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Are you finding a VPN service for your Firestick that could unblock geo-restricted apps on your Fire TV Stick? Do you want the streaming experience to be completely anonymous and secure? Go no further as I am going to perform a Private Internet Access VPN Firestick Review today.

PIA ( Private Internet Access) is one of the most professional, fastest, and most secure VPN providers in the market. The user experience and quality service it provides make it stand out among the big crowd of VPN providers.

I have used this service myself and found it amazing. Today, I am going to review it right now.

But before we get into that, let me remind you that the article is going to be a bit long as I have put a lot of research and testing into it. Make sure to read it till the end.

If you can’t, I would recommend jump to a conclusion. It contains a brief overview of all the information in the article.

What is a VPN?

VPN is a piece of software that makes online activity anonymous and lets the browsing experience be safe and secure.

Virtual Private Networks hide your identity so that no one could track your online activity.  It helps you track your device into thinking that it is located in another place while it isn’t.

While on the other hand, not using a VPN is quite risky. Huge amounts of user data are being collected for political and economical purposes. Without a VPN, you are at a big risk from hackers, trackers, and advertisers.

To be honest, streaming without privacy is a bad idea.

Want to know more about Private Internet Access? Let’s know whether it is a suitable service for users.

Does Private Internet Access Work on Firestick?

You might be wondering “Does Private Internet Access Work on Firestick?” The answer is a big YES. In fact, Private Internet Access is one of the best VPN services for Firestick. It is fast, reliable, and user-friendly.

However, the installation process of Private Internet Access is not similar to other service providers. Users would need to install several different third-party apps to make it work. One of the apps is known as Downloader.

It will allow them to have access to the local files on their Firestick device. Once they gain access, they can install Private Internet Access on their device without any trouble.

Is Private Internet Access Illegal?

Another question might pop up in your mind: “Is Private Internet Access illegal?” or “Will it affect my streaming experience?”. Actually, it depends upon your activity.

Just like other VPN providers,  if someone utilizes Private Internet Access for carrying out illegal actions or criminal acts, they might get in trouble. If they use it to carry out suspicious acts, they could obviously be brought to court and prosecuted. Otherwise, using this service is 100 per cent fine.

Moreover, It comes with a large number of servers from different locations across the world. It allows 5 to 10 simultaneous connections at a time.

You can connect to any of its servers from anywhere or from wherever you want. In addition, it comes with a free monthly subscription that provides a limited 500 MB of data every month.

In short, getting a Private Internet Access connection is completely legal (as long as you stay away from criminal or suspicious acts) and secure.

As I mentioned earlier, it depends upon the sort of activity that someone carries out. It’s 100 per cent safe and secure if someone is utilizing this service to unblock sites and to ensure their anonymity.

Useful VPN Links:

Private Internet Access Overview

PIA is an amazing VPN service for users from all walks of life. It has a zero-tolerance policy for privacy, protection, and anonymity.

Once you get it, you won’t need to worry about any of the security issues while streaming. To be honest, PIA stands for what it claims.

Private Internet Access Speed

Download Speed is one of the most important factors that decide whether a VPN service is good or not. Private Internet Access is quite impressive when it comes to providing effective download speed to its customers.

When I tested PIA for speed, I was really surprised to observe incredible results. 

These are some results that I received when I tested the Private Internet Access VPN on my device : 

The Speed At United States Server

On the United States server, the download speed was 76 MB per second and the upload speed was about 36.75 MB per second. It resulted in that the ping was 120ms which is quite impressive.

Speed At European Server

The download speed on the EU Server was even better, which was 83 MB per second.  The upload speed resulted in about 42 MB per second. The ping was a bit low which was 40ms.

Speed At Asian Server

The Ping speed on the Asian Server is ridiculously high compared to other servers which are 285ms. The download speed that it provided was about 70 MB Per Second while the upload speed was about 13 MB per second. 

In Short, Private Internet Access is a fast and reliable VPN provider. We can’t compare it to some of the biggest names in the industry like “NordVPN” and “ExpressVPN” but it can be a good alternative to them as it is a lot cheaper. 

Before you get a VPN service, make sure to remember that speed is one of the most important factors of service. Thus PIA could be a good choice for you if you really want privacy along with speed and reliability.

Servers and Locations

Private Internet Access provides a large number of servers from 78 countries around the world. A few months ago, PIA had over 3000 servers with 10 simultaneous connections at a time. 

We have come to see a massive increase in its server count in the last few months. The server count has been increased to over 34 Thousand, way bigger than the last time I reviewed it. All of these servers are from 78 different countries in the world.

In order to connect to a server, you need to choose the location wherever you want it to be. Once you connect to it, you will be granted that specific location that will successfully allow your device to trick itself to be in another place.

Moreover, all the servers are going to be hundred per cent safe and secure to connect to. Private Internet Access(PIA) is full of features, services, and user experiences. Once you get it, there is no way of going back to another VPN service provider.

It is the best choice for torrenting, streaming, safe and secure web surfing, and ensuring your anonymity online.

PIA Logs Policy

Private Internet Access claims that it doesn’t collect any type of log data. Their log policy clarifies that :

  • They won’t save your login information at all
  • They will have no idea when you connected to their service and when you disconnected.
  • They won’t sell your user data to advertisers

According to the statement on their official website:

At Private Internet Access,  privacy for the world and our users is at the soul of what we do and how we approach creating our application and working with other businesses. Our business partners have occasionally been surprised when we say up front that we want privacy first, business second – but that is just the passion we have. Making money is a matter of being able to continue pursuing the primary goal of privacy, on a sustainable basis ”

Keep in mind that saving logs is the important factor that clearly describes the loyalty and quality of a VPN service.

Some VPNs save logs, thus, using them is quite the same as their absence. So, before you choose a VPN, make sure to check their log policy for your own security and privacy.

Customer Support

Good customer service is the backbone for a good company to survive and grow in today’s competitive markets.

Customers leave good reviews and positive recommendations that help a company strengthen its brand. Thus, customer service is a key to business growth.

So how can such a good VPN provider be weak at customer support service? No way. In fact, private Internet Access is one of the most effective services when it comes to providing customer support.

PIA provides 24/7/365 customer service to its customers. Their customer support team is very sincere, swift, and friendly.

They are always available through mobile numbers, email, and the official chatbot (on their official website). You can contact them at your desired time without any Geo-restriction.

Once you inform them regarding any of your issues, they will settle them in no time. So if you are a PIA user, worrying about their customer service is a waste of time.


Take a look at some key pros of the Private Internet Access VPN :

  • One of the fastest VPN services I have ever tested.
  • No logs data is collected and stored at all ( claimed by the company itself)
  • Comes with over 34 thousand servers from 76 countries around the world
  • Encryption-grade security is provided to all the users
  • Good for torrenting and unblocking websites ( good for Netflix and other sites)


These are some cons of the Private Internet Access VPN :

  • A bit expensive compared to other VPN providers out there
  • Netflix works well but the problem is that it takes  time to buffer

Pricing and Plans


Private Internet Access is a bit expensive compared to other VPN providers but, in my opinion, it is okay. Why am I saying that? Well, it is the best VPN I have ever tested.

It comes with a good speed, reliable features, amazing user experience, and a handsome interface that somewhat stables the high rates. Plus, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

These are the prices and plans being offered by PIA right now :

  • Monthly Subscription Plan

The monthly subscription plan costs a total of 9.95 dollars a month. It provides access to over-devices per subscription.

The features that this plan offers are just amazing. It comes with open-source software, ad and malware blocking, advanced encryption setting, and a beautiful interface.

  • Annual Subscription Plan

The annual subscription plan comes in at 3.33 dollars a month.  As someone gets it, they will be saving 119.40 dollars every year. Huge. isn’t it?

This service also comes with exceptional features including blocking, open-source software, advanced encryption, and a beautiful interface.

  • 2 Year Subscription

To be honest, the annual subscription is actually the best plan provided by Private Internet Access.  It costs a total of 2.29 dollars and one can save a total amount of 258.70 dollars.

I would personally recommend you guys to go for this plan and you will never be disappointed.

Is Private Internet Access Good For Firestick?

Although the installation process of Private Internet Access is a bit tough, it is one of the most secure VPN service providers in the market.

You might ask the question “Is private internet access good for firestick?” well. It is one of the most popular VPN service providers for Firestick right now.

Thanks to its massive server network consisting of 34,000 servers from 48 countries around the world, private Internet Access is an exceptional service provider that will allow you to stream your favourite channels and content in HD quality. 

In short, if you are looking for a trustworthy VPN service for your Firestick device that comes with speed, reliability, and a user-friendly experience. PIA is for you. Believe me, you will not be disappointed. 


To make a long story short, Private Internet Access is one of the most popular and impressive VPN providers in the market. PIA ensures to maintain your online search and browsing safe and secure, keeping you away from hackers and trackers by encrypting your traffic. 

Do I recommend this service? Is it worth your hard-earned money? Technically, yes. Once you get this service, you will never be disappointed.

The speed that it provides is quite impressive, but it can’t be compared to the speed of NordVPN and ExpressVPN. However, it is cheaper compared to them, this can be a good alternative.

Moreover, Private Internet Access provides over 34,000 servers from all over the world. The 24/7 customer service makes it stand out among other service providers.

PIA  is a 100% legal VPN provider and secures to use in almost all countries. You can unblock geo-restricted apps and content like Hulu, Netflix, and BBC with the help of this.

In addition, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. It would let you check the service if it is good or not. In case it doesn’t satisfy you, you can cancel it anytime.

Now, if you ask for my personal opinion, I would personally suggest you go for this, and I can assure you that you are not leaving it anytime soon.

But before you leave, did you find this article helpful? Sharing it with your friends and loved ones would be a great appreciation and endorsement for me.

It motivates me to write more interesting content like this one. Plus, If you got any useful suggestions and opinions regarding the Private Internet Access VPN Firestick Review make sure to let me know in the comments.

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