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Have you been using the Showbox for a long time but suddenly it is not working now? Then you might be wondering what is the best Showbox alternative. If these are the things that you are looking for then this is the perfect place you came.

In today’s article, I came up with some best and similar apps to the Show Box apps that can be used for the same purpose. However, make sure to read it till the end to find a suitable solution for you as there are various options having different features to offer.

These applications are quite similar to that official one and even work better than you can imagine. Before moving to the alternatives section we have to first understand why Showbox not working. It will help you to know the reason so simply check out the below guide.

Why Is Showbox Not Working?

Showbox was once the most popular application for Android users that offers a variety of Movies, TV Shows, Documentaries etc. After getting used by many people this app suddenly stops working which made everyone sad as this was the only way for free streaming.

The reason behind the sudden shutdown is quite simple as these sorts of applications scrap links from Google. These are the links that contain torrent files, pirated or copyrighted content that is completely illegal to stream.

This is why the app went down and isn’t working anymore now, however after watching the situation some other developers contributed as well. They developed several other apps that use the same code as Showbox and also make it look quite similar to it.

However, some people said it is working for them as they use some fixes and troubleshooting to solve it. You can also try to clear the data of that app that delete all files from a mobile or a Firestick and then try to launch it again. Other people suggested that they just uninstall the app and reinstall it again, although I tried them but didn’t get succeed.

Instead of following such solutions, it is better to use an alternative instead as you can save your time and also be able to get some new features and content as well.

Best Showbox Alternative For 2023

If we search on the internet we find thousands of similar apps like Showbox but not all of them are working. In this way, I try to test some of the popular apps that claim the same features after using all of them and checking them carefully.

Now I finally came up with my test and the best and working alternatives that could be used for free streaming. Other than this some apps also provide live TV features so you don’t get bored after watching the same movies again and again.

Make sure to read about each app and its feature that help you to find the app of your choice. Furthermore, you can read the conclusion in which I also suggested an app for those who are still not sure which to install.



UnlockMyTV is the best source for watching free Movies & TV Shows. It supports various platforms like Windows, Android, Firestick and Android TVs. Even though they are working to bring an app for macOS X users. This app comes with a variety of TV Shows from different premium services like Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix Hulu.

It has a separate menu for this where you can find these TV Shows separately which is quite impressive and helps to find what content is offered by Netflix, Hulu or Prime. Besides this, you can watch the latest and old movies, it has everything customized nicely to find content using category or using the Search option located at the top.

The best part of using UnlockMyTV is that it doesn’t show any ads during playing or even on the Home Screen. It also offers users to play any movie or TV show with subtitles, you can directly download it or else use your own downloaded. You can integrate 3rd-party Media Players like MX Player or VLC to get buffering free streaming even on a slow internet connection.

TVTap Pro

Unlike UnlockMyTV or Showbox, TVTap Pro is a completely different application. It offers a variety of Movies and TV Shows but instead of this, you can also watch live channels as well. TVTap Pro has around 780+ live channels from all over the world. All the channels are completely free and it doesn’t require any specific country to play.

No matter where you are living this app will there for you but in some countries, you may require to use a VPN because of their strict copyright policy. However, this app offers Entertainment, Music, News, Sports, Lifestyle and several other channels. You may notice some ads appear there while going from one menu to another or during streaming.

Besides this, you can also integrate MX Player or VLC if you are facing any sort of buffering issue. This app is available for Android devices only. It means you can use it on Mobile Phones, Firestick 4K, and even on Android TVs.

Typhoon TV

If you want something simple and has advanced features as well then Typhoon TV is the app that you need to have. This app has a simple user interface that makes it easy to use even if you are not using a touch device. It offers a variety of Movies & TV Shows only and the best part is finding the relevant movies became easier than before.

You can easily open any category of your choice and it shows the content according to it. It has different categories like Horror, SciFi, Thriller, Action, Popular and many more. Although if this doesn’t help at all then it is better to use the search box instead. Typhoon TV offers fast and better-streaming links where you can find content in 480p, 720p, 1080p and even sometimes in 4K.

This alternative app offers several other features like you can use a 3rd-party media player, and use subtitles for foreign languages. Even though you can use the Real-Debrid to get premium and fast links for streaming. Although it also supports Chromecast or AirPlay to watch your favourite movies on the mobile phone on a bigger TV Screen.

Redbox TV


RedBox TV is not like the Showbox app but is way better than this, as it offers various live tv channels from all over the world. You cannot watch movies or TV Shows here instead, you can stream live channels to watch what they offer. Even after this, you can consider it as the best alternative as many people want to watch live channels instead of Movies.

Just like the TVTap Pro app, there are no geo-restrictions to stream any channel but for your security, you may require to use a Best VPN service instead. The layout of Redbox TV is quite different as you can open a category of a channel from the above menu instead of from the left panel

Even though you can choose channels by country or else language, it has 600+ live channels from different countries like Pakistan, the USA, the UK, Japan, Portugal, France and so on. However, you can stream these channels in the local language which is quite an amazing feature. It is currently available for Android devices only including Firestick and Mi Android TVs.



In our today’s list, TVZion is another best app that you can use instead of the Showbox apk. This app offers TV Shows and Movies 100% free of cost. Although this app is also safe and secure to use, you can watch anything here with no restrictions.

This app is also available on the Google Play Store which helps us to understand why this app is safe to use. As I said TVZion offers free content but to get some new and advanced features you can also buy a ZionClub subscription. By purchasing this subscription you will get the Real-Debrid links and also it removes all the advertisements from the app as well.

Although if you don’t want to purchase it then simply use a free app as well you have to face ads and also sometimes buffering as well. If talking about other features of TVZion then it offers subtle support, external media player support and even Chromecast feature. It also has a version for TVs that support remote control and is best for Firestick or Android TVs.

Cinema HD


Cinema HD is considered the alternative to Terrarium TV as after it shut down everyone started moving to it. This app was also shut down various times but it came again and again before this it was named HD Movies and then it was named Cinema HD. So, if you truly love to watch movies or TV Shows then using this app will surely save your problem instantly.

It offers almost all sorts of Movies including 3D, Newly Released, Most Popular, 2020 Best, People are watching etc. You can also find TV shows through categories and even though it is an option to watch Hulu, Prime Video or Netflix content. Just like other apps mentioned above Cinema HD also offer a user the to watch their favourite content with subtitles.

Furthermore, you can also save anything to watch it later or save it offline. It offers a feature to save Movies or TV Shows with or without subtitles that is quietly amazing. Instead of this, you can also use the Real-Debrid service to get premium links for streaming.

Live NetTV


As the name suggests Live NetTV is a similar app just like RedBox TV or TVTap Pro. After installing this app on your device you will be able to watch live channels from all over the world. Till now Live NetTV has a database of around 800+ live channels. These are from the USA, Russia, UK, France, Pakistan, Turkey, Saudia, Egypt, Philippines and some other countries.

To use this app you don’t need to purchase any subscription or need to create an account just install it and start streaming in just minutes. You can stream these channels either by going to the countries section or simply toggling using the language that can be selected from the above menu. The best part of using this app is you can ask developers to add new channels for you.

However, you can use this app on Firestick, or Android TV as well as on Android Phones but it is still not available for Mac or even for Windows. It also supports the external players as the stock one is a little bit outdated as well as a user faces buffering issues. Although it also has a feature to watch any channel from Mobile to through TV using the Chromecast feature.

Cyberflix TV


Cyberflix TV is quite similar to the Showbox including the User-interface and the features. This app is also popular among many users but still, there is something missing here. It offers free Movies, TV Shows, and some documentaries to watch but you cannot stream any live channels.

You can search for a movie or a TV show by using the category section or through the search box that appears there. It shows all popular, on the Air, Aired Today, people are watching, Horror, SciFi, and other sorts of Shows and Movies. Furthermore, there is no separate option for Netflix, Prime Video or Hulu which makes it tough to find your favourite content.

But above all, it provides quite fast links as not many people use it that’s why the links are always fast and best. You can get content in several resolutions like 480p, 720p, 1080p and even 4K resolutions sometimes. It also offers a feature to play a movie in external players to get a better experience so I would suggest using MX Player.


Vudu is a completely different app as compared to the mentioned above as it offers some free content to watch like Movies or Documentaries. But instead of this you can also buy or rent any movie from there which is quite costly. However, if you rent a movie then it will be removed from your account after 30 days so you have to watch it within that period.

Except this, if you purchased a movie from this app then you can watch it anytime and it remains on your account for the rest of your life. The pricing is different for each content and that makes it quite expensive for many users. Although you can still watch some free content there the problem is they offer only old movies for free users.

Also, you may see some sorts of advertisements during streaming and these are the same as a commercial break in TV Shows. These ads are not disturbing like others as they won’t pop while playing or pausing the movie. It is also the best option for those who love to watch old evergreen movies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Did you complete reading the guide and also read the alternative too? But still, do you have some questions in your mind to ask? if yes then you should read the below list of the most asked questions that I have collected from several websites like Quora, Reddit etc.

After reading this you will surely get your answer or clear any doubts in your mind. However, if this doesn’t help then please feel free to ask in the comment section. I will be glad to hear from you and will try my best to answer that question or solve the problem.

What Happened to Showbox?

Showbox is currently shut down because of providing copyrighted content to users. It uses to scrap links from different websites including torrents. Such websites don’t own the content but still, they allow others to stream which is illegal.

Is Showbox Safe?

Showbox is safe to use however the content that it provides isn’t, as you find the links of several streaming websites. It also has some public domains that offer free content but it mostly gives you the torrent website for streaming. The best way to keep yourself safe while using such apps is to use a VPN service that hides your IP address and protects your personal information.

Is Showbox Down Forever?

The answer for this is Maybe, as we don’t know much about it because the developer is still working on it and trying to make it alive again. But instead of waiting for Showbox to work again, it is better to use the alternatives instead that are provided above. The apps provided above are quite similar to it and even though you may see some new features and content.


There is no doubt watching free movies or TV shows is the best way of cutting the cord and saving some money as well. But as we know that Showbox not working because of the copyrighted content makes everyone sad. However, that’s why other developers contributed to it and provide us with even better apps.

In the above section, you will get the list of the best Showbox alternatives that I have tested and found worth considering. Every app that is provided above has its own features so make sure to read about it and then choose accordingly. Other than this you can also use multiple application for different purposes like one for movies and the other for Live channels.

In this case, I would recommend better go with the TVTap Pro app as it offers both live channels as well as Movies. This app is also free to use and has no advertisement, and this is why I am also using it to pass my free time. However, you can also use external players within and also watch any content with subtitles.

If you know about another app except those mentioned above please let me know in the comment section. Also, don’t forget to share your experience here and tell us which one you like the most. It will help other users to get a better choice.

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