Kodi Buffering Issues Solved Here (How-To Fix Guide 2023)

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I was watching my favourite movie last night and suddenly I faced my Kodi buffering suddenly. Even though I had the best internet connection and also check it with the Ookla Speed test. Then I was really angry about why this happened and what are the solutions for it.

After searching for hours I finally found the solution for it, there are already many solutions available out there but some of them are just trash. So, in today’s article, I am going to share with you my own proven methods that can help to avoid buffering issues on Kodi.

Don’t forget to read this guide till the end otherwise you may miss some important information. Also, don’t skip any step because you may not solve the issue with it. So, before moving to the guide we have to first understand some common reasons why this issue occurs so check out the below guide.

Why Kodi Keeps Buffering?

There could be various causes for Kodi buffering as everyone faced it in a different way. I am writing down below some common causes why a user can have this issue. After reading this you may get an idea and maybe you understand the solution as well. How To Stop Buffering On Firestick

Cause of Why Kodi Keeps Buffering:

  • Having a slow internet connection is a common issue for buffering.
  • ISP throttling is a way that internet provider slows down the connection.
  • Too many cache files could also lead to Kodi buffering issues even with fast internet.
  • The movie or TV show is being watched by many people already.
  • Storing a lot of temporary files & thumbnails may slow down Kodi.
  • Unsuitable Settings of Kodi could be the reason for buffering.
  • Having a metered bandwidth is also a reason behind this.

How To Stop Buffering Kodi on Firestick

After reading the common issue you surely understand why you are facing the Kodi Buffering issue. So, now we can easily know the common fix for this.

Ok, so let’s check out our first fix below:

Slow Internet Speed

This is the common issue that many of us have ever faced, no doubt having a slow internet connection could lead to Kodi buffering while streaming. Because whenever a user stream movie in 4K or even in 1080p resolution, it requires to have a fast internet connection.

There is a minimum requirement for every resolution if you have a 5Mbps internet connection at your home then you should only stream in 720p or in 480p. However, if you want to stream in 1080p or in 4K resolution then it is highly recommended to have a 25mbps connection.

Also, in many cases no matter if we have a 10Mbps or 15MBps connection but we still face this problem. Then you have to first check the internet speed before streaming any video. There is an online free tool that can help to check the speed.

Check Internet Speed


ISP Throttling

ISP throttling is a common issue that almost everyone has faced so it basically occurs when you stream a lot in a day. So, the internet service provider immediately limits the bandwidth and slows down your internet speed which leads you to Kodi buffering.

I know this is kinda weird but that’s the reality they always check the usage of every user and when they saw too many bandwidths used by someone. Then they slow down the speed so we cannot access the internet because of the speed.

But there is a solution for this which is using a VPN, with the help of a VPN we can stay anonymous totally and in this way, we can avoid getting caught by ISP providers. Using the best VPN can help to provide more benefits as we can stream from various 3rd-party apps. You can access the GEO-blocked apps and watch Netflix and also do torrenting as well.

If you want to learn more about a VPN I have written a complete detailed guide on it which you can check by following this link: Cheapest VPN For Firestick

Easy Advanced Settings

Xanax is the Kodi build that contains various tweaks that help us to improve streaming and lag issues facing Kodi. This is the alternative version to the old and most famous build named Durex, which suddenly shut down.

Now as we have Durex a.k.a Xanax Wizard available we are now able to again solve Kodi buffering Issue. For this, you just need to read the below complete steps to installation and after this, we will learn how to fix the buffering issue.

Before moving to the installation guide we have to first enable the Unknown Source in Kodi. It works the same as Firestick because doesn’t allow users to install 3rd-party Addons by default. In this, we have to first enable this feature so we can install addons from other sources.

  • From Kodi Home Screen click on Settings.
  • Now go to System Settings.
  • Then click Basic & change it to Advanced or Expert (it is located left side below).
  • Now select the Addons from the left panel.
  • Then click on Unknown Sources.
  • A warning will appear so ignore it and click Yes.

The installation from an unknown source is now enabled, it’s time to check out the installation guide given below.

  • Launch Kodi and click on Settings.
  • Go to File Manager.
  • Click Add Source.
  • Select None- and type source Address http://xanaxrepo.com/repo/
  • In the next box type Xanax and click Ok.
  • Go back to Home Screen and click Addons from the left panel.
  • Select Addon Installer or Package icon from the top.
  • Click on Install From Zip.
  • Now select Xanax from the list.
  • Select Xanax-repo.zip.
  • Xanax Repository installed notification will appear.
  • Go to Install From Repository.
  • Choose Xanax Repository.
  • Go to Program Addons.
  • Click on Xanax Wizard.
  • From the bottom, the menu clicks Install.
  • A notification will appear Addon Xanax Installed.
  • Then the pop-up menu appears to click on Continue.

Now we have completely installed Xanax Wizard on Kodi successfully so now it’s time to move to the guide. Make sure to read the steps twice as it is quite sensitive while working with Kodi settings so if you delete something then will be required to install Kodi again.

When the installation is completed now just go back to the Home Screen and from here click on Addons.


Now hover to the Program Add-ons from the left panel and then click Xanax Wizard.


At this time simply open Maintenance.


From their open System Tweaks/Fixes.


Now scroll down and open Quick Configure AdvancedSettings.xml.


It will take a few seconds to load and after this, you will see the same screen as the screenshot attached below. Now using the slider in Video Cache size set it to the maximum and when it’s done just click Write file.


The file will now be saved and then try to play any movie or TV show. If still, facing Kodi buffering then you should check out another guide to clear the caches.

Clear Caches using Ares Wizard

This is another best solution to stop Kodi buffering, however, clearing the caches doesn’t only help us to stream videos fast but it also enhances Kodi speed and fixes too many lags. In the below guide, we will use the Ares Wizard which is the famous Addon with advanced maintenance tool.

In case of clearing caches in Kodi doesn’t work then make sure to clear cache in Firestick. Here is the complete guide for this: How To Clear Cache on Firestick

If you don’t have Ares Installed on your device then first check out this guide, when you are done installing then move to the below steps: Install Ares Wizard on Kodi

Launch Kodi and then click Addons from the left panel. Hover to Program Addons and then select Ares Wizard.


This will take a few seconds to launch and after this, you need to scroll down and select Maintenance.


In the next screen, you will see the list of cached files from different sources like Thumbnails, Packages, Cache or Temporary Files. Then click on the Delete button under every category and you will receive the notification.


That’s it now we have just cleared all unwanted temp files and the caches from Kodi. Just restart it and then check if it solves the problem or not.


If your Kodi still buffering then we have the last solution for it which costs you some money but trust me it is the best solution ever.

Use Real-Debrid

Even if you are using a high-speed internet connection at your home but still facing Kodi buffering issue then it is not the internet’s fault. However, this issue came directly from the Kodi or we can say it comes from Addon that we have installed.

If you already know about the addons then you also know that the Addons don’t directly provide links for streaming. Perhaps they scrap links from various hoster websites and then using these links we stream our movie.

In this way, it may not contain all the links that are fast but some of them are a little bit slow which ruins our whole Kodi using experience. At this place, we only know the name that can help us to find a better and fast link and it is called Real-Debrid.

Real-Debird is a multi-hoster website that provides us links from premium sources and comes with 300 Mbps speed. Isn’t it amazing that we are getting 200% fast links even from the internet connection we are using?

Basically, Real-Debrid isn’t itself an Addon but it can be integrated with many addons like Yoda, Covenant, Exodus Redux and so on. However, this is a premium links scrapper service that will help us to provide links for unlimited buffer-free streaming.

Instead of this, it is also known as the unrestricted downloader because when we download a movie or Tv show from the Real-Debrid link we get 100% uptime speed with no restriction. Even though this can be used to download torrent files using magnet link in ultra-fast speed.

If you are going with Real-Debird then you first need to understand that it is not a free user. It is a premium service however it also offers a free trial account with few features. Even though in a trial version we won’t get the unrestricted links either we get premium streaming links.

It is recommended to purchase their premium plan so you can enjoy watching your favourite content without any restrictions. You can easily integrate Real-Debrid with any Addon directly so if you don’t know how to use it just check the below guide.

How to Install & Use Real-Debrid on Kodi

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Read all the above methods to stop Kodi buffering but still, do you have any questions in your mind? If yes then this faq list will surely help you to get the relevant answer quickly.

However, if the answer is not suitable for you or you are still confused then feel free to ask in the comment section. I would love to hear from you and will be glad to help my visitors.

How Do I Stop My Stream From Buffering?

There are various reasons for Kodi buffering so everyone faces it for different reasons. We can stop Kodi buffering by connecting to fast internet, using a VPN to avoid ISP Throttling, Clear Caches, Changing Advanced Settings & using Real-Debord.

Will a VPN Stop Kodi Buffering?

Yes, VPN is helpful to stop Kodi buffering because when we stream a lot of content our Internet provider limits the bandwidth which we face slow speed. Using the Cheapest VPN can avoid this problem by making us anonymous so our provider won’t recognize who is using the internet. How To Install VPN In Firestick

Does Fast Internet help To Fix buffering Issues?

Yes, with the fast internet we can easily solve the buffering issue but there is a little bit drawback as streaming many movies or TV shows at a time can cause ISP throttling. In this way, I would always recommend connecting with the Best Free VPN network to stream without buffering.


The methods that I have provided above are 100% working and also I have checked every method before writing. However, there are various reasons for Kodi buffering which are already mentioned above. In this way make sure to check out every guide so if the first one isn’t helpful then the second or third will surely help.

Please make sure to connect with a VPN every time you use any Addon or third-party app on Firestick. Because these apps are not from trusted sources so they may leak your private information and hack your personal data. Using the VPN is also helpful to stop buffering on Kodi and even on other apps on Firestick.

If you know any other method other than this please let me know in the comment section. Also, if any of these helped you to solve your problem don’t forget to share t with us so others can easily find the relevant solution for them.

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