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When it comes to getting the right internet TV service most people face a lot of problems because there are hundreds of IPTV reviews already written. So, even if you purchase a subscription listed at the top of their guide you will still face buffering issues, channels not working, and so on.

The reason is that they get paid from them and this is why they just keep them at the top no matter how the worst service they offer to the customer. When I heard about watching TV over the internet I then start reading these articles and even subscribe to the services that were listed at the top.

It was really a bad experience so instead of reading those so-called review guides I started trying them by myself. Until now I have used plenty of services and now I have kinda experience with them. The reason behind writing this article is to offer my visitors the best IPTV service providers and avoid them from being scammed.

Here you will be provided with only those IPTVs that I have used for more than a month. By reading this you will surely be able to get yourself the best subscription to stream your favourite channels on any device you want. In this way just don’t forget to stick with me until the end and don’t skip anything here.

What is IPTV Subscription?

Before we learn about what is IPTV subscription we first need to know what is IPTV and how it works. Basically, IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television where live TV channels are offered to the user over the internet instead of using a traditional cable network or satellite.

It is the modern way of streaming TV where you don’t need to use more wires as you can use WiFi or Ethernet cable instead. This works quite like browsing where it shows the list of available channels and then the user can click on the name to stream. It also offers Video-on-demands providing the latest movies and web series from different platforms.

Now let’s move toward the main question, an IPTV subscription offers users all live channels, VODs, and other features for a specific time. A user can purchase a subscription for a month, 3 months, 6 months, or even a year where providers charge accordingly and the service will be activated for that time.

However, it is quite different from regular cable networks because you don’t need to stick to any contracts or something like that. IPTV providers let you unsubscribe to their services at any time you want and the best part is you won’t be charged a single penny for unsubscribing.

It is quite like a pay-per-view subscription where you can watch your favorite TV shows, Movies, etc for the time being you have purchased the service. Once the service is expired you won’t be charged anything until you purchase another plan or simply move towards another service.

 IPTV Reviews – The Best Service Providers 2024

NameSupported DevicesChannelsVODsEPGVPN FriendlyWebsite URLs
IPTV TrendsMac, PC, iOS, Apple TV, Android TV Box, Chromecast, Fire TV, Fire Stick, Roku19,00052000YesYes
Xtreme HD IPTVMac, PC, iOS, Apple TV, Android TV Box, Chromecast, Fire TV, Fire Stick, Roku20,000
Eternal IPTViOS, Apple TV, Android TV Box, Fire TV, Fire Stick,90019000NoNo
IPTV Subscription
Android TV Box, Fire TV, FireStick,140015000No EPGNo

Now that you already know what is an IPTV subscription and also learned about this service as well. I am sure you now get an idea of how useful this could be. Well! if you are eager to give this a try then don’t worry your wait is over because in this section I am going to talk about the best IPTV service providers’ reviews.

As I have mentioned above the IPTV service that I am going to provide here are used by me for more than a month. After using them for that time period I noticed various things that I am going to share with you. Just don’t forget to read the IPTV review completely or you won’t understand it properly.

However, in case you are lazy enough to read reviews for each provider then you might scroll down and check out the conclusion section instead. There you will find out my opinion about it where I have shared which service you would choose according to my experience.



In today’s IPTV reviews the first service we have is the IPTVTrends and most of you might not hear it before. As I said earlier that I won’t be talking about the same providers that people are asking over and over again. So, I found this on Google, and later I also read a review about this on IPTVSeek as well.

I then ordered a 24-hour trial from them because they mentioned that they offer 19,000+ live channels so I was just checking the channels. Once I ordered from them then they immediately send an email with login details that I later used on Smarters Pro on Firestick.

When I log in to the account I was very impressed because they do have 19,000+ live channels listed there and even have 40,000+ VODs too where they mentioned 60,000. After I confirmed the channel list then I just ordered a 3-month plan to check how this service works after continuous usage.

Well! surprising their service was pretty good each day as I won’t face any sort of problem with them. They even offered the Electronic Program Guide for thousands of channels completely very. It really makes me happy because many providers out there were asking for money to get an EPG.

After using it straightly for a month I found that the IPTVTrends is really an amazing service because during that time period I didn’t face any buffering, freezing, or any other issue. Additionally, they offer EPG, Catchup, Xtream Codes API, and M3U Playlist URL as well which makes it even better than various others.

Key Features

  • IPTVTrends has around 19,000+ live TV channels.
  • They have 40,000+ Video-on-demands for more entertainment.
  • A 99.99% server uptime provides no buffering at all.
  • Offering EPG and Catchup to know what’s upcoming in 14 days.
  • Multiple ways of login depend on which suits you.
  • Works with almost every device including Firestick & Roku.
  • Secure payment through Credit Card.
  • Offers 24/7 live customer support.
  • No fees for canceling the service.

Xtreme HD IPTV


The next IPTV service provider that I have tried is the Xtreme HD IPTV and this is also one of the best services that I have used so far. When I was looking for an Internet TV on Google then I saw the name of this service appears there so I simply open their website to learn about it.

After that, I simply contacted them asking about the details of their service and they were very nice to me. Although it happens all the time before purchasing the service I simply ordered a 3-month plan from them. Once the order is placed I contacted them again to see if they help me set up an IPTV service.

Similarly, they were the same as before and helped me with the steps to set up my service on Firestick. However, after I log into their service I saw that they have 18,000+ live channels whereas they mentioned 19,000+. Other than this they also offer 40,000+ Video-On-Demands just like the IPTV Trends.

Another thing that I found interesting in this service is that most of the channels offered there were in high resolution. Only a few of them were in standard quality but the majority were in HD, Ultra HD, and even 4K. I start streaming several channels on my FireTV and all of them were working pretty fine.

Despite that Xtreme HD IPTV also offered me the EPG guide which was limited to only 7 days but it is still good to have one. In other words, this is really an amazing IPTV service that comes at an affordable price and provides tons of useful channels. Even though this can be used on various devices including Windows, Mac, and iOS.

Key Features

  • A very good service offering 18,000+ live TV channels.
  • An updated library of 40,000+ Video-On-Demands.
  • Most of the channels are in High Resolution.
  • Offers very good customer support to the users.
  • A wide range of device compatibility.
  • Fast servers with 99.99% uptime provide uninterrupted streaming.
  • Provides users with 24 hours of trial.
  • Offers M3U Playlist and Xtream API login method.
  • It comes with a secure payment gateway.

Eternal IPTV


Now coming to the next IPTV reviews we have Eternal TV which is quite famous among individuals and has even it is available for many years. I heard about this service from Reddit as many people were sharing different stories of their own in which most of them were only bad reviews.

Reading that makes me surprised because on different websites they reviewed it as one of the best IPTV service providers. I then thought to give it a try to this service on my own and later I ordered a monthly plan from them that costs around $8.5 which was a fair price.

When I paid for the subscription they didn’t send any emails so I thought maybe they scammed me but then after 2 hours I received an email from them with account details. I then use these details to sign into my device (Chromecast with Google TV) and used the Smarters Pro application.

It was easy to log in to an account but when I saw their library they only have roughly 8000 channels in which most of which were in Standard Quality. That’s not it because when I try to stream channels it works fine for 5 minutes and after that, it just kept buffering.

Even though I tried to contact them after facing this problem but they just ignored my emails for a couple of weeks. It was really terrible how these scammers earn money by providing users with poor quality of service. Well! I then simply leave their service and never email them or even ask for a refund.

Key Features

  • Eternal TV works with multiple platforms.
  • It has cheaper plans from various services.
  • They have 6500+ live TV channels.
  • Most of the channels come with EPG.
  • Offers 14,000+ video-on-demands.
  • Provides users with M3U Playlist URL.
  • Additional connections can be purchased for $7.
  • A 15% discount is offered when paid with Bitcoin.
  • Secure payment gateway from PayPal.

IPTV Subscription


In the list of IPTV reviews, the next service provider that I am going to share with you is IPTVSubscriptions. This is a decent service offering users 700+ live TV channels from various countries. Although some 3rd-party websites are built with the same name but with different domain extensions.Shop, Me, Com.

However, the actual domain name is IPTVSubscription.TV which is available for more than three years. I heard about it on various forums where they said that it is worth money so I simply purchased it to give it a try. After making an order they delivered it quickly and provide me with the activation code.

It was new to me so I asked them about how to set it up and they were really nice and told me that it can be used with the NoraGo application. So, I downloaded this app on my FireTV (it was not available officially so I just sideload it) and then set it up using the information provided by the IPTV service provider.

Actually, I loved this new app because the interface was really amazing and it was easy to navigate through channels. Ok, back to the point, as they said channels were 700+ that is enough we only watch less than 20 channels. However, I noticed that most of the channels were in Full HD which was amazing.

But after using it for a few weeks this service looked different as the channels were not opening properly and some channels just kept buffering. Overall I loved this service a lot but they are quite expensive and offer fewer channels, also they should improve their customer support and solve buffering issue too.

Key Features

  • IPTV subscription is a very easy-to-use service.
  • Nora GO is available for Windows, iOS, OSX, Android, and almost every platform.
  • 700+ channels are enough to keep you stuck with TV.
  • 20,000+ Video-On-Demands are also offered.
  • Easy to set up no need to follow lengthy steps.
  • Offers a 1-month plan with 3 or 4 devices support.
  • Provides support through Live Chat or Email.
  • Accepts Paypal, Credit Card, and Debit Card as payment methods.
  • Fast activation right after payment completes.

Helix IPTV


Now let’s talk about the last service that I tried on my Firestick and would like to add to the IPTV reviews list. This service is known as the Helix IPTV which is quite popular among individuals. I learnt about this service from various subreddits and then I thought to give this a try to check their service.

However, when I went to their website I found that they are not selling or offering trials to the customers so I just purchased a monthly plan that costs €9.5. I set up their service on my Firestick using the Smarters Pro application and used M3U Playlist because they don’t support Xtream Codes API which is my favourite method.

Anyways the app was logged in instantly and then I start streaming random channels to check the quality. I almost open 50 channels listed therein which almost 30 were in HD quality while the 20 came in Standard quality. It makes me a little bit disappointed because many people were saying that the majority of channels are in HD which is a complete lie.

After that, I keep using this service on a regular basis and find it useful because most of the channels IPTV offers were Sports, and News related. Everything was working completely fine for around 15 days and then suddenly some channels stopped working and the app was a little bit laggy.

I tried to contact them but they didn’t reply to my email for around 2 days and after that time I received an email from them which was not useful. Well! the problem was fixed automatically after 4 days and then the service was working fine again. After that, I found that it was because of the Sports event where many people were using this service so their servers went down that causing glitches and lag.

Key Features

  • Helix is quite a popular and trusted IPTV service.
  • This IPTV provider offers 6500+ live TV channels.
  • Also, offers 14000+ Movies and 500+ Web-Series.
  • It is the best choice for UK, USA, & Canada users.
  • Provides customers with an Electronic Program Guide.
  • Helix IPTV is compatible with various devices.
  • Some channels are in HD and Full HD Quality.
  • Offers Helix IPTV application for various devices.
  • Comes with 15 day of the money-back guarantee.

Conclusion – IPTV Reviews 2023

Before we end the IPTV Reviews there are a few things that I need to discuss with you. So, above I have shared some of the best IPTV providers that I have tried on my FireTV Stick and other devices too. Each of these providers has its own library of live channels and Video-on-demands.

Despite that, you will find different prices for the same price and even some offer M3U Playlists while some do not. This is why just make sure to check all your requirements and then choose the service accordingly. Having an expensive service doesn’t mean that they are the best and the same goes for cheap service providers.

When you read the whole article I am sure you understand why I am saying this because many people think that expensive service means quality service. To get the quality service just simply read the review of each provider that I have already tried and then you will get an idea of which one to choose.

Although if you are still confused over which service to choose then I would simply suggest going for IPTVTrends since they offer 19,000+ live channels where is most of them are HD quality. Despite that, they offer VODs, EPG for thousands of channels, Catchup, M3U Playlist, Xtream Codes API and much more.

However, this is a little bit expensive service so if you cannot afford this then you might love to use Xtreme HD IPTV which offers almost the same number of channels. Furthermore, they offer good customer support that will help you to fix various problems and so on.

If you find this artcile helpful at any point just don’t forget to share your opinion below. Also, tell us which one of these services have you tried or willing to give it a try.

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