NordVPN For FireStick Review 2023- Should You Try Them?


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One of the most important things that you need to worry about these days is your online security and one of the best ways to do that is to purchase a VPN. So, to facilitate and educate you about them here is a complete NordVPN For Firestick Review. 

So, as I mentioned before, every device we use inside our homes is under constant surveillance by governments worldwide.

Our online activity is constantly being logged on a server somewhere. There are also hackers worldwide who use every chance they can get to steal your files and access your social and financial accounts.

The best way to protect yourself from all these intrusions is to follow the best standard practices while using the Internet. One of these practices is using a VPN while you are using a public WiFi Connection.

Public Connections are a hotbed for data hacking. People often mistake public WiFi connections to be safe when in reality, they are not, and anyone on that network can see your online activity.

This is why you need a good VPN to protect you if you are using a public network so that you can become invisible to spying by standards.

However, some of you may question that there are many free VPNs available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App store; why should you use a paid VPN service? 

Well, the reason is that most of the time, these free VPNs may protect you from snooping eyes, but they log all the data you have sent through their network.

If their network is breached or a Government agency asks them for their data, you will be left vulnerable to the things you used a VPN to protect you in the first place, which is why you should always opt for a paid VPN service that does not retain any of your data.

Well, with that out of the way, let us get into the review of NordVPN for the firestick.

If you do not want to read the entire thing, the conclusion will briefly overview the whole article.

Is NordVPN Illegal

NordVPN is entirely legal to use in most countries around the world. The right to use a Virtual Private Network to mask your data is recognised by most countries worldwide, and you will not be charged or fined for just using a VPN. 

However, the intent of using a VPN may determine whether or not your activity was illegal or not. Now, if you want to use a VPN to mask your IP while navigating through unknown websites, you can use NordVPN and do not need to worry about repercussions from any government authority. 

On the other hand, if you use a VPN for illegal activity such as the sale of illicit substances, piracy of software or other illegal activities that are beyond the scope of this article, then you will be charged by your country’s enforcement authority according to the law if you are caught.

So using a VPN is not illegal; in that case, suppose, but your own activity may be unlawful.

Useful VPN Links:

NordVPN Speed

VPNs are notorious for slowing down your internet connection. The reason why this happens is that your data has to be sent through the VPN servers. Slowdowns can be caused if you are very far away from the VPN server.

However, other factors can affect your internet VPN speeds other than server location, like the operating system and the device itself. 

So there may be different variations in speeds while using NordVPN, which is why I wanted to see how NordVPN performed on my various devices.

My base Internet speed without connecting to NordVPN is 50mbps up and 50mbps down. I will be using three devices: the Amazon Firestick, Poco X3 NFC and HP Pavilion DV6 Laptop, to connect to NordVPN and check to see the speed variation. 

On the Amazon Fire Stick, our speed test gave me 46 Mbps down and 42mbps up. This is a great result considering some VPNs have already given us single-digit scores in this department while using the Firestick.

Moving on to my phone, the Poco X3 NFC also gave the same score with 46 Mbps down and 43 Mbps up. However, the Laptop gave me a slightly lower score, with 40 Mbps down and 37 Mbps low. 

So during our testing, we concluded that connecting to the nearest server, which was the Netherlands, shaved off almost 18 to 20 per cent of my internet speed. This, however, is still fast enough and utterly reliable, with no drops or disconnections at any point in my session.

Severs and Locations

The Headquarters of NordVPN is in Panama. Regulation-wise, Panama does not have any laws that would require the company to log its data. This means that your data is never retained while using NordVPN, and your browser activity remains completely safe and anonymous. 

NordVPN has 5246 servers in 62 countries around the world. These servers are located in the United States, Canada, South America, Asia, Australia and Europe.

One of the advantages of having so many servers in so many different countries worldwide is that you can access a myriad of geo-restricted websites and Shows. 

So, you can rest easy and buy NordVPN not only to enjoy geo-locked content but also for one of the fastest and most reliable VPN speeds.

Logs Policy

One of the main concerns that many people have while purchasing a VPN is whether or not their private data will be secure and will ever be tracked by their VPN provider.

Many VPN providers are bound by International alliances, in which countries participate in to retain data. This is mainly used to spy on the public and detect any criminal activity.

So, if a VPN provider is based in a country that participates in these alliances, you can be assured that your data will be logged and may be exposed if the servers are breached. 

NordVPN is based in Panama and does not participate in any alliances like the Five Eyes, Nine Eyes and fourteen eyes. This allows them not to retain any data of their customers’ usage and not track your browsing activity. You will be completely safe from prying eyes, hackers and scammers.

However, NordVPN does keep track of some data, which is necessary to keep their business operations running. This includes your email address, payment information and any customer service interactions you may have had with their agents.

Customer Support

NordVPN has one of the best customer services in the market when it comes to VPN providers. First off you will never need to contact them directly as most of the issues people encounter are listed in their FAQ which gets updated from time to time.

There is also a section on their website for user-submitted solutions to problems you may face while using NordVPN. 

However, if you want to get a hold of them, they offer 24/7 live chat where someone will always be online to help you with what you need. They can also be contacted through their email address which is also a plus. 

One of the things I dislike is when companies do not have an official phone number listed, and the same is the case with NordVPN.

This would have been a massive plus in their favour if they had a phone number. But still, the customer support options on offer are adequate.


  • Top-Notch Internet speeds when connected to NordVPN.
  • Does not log any of their user data except the bare minimum.
  • Located in Panama, which allows them not to surrender any of their customer data.
  • Servers are located in 62 countries around the world.
  • NordVPN is using high-grade encryption standards.
  • A single subscription can allow you to connect with multiple devices.


  • No phone number is always a con in my eyes.
  • IP Address remains static, which, however, is routed through various servers. 

Pricing and Plans


You may have heard many Youtubers touting NordVPN as one of the most affordable and the best VPN available on the market. They are paid to say that, which might make you sceptical about whether or not they are telling the truth.

You can always go for a free VPN which will protect you in the short term; however, it cost you your data in the long term. There are also many other paid VPN services, so is NordVPN affordable?

Yes, NordVPN is one of the most affordable and competitively priced VPNs on the market. You can get NordVPN with a one-year plan that will cost you just $4.92 per month, or you can opt for the two-year plan, which will save you around 20% and pay just $3.71 per month.

Their pricing is highly competitive and gives you the most value. They do not log your data, provide you with high speeds, and they have servers in 62 countries around the world, making it one of the most secure and affordable VPN services available on the market right now.

Is NordVPN Good For The Firestick 4K?

Yes, NordVPN is excellent to use on the Amazon Firestick. This will allow you to stay away from prying eyes and protect you from your spying Internet service provider. A considerable benefit to installing NordVPN on your Firestick is that you can watch so many geo-restricted shows from around the world on Netflix. 


Well, this sums up our thoughts on NordVPN. So, if you are looking for a great and reliable VPN that keeps your data safe and does not log anything, then NordVPN is the one for you.

NordVPN uses a high-grade encryption standard that will keep your ISP away from your tail and not let them track what you have been doing on your device.

Netflix is different in different countries. Many shows that might be available in one country are not available in others.

Using NordVPN, you can watch Netflix from all of their 62 server locations. The quality of their stream also remained solid as I was very quickly able to crank the rate to 4K without any noticeable buffering.

Many free ads supported IPTV providers that offer content in countries like the USA and UK. With NordVPN, you can also access these IPTV services and watch their stream with ease.

So, if you want the best internet privacy offered by a company that does not log or surrender any of your data at an extremely affordable price, then you can rest assured that NordVPN is the best for you.

I am incredibly pleased with their service, and this review concludes with a recommendation that if you are in the market to buy a VPN, you will not go wrong with NordVPN.

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