How To Sync Amazon Content on Fire Stick [Step-by-Step 2023]


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Did you purchase a Prime Video subscription and now want to Sync Amazon Content on Fire Stick? If so then here is the complete guide in which we are going to learn everything about synchronization. However to understand the whole process you just need to stick with this article until the end.

It is because there are several things that we are going to talk about in this article so if you just missed them you may not understand how it works. Even though I will also going to answer the most asked question which is can I sync multiple Firesticks that I saw many people are looking for?

This is the reason why reading this whole article is recommended and once you are complete reading this. You will understand everything regarding this feature and how it works with FireTV. So, this article will be useful for FireTV Stick 4K, FireTV Cube, FireTV Stick 2nd, 3rd Generation, and even on the Lite.

What Does Sync Amazon Content Mean on Firestick

Sync is a short term used for synchronization that means merging information from two different devices. In FireTV Stick this term is used to merge Amazon Prime Video watch history, search history, or a favourite from Mobile to Firestick.

Since Prime Video is a product of Amazon just like Fire TV Stick so people who were watching movies or TV Shows using their phone feel uncomfortable. As if they will watch it on TV they just have to search for that series and then look for the step they left last time which consumes a lot of time.

In this way, many people complain about this issue and they finally announced a feature to sync your recent content to a FireTV. With this feature no matter where a user is watching a movie or TV show they can still access history on their Firestick using the Sync Amazon Content feature.

Although this feature is my favourite as I just love to watch web series on Amazon Prime and now with this I don’t need to remember what episode I was watching. All I need to do is just launch my Prime Video app and everything that I watch will appear in front of the screen.

How To Sync Amazon Content on Firestick

When you Set Up Firestick for the first time this feature will be enabled by default. But in case you just disabled it without knowing and now you can’t find it. Then there are the complete instructions that you need to follow to enable syncing Amazon content on Firestick.

Although keep in mind that this feature is only for Amazon Prime Video and it won’t work on other apps. Even though make sure you are using the same account for Prime Video as well as on Fire Stick. If you use different accounts then probably you won’t be able to sync history between them.

Now if you are done with this and want to learn the process just follow these steps given below:

Go to your Home Screen and then open Settings by hovering over the above menu.


Now move to the right side and then open Preferences.


From there just scroll down and hover to the Sync Recent Content.


After this press the Select button to toggle On.


That’s it the Sync is now enabled so whenever you watch your Movies or TV Shows on any device will be visible here too. This is the simple and one of the easiest ways to enable it.

Can I Sync Multiple Fire Sticks

The answer to that question is quite complicated as there are several situations for this. Now, most people are thinking to sync multiple Fire Sticks with each other including Downloaded Apps, Settings, etc.

Although some of you might be thinking about Watch History, Using the Same app at the time, and so on. This is why answers are different for each situation and in this way, I will try my best to help you with it.

So, first, we talk about the question of whether Can I sync Multiple Firesticks along with installed apps, settings, and games. In this situation, the answer is, No, you cannot use multiple Fire Sticks to have the same applications and Settings, etc. It is because both of them are different sorts of device that has their own Storage, Hardware, and Software.

Now talking about the second question can I sync multiple Fire Sticks with the same apps? and watch them at a time? However, the answer to this is, Yes, Fire Stick allows users to sync application data from one device to another using the same account on both.

Although this feature is limited as you can only save watch history, favourites, and resume playback on that app. But watching it on two different devices at the same time is not difficult at all. As you just need to purchase a subscription from that app which allows you to stream on multiple devices.

Let’s take the example of Netflix as with a Standard account a user can only watch it on one device. While with other packages the number of devices increases and with this you can watch it on multiple devices at the same time. Although this will also sync watch history from one device to another just like Prime Video.


No doubt FireTV is the best streaming device for cord-cutters as it offers several features as compared to Roku, or Chromecast. However the Sync Amazon content on Fire Stick we are now able to save our watch history from multiple devices. We don’t need to remember what episode we were watching or which series to watch as everything is now connected.

Although if you have skipped this then make sure to go above and learn the whole method to enable the Sync feature. I have mentioned everything there and provided steps along with screenshots. Even though you should probably check can I sync Multiple Fire Sticks as there are many people who are looking for this answer?

However, if you have found this article helpful and you learned something new today then please don’t forget to share it with others. Also, if you have any suggestions or still have some doubts that you want to ask then feel free to comment down below. I will be very glad to hear from you and will try my best to help you out.

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