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FireTV is an amazing streaming device but it surely lacks some features like USB ports. In this way, if you are willing to connect a Pendrive or mouse and search for the best OTG Cable for Firestick. Then your search is finally over because in this article I am going to share with you some amazing cables for your device.

When I purchase this device I was also very disappointed because there is no port to attach a mouse, keyboard or other devices. This is why I then start searching for an alternative method for using these devices with my FireTV. After spending some time searching on the internet I then learnt about these OTG cables.

But since there were too many options available out there it was too hard for me to get the right choice. This is why I bought different cables and check them with my device to see the performance. After using several products I listed some of the best products that are really worth your money.

Best OTG Cable For Firestick

There are plenty of cables available for Firestick but not all of them are worth buying or working as they say online. This is the reason why I tried several brands and different OTG cables to check which is better. In this way here you are going to get all sorts of cables that you can purchase and attach to another device instantly.

Other than this you are also getting a cable that allows you to insert and access wired internet using an Ethernet Adapter. This is why if you are willing to get the right choice then I would suggest keep reading this article. As once you complete reading the article it will help you in finding the perfect cable for you.

Except this, if you don’t want to read the whole article and are just willing to get my opinion then make sure to check out the conclusion instead. It is because I have provided my suggestion there which you can use to get the best link but that might be costly or may not fulfil your needs.

Micro USB to RJ45 Ethernet Adapter


The first product in this list that I am going to share with you is the product of TV xStream. As you already know then they made quality products and use the best material. Well while you are purchasing this item you are not only getting a Micro USB port but it also includes an RJ45 adapter too.

That means with the help of this OTG you will be able to connect any devices like Pendrive, Mouse, Keyboard and even connect your internet using wire. This is really awesome product and the material used in the cables works pretty fine and provides you with enough speed to share files or stream live TV channels.

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Micro USB HUB Adaptor with Power


Coming to the next best OTG cable for Firestick we have a product from TUSITA that is also quite good and provides some additional features. However, Tusita OTG comes with not one, not two but three USB ports and has one power adapter socket and a Micro USB to connect Firestick.

With the help of this product, you can connect multiple devices to your FireTV whether it is Pendrive, Hard Disk, Mouse Keyboard etc. However, there is only one problem as the cable used in this product is not good and the copy/paste speed is also slow while using a PenDrive or Hard Drive.

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AuviPal LAN Ethernet 3 Ports USB OTG Hub


vital is yet another OTG cable that you can use along with FireTV Stick or some other streaming Sticks. This amazing cable comes with three USB ports to connect the Mouse, Keyboard or other devices of your choice. Other than this it also has a dedicated Ethernet Port that you can use for a wired internet connection.

The quality of this OTG is really amazing and it provides a speed of 10/100 Mbps which is enough to stream 4K Ultra HD videos on Netflix. Except for FireTV Stick, you can use AuviPal with other devices like Macbook, Windows PC, Raspberry Pi, and even Google Chromecast.

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SUYAMA USB OTG Adapter for FireTV Stick


If you are finding for a cheaper but quality OTG cable for Firestick then Syuma is the one that can fulfil your needs. This is a multifunctional Hub that can be used to charge mobiles, and tablets and even to transfer files from Pendrive to Firestick as well as to use Mouse or Keyboard.

Suyama is really amazing product as it has 4 USB ports, a Micro USB port for power and a Micro USB that can be attached with a Streaming Stick. But there is a little bit drawback to this cable as it can be only used with Adapters of 5V/2A if you used a fast charger the chip will burn out.

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AuviPal 2-in-1 Powered Micro USB OTG


The next product that I am going to talk about in the list of best OTG cables for Firestick is from AuviPal but this is completely different from the one that I mentioned earlier. This product is bent 90 degrees and doesn’t have any wires which means this can be connected directly to the TV.

AuviPal supports a variety of devices that includes Google Chromecast, Sega Consoles, S/NES Classic Mini, and even Android Mobile Phones or tablets. It has only one port for USB cable but since they are selling two cables so you can simply be added both together to get an additional port easily.

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Cable Matters Micro USB to Ethernet Adapter


The next product that I would like to add here is from Cable Matters which are quite famous for making quality products. Just like that they also launched this Micro USB to Ethernet Adapter for FireTV Stick, Chromecast, Google Home Mini and so on. However, this cable is not compatible with any of the Roku Streaming devices.

Unlike others, this is not an OTG cable but it is just an Ethernet Adapter that can be used to connect Firestick using a wired connection instead of WiFi. This is really amazing product as it provides a speed of 480 Megabits Per Second and it also comes with a Male USB Type-A that can be used to power Firestick.

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TV xStream USB OTG for Firestick


For those who just want an ordinary USB OTG cable then TV xStream is one of the best solutions for them. Because this product has one Micro USB port that is enough to transfer data from Pendrive to your Firestick. With the help of this, you can expand the storage on Firestick up to 256GB by default is just 8GB.

TV xStream supports various devices like Rii & Logitech Keyboards, Nintendo Switch, SNES, and NES Classic. This is simply an amazing and budget-friendly product that offers various qualities. It is not tested with Roku that’s why I am not sure if it works or not as I only used it with my Firestick 4K.

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USB OTG with Ethernet Adapter for FireTV


The last product that I would like to add to the list of best OTG cables for Firestick is the Smays USB Hub with Ethernet Adapter. It is an amazing product that comes with an RJ45 port and three USB ports. The speed that you will get with this cable is around 10/100Mbps which is fair enough in this price range.

Also, the material used for manufacturing is also very good and you can use Mouse, Keyboard and a Pendrive at a time without facing any issues. However, it lacks some speed while copying from Pendrive to Firestick which is still Ok as the overall performance is simply amazing and you will surely love this product.

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This is the list of best OTG cables for Firestick that I have checked and found worth mentioning here. With the help of these cables, you will be able to expand storage, use Mouse/Keyboard and even connect a wired connection. All the products mentioned here are compatible with FireTV Stick 4K as I have tested them on my own.

Furthermore, some of them are also compatible with Roku, Nvidia Shield, or even with computers but I don’t guarantee it as I never checked them. In case you are willing to get an OTG with USB ports then you should go with AuviPal LAN Ethernet Adapter with 3 Ports USB OTG.

It is because the quality of this cable is quite amazing and also comes with a fair price range and is compatible with almost every device. However, if you are still not satisfied with this then you should simply check each product and then select the one that fulfils your needs.

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