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Finding the best Kodi sports Addons could be a difficult task if we have thousands of options available. Even though these Add-ons are developed by 3rd-party developers that means most of them have been shut down. This is the reason why you should keep reading this article till the end so you can find the best and working Add-on for yourself.

I have tested almost 30+ Sports Add-ons but most of them went offline or doesn’t work properly as expected. So, after wasting hours on it I finally choose 10 from them that have been working for many years now. Also, with this, you can watch Live Matches, Highlights, News, or even watch the upcoming events of different sports.

Best Kodi Sports Addons For 2023


The list that is given here is working 100% fine with no issue although some of these Add-ons might contain any pirated content so better use a VPN to avoid getting into a problem. Also, you may also get some Add-on that works only with the Kodi Leia so better update it first: How To Update Kodi 18.9 Latest Version on Firestick

Don’t forget to read about each Addon from the list and then choose the best suitable for you. However, if you want to watch movies then you can find the list here:


If you are an old user of Kodi then with no doubt you already hear the name SportsDevil before. This Add-on is working for many years as till now it provides the same content as before. With this, you can catch Live Sports, Highlights, News, Events and even though it provides some free channels as well.

SportsDevil provides NBA, Football, Badminton, Volleyball, Hockey, and other sorts of sports for free. You can stream this content in various different resolutions up to 1080p. Sometimes you may also get a link for a resolution of 4K without integrating Real-Debrid with it.

Furthermore, SportsDevil covers some of the events from worldwide including The Olympic Games, ICC Women’s Cricket, PSL, IPL, and so on. This Add-on is compatible with the Kodi 18 Leia and also with the Kodi 17.6 Krypton. The developers are also working to bring it for the latest 19 Matrix which is going to be released in a few months.

How To Install SportsDevil on Kodi

Limitless Live IPTV

Yet another best Sports Addon that provides live sports events, live matches, events, tournaments,s and many more. Instead of this, you can also get some other live TV channels from all over the world that can be streamed without any restrictions.

Talking more about the features of limitless that it has a section of video-on-demand in which you can watch Web Series and TV shows from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and some others. It provides new channels as well that can be watched 24/7 with no restriction.

Just in case you want to get a premium link then simply integrate the Real-Debrid account along with it. After this, it provides some fast links and also provides high resolutions as well. Although the free links are also good if you don’t have a Real-Debrid account then better to use a free version.


Maverick may not be known by many people because it is released recently. The reason why it is listed here is that this Add-on various sorts of entertainment. It provides UFC, WWE, and some other types of sports for free. You can also watch the highlights in HD resolution but for those, it requires you to have a Real-Debrid account otherwise it won’t work.

Furthermore, it also provides you with the latest Movies, New TV Shows, Documentaries, and Kids’ shows. This is one Add-on that everyone should have no matter if you are a sports lover or love to watch movies Maverick provides you with everything. Except for this, the links are extremely fast as I am using it for some time and find it helpful.

Although this Add-on is new that means it lasts longer so feel free while install it on your device. It also supports the integration of Trakt, Premiuzrize, and Real-Debird as well. The installation process of this Add-on is simple if you want to learn it then follow this link: Install Maverick on Kodi



TVTap is the best sports Add-on available for Kodi that provides Live TV Channels, Highlights, and even WorldCup matches. Instead of this, you can also watch other channels like entertainment, Music, Movies, Documentaries and even News. This could be the best option for everyone who wants to have an all-in-one Add-on for themselves.

Instead of this TVTap is also available in the application form and it provides even more features than an Add-on. With the TVTap you can watch live channels from Canada, Japan, the USA, the UK, Pakistan, the Philippines, and several other countries throughout the world. However, all the channels can be watched anywhere in the world there are no restrictions or limitations.

The reason why I am mentioning a separate application is that this could be the best option for you. As for Add-ons it also provides some channels but the repository went off for some time. Other than this if you are interested in downloading the TVTap application just follow this guide: How To Install Tvtap on APK Firestick

cCloud TV


cCloud TV is also quite popular among Kodi users, the reason is this is free and one of the best IPTV services available there. Just like TVTap with this Add-on, you can also watch Live Sports, Events, Tournaments, and some news related to sports.

Instead of this it also provides some other channels having various categories like Entertainment, Documentary, Family, Top 10 or even you can check in the All channels section. It provides you with content from the USA, UK, France, the Middle East, and some other countries from the world.

However, you may face problems while streaming the content from the USA as they strictly prohibit it. It is because this Add-on doesn’t provide its own content rather it scrapes links and this way you may get some pirated content links. You should always be careful while using any service and always use the VPN for Kodi to keep yourself secure. Best VPN For Kodi



Mobdro is the most popular application among Android and even now for Firestick users. However, they recently launched their own Mobdro Add-on that is compatible with the Kodi Leia and even for the Kodi Krypton. Just like the app it also provides you with various live TV channels including News, Movies, TV Shows, and so on.

It has a separate section for Sports in which you can see the live events from all over the world and it provides sports in live resolution. You don’t need to have a Real-Debrid for this as it automatically provides you with premium links that support no buffer streaming. Furthermore talking about the features you can also watch some latest videos from the world and use search to find the content instantly.

This Add-on can be easily downloaded from their official repository and try to avoid the 3rd-party ones. I would also recommend you use the VPN service to avoid ISP throttling or hiding IP while streaming. There is no restriction on which content you can stream so don’t worry about it. Although you should use the Mobdro app for better performance and to get more content.

How To Install Mobdro on FireTV Stick

NBC Sports Live Extra


If you are a lover of sports then no doubt you already hear the name of NBC Sports. With the help of NBC Sports, you can watch Tennis, Football, Golf, Soccer, Cricket, and several others. It also provides the features to watch highlights, replays, or even watch live channels as well.

You can access the content of NBC by using their website or else use the Kodi Add-on instead. However, I would recommend using the Add-on because it has a nice user interface and everything is well-managed. You can also use the search option to find relevant content easily.

Everything is categorized so you can easily watch the content related to Tennis, NBA, Football, or even Cricket as well. This is one of the best options as it has been available for several years and works perfectly fine till now. You can find NBC directly from the Kodi repository and once it is installed you will see everything content in front of you.

RedBull TV


Now comes the famous streaming platform RedBull TV Add-on for Kodi as it is being used by many people all over the world. No matter if you are using it on a website or through an app it has the content that keeps you attached to the screen. After they see many people moving toward the Kodi they finally released their own Add-on as well.

This addon is already available in the official Kodi repo which means you don’t need to follow huge steps. Other than this you are not required to use VPN as well because the content RedBull TV provides is their own means no piracy issue at all.

Instead of this it also provides a video-on-demand feature in which you can watch some new videos as well. It provides fast and premium links without the integration of Real-Debrid. Just install this Addon and then start watching your favourite Sports on the bigger screen.

iPlayer WWW


iPlayer WWW is the official Add-on from the BBC iPlayer and as for the United Kingdom residents, there is no doubt you are already using this service. It is a completely free service that provides you with live events, some highlights, replays, and several other features. You can watch NFL, Soccer, Cricket, Super Bowl Tennis, etc.

Even after providing the Sports content, you can also get several other contents like Movies, TV Shows, Documentaries, and so on. The content that iPlayer WWW provides isn’t old so feel free to watch some free Movies or Shows using it. Even though it has several TV channels available that are owned by the BBC itself.

However, there is a huge drawback to it if you are using it outside the UK you cannot use this service. In this way to use this Sports Addon on Kodi, you should also use the VPN service along. If you don’t have the Add-on already you can follow this guide to get the best VPN for Kodi

Rising Tides

Now talking about the last and the best Add-on to watch sports on Kodi is Rising Tides. This is a 3rd-party add-on that is also considered the best IPTV service. With the help of this, you can watch 200+ live TV channels from all over the world. There are no country restrictions just like iPlayer WWW and everything available here is completely free of cost.

With Rising Tides, you have the option to watch Live Soccer, Cricket, NFL, NBA, Badminton, and some other content. Furthermore, it has some rare content like Horse Racing or Dart that only Rising Tides provides. You may not find more content in several categories but in the future, they will add new and fresh content that you can access.

It is working for many years and till now no one has ever faced any sort of issue, it can be used on Kodi 18.8 Leia and the Krypton as well. They also said they will release the latest version that supports the upcoming Kodi Matrix version. To use Rising Tides make sure to use the VPN service to avoid getting in any trouble.


No doubt everybody loves to watch their favourite Sports on a bigger screen but the problem is to find the best service is quite difficult. But after reading this article on the best Kodi Sports Addons you can easily find a free service that provides can be watched on Firestick 4K, Android TVs, Windows, Mac, and any other supported device.

The list provided here is already checked and everything is working fine so feel free to install it. However, my favourite Add-on is SportsDevilthat is way better than any other. It has a nice user interface and comes with almost every sort of sport. No matter if you love to watch Cricket, Badminton, Soccer, NBA or anything else just install it and get it instantly.

Furthermore, if you know of any other Addon except the one I have provided above please feel free to let me know in the comment section. I will check it and if I find it worthy I will surely add it to this list. Also, if you have any questions then feel free to ask I would be very glad to hear from you.

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