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I got many emails from my visitors asking if Real-Debrid shut down. I told them that no it won’t be shut down as they are providing legal content.

However, I then started watching the Movie using the Real-Debrid link on my Kodi but suddenly it starts buffering, and then it shows an error. After this, I thought this went down so I asked my colleague regarding this issue and he said it is working for him.

Because he lives in the UK and said it works fine for him so I was very shocked if my account is disabled or what. Later, I even checked my account, but it was working fine as always and then I heard the news that some hackers attacked Real-Debrid using a DDoS attack.

This issue lasts only for a day as the RD team later discovers the problem and solved it immediately. Now it is working fine for me and I am getting links for my favourite content without any problem.

Here is the source of this news:

Real-Debrid Still Not Working? (Here is Fix)

Since the problem is solved I am also receiving emails that it is not working for them. If you are one of them who is not receiving links then you should read this section.

Because here I am going to share with you some working methods that can be used to fix Real-Debrid not working problem. All these fixes are tested by me and work like a charm so don’t hesitate to try them for yourself.


The first fix for this is to use a VPN because it is reported that the RD is not working in various parts of the world like Florida. On the other hand, it is working in various countries like the USA, the UK, etc. In this, if you are facing the not working issue then you probably live in a country where the problem isn’t fixed yet.

This is the reason why you should use the best VPN service to change your location to somewhere Real-Debrid is working. However, thousands of services are already available there but not all of them are compatible with Firestick or provide proper IP masking.

This is why I would recommend you to use the Express VPN instead of any of them because the pricing of this service is quite affordable and offers the best security. It comes with different features like you can use it for 6 devices simultaneously, provide Kill Switch, don’t store log files, and many more.

Re-Authorize Account

Now let’s talk about another solution that can be used to solve Real-Debrid not working. This fix will be used when you are using a VPN but still, you can’t get the links. However, this fix is quite easy compared to the above that I mentioned earlier.

Because you don’t need to purchase any service neither you have to spend your money as well. All you need to do is just Re-Authorize your Real-Debrid account on apps that you are using. Once you re-authorize the account you will be able to use it normally as before.

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