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If you have installed too many Add-ons on your Kodi but most of them aren’t working or you are facing some issues then you should immediately delete them. In this article, I will teach you the proper method on how to uninstall Kodi builds or Addons within a few minutes

This guide is helpful for various devices like Amazon Firestick, FireTV Cube, Windows, Mac, Linux or any other device that supports Kodi. You should read this till the end and don’t miss any part of it otherwise you won’t be able to remove them

Why Uninstall Addons or Builds?

Kodi is one of the best media player apps as it provides unlimited entertainment totally free of cost. There are tons of Add-ons or builds available that provide free Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Kid’s Shows, Music, Subtitles and so on.

But the problem is installing too many Add-ons could lead to some serious troubles like performance or buffering issues while streaming anything.

Other than this if you use it on devices like Firestick you may also run out of storage as these Add-ons or builds takes too much storage. Sometimes developer stop working on them and all you have is a dead build that is completely useless.

This is the reason why you remove these Addons or Builds to improve system performance and avoid buffering. However, you can also remove some unwanted or dead Add-ons that come with Builds to save storage on FireTV or Android TVs.

How To Uninstall Kodi Addons

Now as we know why we need to Uninstall Add-ons from Kodi, you should be curious to know. So, don’t worry as now we are moving to the step-by-step guide. Please don’t skip any step and even if you don’t understand anything just check out the screenshot attached below.

Here are the steps to remove Kodi Add-ons:

Launch Kodi on your device and then from the Home Screen select Add-ons located in the left panel.


After this, you click on Package Installer or Box icon located near Settings.


At this time you will see some options appear there so just go to My Addons.


On the next screen, you will notice many folders appears now you can either open All or filter using categories. However, if you don’t know the category of a specific Addon then simply click All.


It will then show the list of All Add-ons that are installed on your device now scroll down and then select the Add-on you want to uninstall. (in my case I am going to uninstall TemTV Addon)


After you click on it you will see some menu appearing below and from there click on the Uninstall button.


Once you click on that button a confirmation will appear so now click Yes to remove it.


Another confirm box will open that says your this addon all settings will be removed, Click Yes


Now the Add-on will be removed instantly and you will notice the name has vanished as well. By following the same process search for each Addon from the list and uninstall it.

Alternative Way To Remove Kodi Add-ons Quickly

I know the above method is quite long but it is best for those who don’t know the category or have twenty+ Add-ons installed. However, if you have only a few installed then you can uninstall them quickly by following this quick guide.

Below are quick steps to remove Add-ons:

1. Launch Kodi and then from the left-panel click on Add-ons.


2. After this open Video Add-ons or any other category and you will see the Add-ons listed on the right side.


3. At this time highlight any of the add-ons that you want to uninstall and then right-click on it (for Firestick press and hold the select button for a few seconds. Now you will see some menu appears there so now click Information.


4. Here you will see the same screen as the above method so now click on Uninstall button.


5. It will ask for confirmation just select Yes.


Now the Addon will be removed instantly and by doing this you can remove them easily. Make sure to check every category from the left panel to uninstall all of them.

Once all the Add-ons are uninstalled you should then remove their data as well because some caches and data files still remain in Kodi. No matter how you remove it their data will be still there so by following the below guide you will be able to remove their data as well.

Remove Addons Data

Just like apps, these Add-ons can also store cache and data files so even after uninstalling some of these files remains in the Kodi directory. These caches or data files could also take some of your storage so removing them will save some sort of space.

Other than this third-party developers may also include some sort of malicious code so after deleting these files you can avoid them as well.

To remove Add-ons Data or Cache files just follow given below steps:

  • Go to the Home Screen on Kodi and then click on Settings located top left-hand side near the Power button.
  • After this go to the Media section.
  • Now from the left-panel hover to Basic and change it into Advanced or Expert.
  • At this time select General from the left panel and then from the right side enable “Show Hidden Files & Directories” under Files.
  • Once enabling go back to the Settings screen and at this time open File Manager.
  • Now from here open Profile Directory.
  • It will show various folders so now right-click on Add-on_Data and then select Delete
  • Once you click on it you will be asked for confirmation so just select YES.

Now the data is also removed so just restart Kodi and see if the performance is increased or not. You will surely notice so much difference and even though you saved some space as well.

However, this guide was only for the Add-ons so if you want to remove builds then you should check out the guide. Also, don’t forget to check the best Kodi Builds that are small in size but come with a huge number of Add-ons to watch Movies, TV Shows & live TV for free.

How To Uninstall Kodi Builds

To Uninstall Kodi builds there are two ways to perform it, in the first method we are going to use an Add-on called Fresh Start. While in the second method we will just change the Skin of Kodi and then uninstall it using the same method provided above.

The fresh Start method is highly recommended as it restores everything including all caches, thumbnails, icons or files created by Add-ons or Builds. In this guide, I am using Diggz Xenon Add-on so the steps might be different for others. However, Diggz Xenon uses Aeon Nox-based Skin named as Xenon Plus so the options will be different.

Ok, so without wasting time just move towards the first method:

Launch Kodi on your Device and then from the menu go to the Setting section.


From here click on the File Manager.


Now click on Add Source.


It will then open a lightbox so click None


Add source URL as and type name as Fresh or anything else to remember in the next step.  Once you entered everything in the fields now click Ok and the Source will appear there with the name you typed.


Now go back to the Home Screen and again open the Add-ons section at this time select Install from Zip File.


A box will appear there so search for the name (Fresh) that you typed in the 4th step and select it.


Once you click it you will see there are many zip files available there so from here scroll down and then select ( is the version number that could be the difference).


Just wait for a while until you see Addon installed notification and then go to the Program Add-ons section.


Here you will see the list of all installed Addons so now scroll down and click on Fresh Start.


You will then see some menus and from here click Open or Run (depending on what options appear on your side).

Once you click on it you will be asked if you want to restore Kodi to Defaults then just click on Yes.


Now everything will be wiped from Kodi within a few seconds and then just restart your app. After the restart, you will see everything is cleared and hence the build is removed completely.


You can also use this method to uninstall tons of Add-ons at once within a few seconds. However, if you don’t have an internet connection or don’t find File Manager to install Fresh Start then you should check out the alternative method.

Delete Builds on Kodi By Changing Skin

In this guide, I am only going to tell you how to change Skin and uninstall the build from Kodi. However, to remove Add-ons you can either follow the first guide or just use Fresh Start Addon mentioned in the above guide.

Also, please take note that the steps could be different depending on what Skins your build is using so follow them accordingly but most of the time the Settings are almost the same.

Ok, so enough talk let’s just check out the below steps to change Skin on Kodi build:

Launch Kodi on Firestick or any other device you are using and then hover to Xenon Plus (as I am using Chef Wizard from Diggz Xenon build). This could be a different name depending on your build so just hover over that name.


When entering in Kodi Settings just scroll down and then click on Interface or UI or whatever option you see there.


At this time stay on the Skin section from the left panel and then from the right side click Skin. Xenon Plus or whatever name appears there.


After this, you will see a box that appears with various Skins options now from this list just select Estuary (else Estouchy for touchscreens).


Once you select Estuary you will be asked for the confirmation so just select Yes to keep changes.


After this, you will see the User-interface is changed to the old one, so now go back to the Home Screen and then select Add-ons from the left panel.


Now select the Program Add-ons section and the list of some Addons appears including Build. From the right-hand side hover to the Build Wizard you are using like in my case it is The Chef Wizard.


At this time right-click from your PC or touch and hold on Touch Device or simply press and hold the select button on Smart TV. You will then see the menu appears right after the icon and from this menu select Information.


Here you see the information regarding this Build and now from the bottom menu just click on Uninstall button.


Once you click Uninstall it will ask for the confirmation then just select Yes.


That’s it the Wizard a.k.a build is now removed from Kodi and you can now use it normally. However, the Add-ons are still there so either you can uninstall them one by one or just use a Fresh Start option.

If you just restart your Kodi you may be looking for some working and best Addons for you so I have a complete article on it that could be helpful to find: Best Kodi Add-Ons


These are some methods that you can use to uninstall Kodi Addons & Builds from any device including Firestick. I know you understand each step and got succeeded in removing unwanted Add-ons from your device. Also, don’t forget to remove the data after uninstall as it could be helpful to save some space on your device as well.

Other than this if you don’t want to follow these tons of steps then I would recommend clearing data of Kodi as by doing this you can remove installed data. However, another alternative method is to use the Fresh Start Add-on that deletes everything with just a few clicks.

If you find this article helpful then don’t forget to share it with others as it encourages me to bring some tips & tricks for you. Other than this if you want to give some suggestions or have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section.

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