How To Turn Off Firestick [6 Working Proven Methods 2023]


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No doubt Firestick is becoming the popular streaming stick around the world because it easily converts any TV into a Smart Android TV. But the problem which many people face is they don’t know how to turn off Firestick because there is no physical power button available in Remote.

This is the reason why people are having trouble with it, so that’s why I have received many emails regarding this issue. So, finally, I am here for you with the complete guide and several methods that can be used to power off this device easily.

How  To Turn Off Firestick

These are a few methods that can be used to power off Amazon Fire Stick devices. If you know any other method instead of these given in this guide make sure to share it with us. It will help other people and I will also list it here if I found it helpful.

Ok, so without wasting any more time let’s begin with our first method:

In the first method, we are going to use a Remote to turn off this device, just because it doesn’t have a physical button doesn’t mean we can’t power it off using it. It is a little bit tricky while using a remote so let’s check out how you can do it.

Turn Off Firestick Using Remote

  • First of all, pick up the Remote and then you will notice there is a Home Button in it.
  • Now just press and hold the Home Button for a few seconds.
  • After some time it will open a menu on your screen.
  • Now using the navigation keys move to the right side and then choose Sleep.
  • Press the centre button from your Remote.

That’s it the device is now in sleep mode which means it is turned off. But if you wanted to turn it on again then just press any key from the remote and it will be Turned on.

Isn’t it simple? Of course, it is. Make sure to follow all the steps carefully otherwise you may fail to power off.

How To Sleep Firestick

In case you don’t want to use the above method (which is recommended) then here is another way to turn it off. Follow the steps carefully and you will get success within a few minutes.

1. Open the Home Screen of the Firestick device and then hover to the above menu and choose Settings from there.


2. At this time move forward and then select My FireTV from the list.


3. Now scroll down and then simply choose Sleep.


4. When hovering to the Sleep just press the centre button or Select button on the remote and this device immediately turns off.

To bring it back from Sleep mode just press any key in your remote and it will be working fine.

Turn Off Firestick Using Mobile Application

This method is especially for those who don’t have a remote or it is damaged. Even in most cases, we lost our remote under the couch or our kids play it with and damage it. There could be many cases like you are going to sleep but you are unable to find the remote.

If you don’t know how to use Firestick Remote then make sure to follow this guide: Use Firestick Remote Application

1. After installing the Remote application now launch it on your smartphone or tablet.

2. Now from the bottom menu just tap on Remote.


3. At this time from the left-side above click on the Gear icon (which is used for Setting).


4. Now it will show you a menu with two options 1. Sleep 2. Settings.


5. Just tap on the Sleep option and your device will immediately turn off Firestick.

The steps for bringing back from sleep mode are the same as those mentioned above, just tap on any key from applications and the device will start working.

Power Off Fire TV Using Voice Command

Since the latest Firestick device comes with a new mic button which is used for voice commands and it is known as Alexa a voice assistant of Amazon. By using this button anyone can open a specific application, go to settings, or search for a video, movie or drama using a voice command.

In case you are using the latest FireTV Stick then you probably find this mic button on a remote. If yes, then here is the command that can be used to power off this device. Just press and hold the mic icon for 5 seconds and then say “Alexa, Turn off the TV”.

Power Off FireTV Stick by Unplugging

If you don’t find any method helpful from above then you should probably unplug this device. This process is also known as the hard reboot which means we are forcing Firestick to shut down. It is not necessary to unplug it because Amazon has given us a feature of sleep mode which is more likely a power off but it is not.

Because while sleep mode it stops various functions but even though some features are still working like updates. Yes, while we take our device into Sleep Mode it keeps searching for the updates and then installs it whenever it finds them. So, if you are going somewhere outside and wanted to completely shut down it for a few days then sleep mode is not a solution.

To completely shut down the FireTV stick make sure to unplug the adapter from the power switch. If necessary remove the TV plug as well or you can also remove the stick directly from the HDMI port. So, whenever you come back home just plug in the adapter and everything will be normal. It doesn’t restore or delete anything from your device so feel free to unplug it whenever you go out for the long term.

Use New Multi Remote with Power Button

If you are using an old version of FireTV Stick then you may not find the power button on the remote. To solve this issue you can easily buy a new remote from Amazon which includes a dedicated power button. It is compatible with many devices including, Fire Cube (2nd Gen), FireStick (2nd Gen), Fire Stick 4K, Fire Cube (1st Gen), and Fire TV (3rd Gen, Pendant Design).

Instead of this, you will get volume control buttons as well. Isn’t it a piece of good news? Because the old remote doesn’t have a volume controller but now we can directly volume up or down by using this remote. It also supports the Amazon Voice Assistant Alexa now press and holds the mic button and asks it to open anything. With this remote, you will be given a set of 2 AAA batteries.

If you are interested in buying this remote then just follow this link: Buy Alexa Voice Remote (2nd Gen)


These are the easiest and most possible ways to Turn off the firestick easily without harming or losing data. Make sure you have followed all the methods carefully and got succeeded in turning them off. But somehow if you are still having any issues then make sure to write them down below so I can tell you to fix them.

Let me know in the comment section which method you would prefer and which one you find more helpful and are using. It will help our new visitors to get the easiest method quickly. If I tell you my opinion then I would suggest going for the Amazon Remote b because it provides us with the power button as well as volume keys.

Also, if you are using sleep mode then make sure to only use it while you are at home because if you are travelling somewhere then this might not work. As this device isn’t fully powered off so for this it is highly recommended to unplug the power adapter of the TV and Fire Stick.

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