service.

Their base price is around $500 for 75 credits which means 1 credit costs you around $6.6. It is very low as you can sell your service for $10 a month and get a $4.4 profit on each sale.



This is the most important thing that everybody needs to have with their reseller plan, because with the choice of connections a user can purchase a single account for the whole family.

It is best for both, the seller as well as for the customer because they don’t need to struggle to remember each account as one account can be used on multiple devices.

Basically, with the reseller panel of GEO IPTV, you can sell up to 5 connections in each plan from 1 month to 24 months which is a pretty good thing.


Now as we already know the price of the credits that you will pay when purchasing a reseller panel from Geo IPTV so let’s talk about the pricing and plans.

Currently, they are only offering 3 plans to their customers which are Basic, Mid, and Super. In the Basic Plan, you get 75 points for just $500.

While in the Mid Plan, they provide you with 150 points for $1000, and in Super Plan you will get 1000 points for just $3000 which is a kinda fair deal.

Device Compatibility

The compatibility of a device is the most important thing that you need to keep in mind whenever you are going to become a reseller with any provider.

It is because each person has a different device to watch their TV shows so if your service doesn’t support that specific device then you are probably going to lose customers.

Fortunately, the Geo IPTV Reseller panel provider is supported by almost every device whether it is a Computer, Laptop, TV, Android/iOS Mobile,  Set-top box, and so on.

Supported Apps

Just like the device compatibility, the Geo IPTV reseller is compatible with various applications. A customer can use their service using Smart IPTV, IPTV Smarters Pro, TiviMate, and so on.

It is because they support login through the M3U URL and even using the Xtream Codes API. That means you can even use it with Kodi or with the VLC Media Player.

Xtreme HD IPTV Resellers


Now let’s move to our next best IPTV reseller panel provider which is Xtreme HD IPTV. This service is quite old and is serving its customers with the best servers and thousands of live channels.

Personally, I like this service a lot and have been using it for more than a year without facing any sort of issue. They are also very quick to reply to any query or to help in resolving problems.

However, the reason why it is listed as the second-best IPTV reseller panel provider is that it has fewer TV channels than GEO and also the credit price is quite expensive.

Reseller Panel

Ok, so first let’s talk about the reseller panel and the benefits that you get along with it. Basically, the panel is similar to the Geo IPTV where you can manage your customers easily.

You have full control over the panel as you can create or add new customers, delete existing ones, order a free trial (if available) and provide subscriptions too.

In case your customer doesn’t like the channels from specific countries or simply wants only a few channels then you can edit the list to offer them what they want.


Coming to the channels then the Xtreme HD IPTV offers users a total of 19,000+ live TV channels from all over the world. You can easily make customers from different parts of the world because of the huge library of channels.


Similar to the Geo IPTV reseller, this service is also offering a lot of Pay-Per-View content so your customers never miss any sports events ever.

All these PPV channels and events come with the same plan which means your customers don’t need to pay more which is a good thing to get more sales.


Talking about the video-on-demands then they offer more than 45000+ VODs. It has all the latest web series, TV Shows, and even some latest and old Movies.

Furthermore, some content in VOD comes in different local languages where people from multiple countries can get their preferred audio easily.

Credit Price

As we know much about the features of this service now it’s time to learn about the credit price offered by the Xtreme HD IPTV reseller panel provider.

So the base plan of this service starts from $500 along with 72 credits. That means each credit will cost you around $6.9 per credit which is of course higher than the Geo IPTV.

Usage of the credits is the same where a 1-month plan costs 1 credit and 12 months for just 12 credits. You can set a custom price on the plans to earn handsome money.



Xtreme IPTV also offers connections where you can make more profit by offering users additional connections with the same plan they have purchased from you.


Now that you know this service is quite similar to the GEO IPTV but there is a little bit of change in the prices of both reseller panel providers.

So, the pricing plans of Xtreme HD IPTV start from $500 giving 72 credits, another plan is for $1000 where they provide 200 credits and the last plan is for $3000 with 600 credit points.

Device Compatibility

Even if the Xtreme HD IPTV reseller panel is costly but still you are getting a wide range of device compatibility. This service can be used with Xbox, Android TV, Mobile Phones, Windows PC, and so on.

Supported Apps

As I already mentioned above that this service is compatible with all major brands which means it also supports various applications like TiviMate, IPTV Smarters, Smart IPTV, Kodi, and so on.


Now moving towards the next service provider that is also pretty and I was really impressed with their service and customer support too.

IPTVTrends is quite popular among individuals who love to watch live TV on different devices. However, they have recently announced a reseller plan so people can have their own businesses.

There is no doubt that the service is pretty amazing but the reason why I am listing it below is because of their prices. Their monthly plans are quite expensive and that is why the reseller plans are expensive too.

Keeping them aside IPTVTrends is really an amazing service that offers live customer support through WhatsApp, has fast servers, and a lot of other benefits.

Reseller Panel

IPTVTrends is using the Xtream Codes layout which is a little bit hard to understand. But once you get used to it then it will be like a piece of cake and you will be able to use it just like a normal panel.

With their panel, you can create up to 10 trials regularly completely free of cost, and also create paid trials once you run out of free trials.

Instead of this, you can add customers, edit their playlist, disable IP addresses, Kill Connections, reset their ISP, and check out the number of connections/users online.


With the IPVTrends reseller plan, you will get up to 17,000+ live TV channels that you can sell to your customers. These channels can be streamed locally and also internationally without any problem.

It has channels from various countries like Russia, New Zealand, India, Korea, Kenya, Pakistan, the United States, United Kingdom and the list keeps going.


IPVTrends has tons of Pay-Per-View channels available where your customer can easily watch live events without paying additional money.


I have checked their VOD list and it was really impressive because IPTVTrends is offering you more than 35,000+ video-on-demands to keep your customers busy all day long.

Credit Price

Coming to the credit price then it has the same structure just like Xtreme HD IPTV and Geo IPTV reseller. However, the price for each credit is a little bit high as the 1 credit costs you $7.


With the IPTVTrends reseller plan, you can sell your subscription along with multiple connections. The maximum number of connections that you can sell to the customers is 5 which is enough for a whole family.


This reseller panel provider comes with three different plans that will suit you perfectly. For a starter, you can purchase a small plan that starts from $600 for 80 credits that are a fair deal for newbies.

Despite that, they are offering two more plans, the second plan is for $1100 where you get 220 credits. The last plan is for $4000 for 700 credit points.

Device Compatibility

I have used this service on various devices and I can confidently say that it has no device compatibility issue. Because their service supports a wide range of devices and all major brands too.

Furthermore, IPTVTrends supports multiple ways of using an IPTV service that includes M3U Playlist, Xtream Codes API and Mac Address as well.

Supported Apps

This is already mentioned above because as I said there is no compatibility issue with any device. It means IPTVTrends can be used with various applications and tools too.

Even though it supports Mac Address activation for Mag and Enigma Boxes that is pretty amazing as most of the services available out there doesn’t work with mac addresses.

IPTV Palace

The next best IPTV reseller panel provider we have on the list is IPTV Palace. Just like the other services, this has also been available for many years offering users good service.

I have tried their service for about a few months and I found that their service goes from best to best. It is because I face a lot of buffering with their servers.

Talking about the list of channels then they are offering 7,000+ live TV channels that are fair service. There are a lot of countries that are missing from their channel list so you might not be able to sell it in every country.

It is not only about the channels but their VOD library is also short as they offer roughly 12,000 movies and TV Shows in which most of which are in SD quality.

For a beginner, this IPTV service could be good because of their pricing plans as the starter plan of IPTV Palace starts from just $146 offering 150 credits.

Unlike Geo Reseller their credit plan is different as one monthly plan will cost you 10 dollars that means with 150 credits you can only purchase accounts for 15 months.

If you want a service with good customer support then, unfortunately, this is not the right selection because they reply very late as I got a reply from them after 3 days.


Here comes our last best IPTV reseller panel provider that is OneIPTV. This service is average because they have poor quality TV channels and only a few Video-On-Demands as well.

Most of the channels offered here came in SD quality but you can also find some channels having HD or Ultra HD resolution. With One IPTV reseller panel, you are going to receive 8000+ live channels and about 20,000+ video-on-demands containing Web-Series, Movies and even TV Shows.

However, as a beginner, you might face issues while using their reseller panel because it is very complicated and I also made several mistakes while I was trying it.

But when you get used to it then you will find really helpful as it has some unique features like customizing groups, getting free trials each day and so on.

Just like IPTV Palace their customer support is also terrible as they will leave you seen for a few days and even don’t help you to set up your account which you need to check tutorials online.

When we talk about the pricing and plans of this service then probably they are offering the cheapest plans which are really good for those who have low investment.

For a starter, you can purchase their panel for just $294 where they offer 10 credits. You might be thinking that the credits are low but don’t worry because you can purchase a monthly plan for just 0.1 credit.

That means you are getting credit for less than $3 which is pretty good and it is also a good opportunity as you can make your customer support great and earn good money from it.


Now end the discussion and let’s close today’s guide on the Best IPTV Reseller Panel Provider with a little advice. These are some of the good panel providers that I have already checked and thought to share with you.

Each of these providers has its pricing plans and offers different sorts of panels or channel numbers. In this way just make sure to not miss any information above or you might not be able to find the right choice for you.

But in my opinion, it would be great for you to go for the Geo IPTV reseller. The reason is simple they have more than 20,000+ live TV channels which means you can sell them to almost everyone.

Even though they have a huge library of VODs and various PPV events that can be sold along with the same plan. GEO IPTV has good customer support too, you can contact them and ask for help anytime you want.

It is one of the great choices for those who are new to this business as their support will help you to set up an account for the first time and can assist you with how to use the panel.

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