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Are you willing to buy Real-Debrid service for you but you are still confused if Is Real Debrid worth it or not? If so, then you came to the right place because in this guide we are going to talk about this amazing multi-hoster service. It is because for the past few days I am receiving some emails regarding this.

However, I write a complete guide about this service and this is why many people are confused about it. Despite this, I even saw people asking this same question on different forums but no one provides the exact answer. This is the reason why I thought to make a complete article on this.

So, in this article, we are going to first learn about what is RD and then I will tell you if it is worth your money or not. In this way to get the answer just make sure you stick with this article at the end. Because if you skip anything then you might not be able to understand what I am trying to say.

What is Real Debrid

First things first before moving toward the question you first need to learn what is Real-Debrid. Basically, it is a premium multi-hoster service that provides unrestricted downloading, torrenting and so on. It is used to provide users with unmetered and resume-supported downloading.

However, it is also used with Kodi to get some premium links to stream movies or TV shows without buffering. Even though this can be used to download torrents with ultra-fast speed. It uses the magnet links and even requires uploading the torrent file and then downloading it to their server to provide you with the fast link.

This service comes with different plans that a user can choose depending on their needs. The packages of Real-Debrid start from 15 days, 30 days, 90 days and 180 days. However, the most buying package is 90 days which only costs 9 euros which is quite affordable but if you are new then you should Buy Real-Debrid for 15 days.


Also if you want to learn more about this service then you may like to read: How to Install & Setup Real-Debrid on KODI / FireStick

Is Real Debrid Worth it

Now as we learnt about this service then you surely getting curious about whether is Real-Debrid worth it. Well, the simple answer is Yes Real Debrid worth its money if you are buying to use with Kodi.

You might be wondering why I said this, so don’t worry below I am providing some of the reasons why I prefer this service. After this, I am sure just like me you will start loving this service as well.

Supports Kodi Integration

The first and the most common reason why I prefer Real Debrid is that it is compatible with almost every Kodi Addon. Since Kodi is a free media player app that provides an addon for streaming Movies and TV Shows. But the problem is the links that it provides are too slow and keep buffering while watching.

That’s why I always love to use this service along with my favourite Addons like Exodus Redux, and Covenant. Using this provides me with some premium links that I used to stream movies without facing the buffering issue. This is a really awesome feature and is the reason why most people prefer this service.

Works with 3rd-party Apps

Since this service supports Kodi it doesn’t mean you cannot use it with other apps. Actually, this service works with 3rd-party apps like TeaTV, Cinema HD, Cyberflix, CatMouse, and other sorts of apps. As most of you using Firestick or other streaming devices then you surely use one of these 3rd-party apps.

However, these apps work the same as the Kodi Addons because these are used to scrap links from different sources and show you in one place. But the problem is still the same since these are free links which means many people are already using them or the servers are not fast enough at that point Real-Debrid helps us with providing fast links.

Unmetered Downloading

Talking about the next thing why I love RD is the unmetered downloading that supports Pause & Resume. This service supports many famous file hoster services like Mediafire, 4shared, Google Drive, etc. In this way, you can copy any of these links and convert them with RD so it provides you unmetered downloading at up 1GBps.

Fast Torrenting

Instead of just converting the links, Real-Debrid also provides fast torrenting support. That means you can either use a magnet link or upload a torrent file to your account. After this RD will start downloading that file to their server and once the torrent is downloaded you will get real-debris generated links to download without any limits.

Online Streaming

The last feature that most of you will surely gonna love because not everyone preferred to use Kodi or a 3rd-party app on Firestick for streaming movies. In this way, if you are not finding the link for a movie to stream online and you just have a magnet link or a torrent file then this problem is also solved with Real-Debrid.

It is because this service also lets you stream any content from the torrent or any other link from Google Drive, Mediafire, or any other file hoster. This feature is simply awesome because most of the time we cannot find a movie online but it is available on a torrent that we cannot stream.


That’s it now after you have completed reading this article I am sure you get the answer is Real Debrid worth it? Because I have provided you with every feature that you will get with RD. However, I personally recommend this service because it works with Kodi and some other 3rd-party apps too.

Even though the best thing is Real-Debrid is less expensive than other services like Premiumize etc. Because you can purchase RD service for 3 months in just 9 euro while on the other hand PM will cost you around 24.99 euro for 3 months. This is the reason why I prefer this service over other multi-hosters.

So, if you are already using this and want to share your experience then please let me know in the comment section. Also, if you are willing to buy it then make sure to first buy 15 days to see if you really need this. Then after 15 days you can share your feedback about this service with us and buy another plan if you want to.

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