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I have seen many people who still don’t know how to use Kodi on Firestick, Android, Windows, Mac or other supported platforms. Even despite having too much fame, there are many things some of you might know about this application.

If you just installed this application recently on your device but still don’t know where to begin or even why we use it. Then you came to the perfect place because in today’s article we are going to discuss every single detail regarding this most famous media player.

However, this is the best app available out there that supports various platforms like Windows, Mac Machines, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Android and even iOS devices. It is not just like any ordinary media player but has, even more, features beyond your thought.

If you eagerly want to know everything about it then make sure to keep up with this article till the end. Otherwise, you won’t understand anything as every section of this guide is important and will clear all your thoughts so let’s first check why we should use this.

Why We Use Kodi


Kodi is an open-source free media player application that is used to play local Music, Movies, Apps, Games, Radio and so on. Despite this, it offers several other features like you can watch Live TV, Latest Movies, Listen to Music, Watch TV Shows and so on.

Using a Kodi on a streaming device like Firestick could be useful to save a huge amount of money. As I said earlier that you can watch almost all sorts of entertainment with this. However, it doesn’t mean that you will be asked for money but although everything is totally free of cost.

Another best part is that you won’t even face any sort of advertisements here. You can watch your favourite content without interruption by any ads. It is just an amazing feature and that’s why most people prefer to use Kodi instead of any other free app or service.

This is only possible with the help of the Kodi Add-on that can be downloaded from different sources. Besides this, it also provides users with other feature that is called builds. In these builds, you will get some interesting things like Add-ons, Skins and other features.

Even though Kodi is capable of doing many things that you can’t even imagine. If you want to learn more about this application then make sure to read this article: What is Kodi & How To Install it on Firestick

What Are Kodi Addons?


For Kodi users, the term Addon is referred to as a plugin that is installed in this app to provide even more content to the users. However, as I already told you that this app plays video or music stored on your local storage or hard disk.

But with the help of an Addon, you can watch unlimited Movies, TV Shows, Music, Anime, Documentaries and so on. These Add-ons are capable of scrapping links from different sources on the internet and it provides you in one place.

The links that it provides are totally free to use and there are no advertisements as well. Although you will be able to stream content in 480p, 720p, and even 1080p. Even though some of the free addons also offer links in 4K Ultra HD resolution.

There are two types of Add-ons that are available for Kodi users, Official and Unofficial. As the name refers official Addons are developed by the Kodi team that contains HBO Max, Sony Crackle, ESPN and many more.

On the opposite side, the word Unofficial add-ons refer to a program developed by 3rd-party developers.

Both work the same but are quite different from each other with the help of Unofficial Addon you can stream almost every sort of content but with official, there are some limitations.

How To Install & Use Kodi Addon

After learning everything about Kodi Addons you might be wondering how we can install it on our application. Well! if so then this is the section where we are going to talk about it also keep in mind that the installation process for the Official and Unofficial versions is totally different.

However, you can read the below steps to install Official Addons on Kodi and later we will talk about the Unofficial ones.

Launch Kodi and then click on Addon from the left panel.


After this click on the Box icon located near Settings.


It shows various options there so simply click on Install From Repository.


Here you will see the list of all available categories so now open the category that Addon you want to install. (I am going to install a video addon)


After going to that category you will see various Add-ons available there so pick one of them and click on it.


Now it shows the menu below then just click on the Install button.


When clicking on it a new window will pop where it shows these files will be installed so simply click Ok to install it.


Now just wait for a while until you receive Add-on installed notification that appears top right-hand side.


That’s it now the Addon has been installed successfully and in this way, you can install as many addons as you want. But keep in mind that these addons took storage in your device so don’t install too many of them if you don’t have enough storage left.

Installing Unofficial Kodi Add-ons

Now as we already talked about the installation of official Addons on Kodi now comes the second part is installing from 3rd-party sources. In this section, we will be required to have a repository in which we can find the best Addons for ourselves.

A repository is a place where all Addons have been stored it works like a computer hard disk. But the problem is every repo has its own collection of addons. In this way to install various Add-ons, you will be required to have different repositories as well.

There are many repositories already available out there but most of them have been shut down. If you want to find a repo for yourself then here is the link that will help you with it: Best Kodi Repositories List For All Types of Addons

Ok, so after finding the best repository for you now let’s check out the steps given below:

The first thing that we required is to enable the installation of Unknown Source, it is quite the same as the jailbreaking of Firestick. However, by default Kodi doesn’t allow its users to install any 3rd-party Add-on that’s why we first enable it and then move towards the installation process.

Launch Kodi on your desired platform and from the Home Screen clicks on the Settings located next to the power button.


Now go to System Settings.


From here click the Gear icon located left side below and change it to Expert or Advanced.


Choose Add-ons from the left panel and then enable Unknown Sources.


After clicking on that option a warning message will appear just ignore it and click Yes.


Now go back to Settings and then click on the File Manager option.


After this select Add Source from the right or left side.


When the window appears click None and type the address of that repository i.e and press Ok.


In the next box type the name of the source to remember it, as I am going to install Exodus Redux so I will write Exodus.


After this just click Ok and the source will be added there.


Now just go back to the Home Screen and then click on the Add-ons section from the left panel.


Now select the Box icon located near Settings.


It shows various options so click on the Install from Zip file.


A window will appears there so now find the name that you typed in the source section and then select the zip file that appears there.


At this time you need to wait for a while until you see Repository (name of that repo) Installed.


Once this notification appears just go to the Install from Repository and here you will see all available repo.


Click on the repo that you just installed earlier and then from here select the category of Add-on that you want to install.


It will then show all the available Add-ons in this list so simply click one of them and then from the next screen click the Install button.


You will be then asked for the confirmation just click Ok and the Add-on will be installed in a while.


When the Add-on is installed you will be notified by a notification appearing on the right-hand side. Now simply go back to the Home Screen and then open the Add-ons section to launch it.


That’s it by following the same steps you can install all 3rd-party Addons in no time. Other than this if you are not sure which Addons to choose then I have written a complete list on it. You should take a look at that and I am sure it will be helpful for you: List of the Best Kodi Addons to Watch Free Content

Install Builds on Kodi

Now instead of installing Addons, you can also install Builds on Kodi as well. But unlike an Add-on these builds don’t provide content by themselves but rather rely on other Addons. In short, a build is a collection of various Add-ons and the reason behind creating it is to provide everything in one place.

This is the best option for those who don’t want to follow a lot of steps but instead, they wanted to get everything in just a few clicks. Even after installing a build, you will see the completely new interface because it also changes its Skin of it.

If you have a huge amount of Storage then considering a Build would be the best idea but for those having low, storage would rather use the above method to download one or two add-ons. Although there are tons of builds already available out there but finding the best one could be difficult.

But don’t worry as we have already listed some of the best Kodi builds that you must install. In this list, you will also get an option for low-storage users like Android TV Shows, Firestick, Android TV and so on. To get the list just follow this link: Best Kodi Builds For Firestick, Android Boxes, Windows, Mac etc.

Now talking about the installation guide then the steps for this are quite long and took a lot of time as well. However, you can follow the below guide to install some best builds on Kodi and the installation process is almost the same.

Once you read these guides you can instantly install it in no time so let’s check out below:

However, if you want to install a build just to change the layout on Kodi then I would rather recommend installing a Skin. The builds use these Skins to change the layout so if you already have enough Add-ons installed or simply you don’t have enough storage left then considering it would be a good idea.

I have collected some of the best Skins for Kodi Leia as well as for Kodi Krypton that can be founded here: Best Kodi Skins That Change Kodi Interface

Even if you don’t know how to install it then follow this guide: How To Change Skins On Kodi

Use Kodi To Watch Movies & TV Shows

Since we know Kodi provides all sorts of content including Movies, TV Shows, Games, Documentaries, Music, Subtitles and so on. So, in this section, you are going to learn how to watch movies and TV shows on Kodi on Windows, Firestick, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi and so on.

The steps for all platforms are the same so no matter which device you are using just keep following the article. Also, please keep in mind that in this section we are using the most famous Addon named Exodus Redux which is quite the same as Covenant, Yoda, Maverick TV etc.

Although the steps might be different for various Addons because of having different Home Screens. But still, after reading this guide you will be able to understand the common things.

Ok, so here are the steps that you need to follow to watch Movies & TV Shows on Kodi:

First of all, just launch the Kodi and then from Home Screen click on the Addons section from the left panel.


2. At this time you will see the list of all Video Add-ons on the right side so now click on Exodus Redux from there to open it.


3. When opening it for the first time you will see some changelog notification etc then just dismiss it.


4. At this time you will see some sort of menus like TV Shows, Movies, My TV Shows/Movies, New Movies/Episodes, Documentaries and so on. just click on the Option from that list and then you will see furthermore options there like Genre, New Movies, Most Popular, People Watching, Most Watched and several others.


If you can’t find the TV Show or a Movie there then simply use the Search box instead and you will be able to find it instantly.

6. After opening that section you will then see the content there so simply click your favourite Movie or TV Show from the list. When you click on the title the Addon will scrap links from various sources so just wait for it.


7. Once the scrapping is completed you will see all the available links there


And now just click one of the links provided there to start watching your movie.


Now within a few seconds, a movie or a TV show will start streaming and in this way you can watch unlimited movies without interruption. Exodus may not provide all the content so it is the best option to use other alternatives like Maverick TV, Magic Dragon, Genesis Reborn, Covenant and so on.

In addition, if you are interested in watching Anime or any other movie that is not available in the English language then you can use Subtitles for it. You cannot directly watch anything with Subtitles but for this, you are required to install an Addon first.

If you are interested in installing Subtitles Addon then just follow the below steps:

  • Open Kodi and then go to Settings.
  • From here just select the Addons.
  • At this time click on Install from Repository.
  • Now open Kodi Repository from the list.
  • After this open the Subtitles category.
  • It shows all available Add-ons so now just select
  • From the next screen click on the Install button.
  • The download will start automatically and once it’s a complete notification will appear on the top right-hand side.

Once the Addon has been installed just go back to the Exodus or any other Addon of your choice and play a movie or a TV show. After this click on the Subtitles icon located in the player and a window will appears so now click on Download Subtitles.

It will then show the subtitles services that you install just select one of them from the list and there you will see the available subtitles. Now simply click on any subtitle from there and then you will notice the Movie is now playing with subtitles.

How To Get Subtitles On Kodi Step by Step Guide with Images

However, if you cannot find the subtitle for any specific movie or a TV show then don’t worry. There are several other services that are available out there that can be replaced. Just follow this guide and find the best and most suitable alternative to in no time: Best Subtitle Addons For Kodi

Note: requires an account in the case to download any subtitle so first make sure to go to their website and create an account there.

Pro-Tip For Fast Steaming on Kodi

Since Kodi is one of the best platforms to get free Movies, TV Shows, Documentaries, Watch Live TV, Listen to Music and so on with the help of Addon. But the problem is not all Addons are fast enough and even if that is fast but you still face too much buffering.

It is only because you get free links that are already accessed by many people and that’s why you are not getting proper speed. To avoid this problem I would highly recommend you to use the Real-Debrid service along with this app.

This is a premium service that provides unlimited downloading and no buffer streaming for every user. No matter if you are using a slow internet connection or fast you won’t face any buffering issues after this. Even though it is quite affordable as compared to any other premium services. If you are interested in buying Real-Debrid then follow this link. Buy Real-Debrid 

However, I have also written a complete instructions guide in which you can learn how to integrate Real-Debrid with Kodi. Don’t forget to read that guide completely if you have purchased this service and start watching your favourite content without interruption: How to Install & Use Real-Debrid on Kodi

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Did you read the whole guide and understand the complete way to use Kodi? But do you still have some doubts or want to ask any questions? If yes then below is the list of some most asked questions that will surely help you with it.

After reading it you will get the answer surely, although if it doesn’t work or you can’t find the answer here. Then please feel free to write your question in the comment section I will try my best to answer it.

Can I Download Movies on Kodi to Watch Later

Yes, Kodi also allows its users to download Movies or TV Shows to watch later when they are not connected to the internet. However, the process is quite easy as we don’t require any Addon rather just make changes in Settings.

To learn how to download movies using Kodi you can follow this article:

Can I Use Kodi Without VPN

Yes, you can use Kodi without a VPN unless you are using it to watch locally stored content on Hard Disk or Internal Storage on phones. Even if you are using Addon from the Kodi repository then you won’t be required to use a VPN.

The only reason why VPN is required is when using any 3rd-party Add-on for streaming like Exodus, Covenant, Yoda etc. If you are using one of these Addons then make sure to first buy the best VPN service for you and then start streaming without a problem.

Should I Use Kodi

Yes, if you want to watch your favourite TV Shows, Movies, Documentaries, Live TV then you surely need to use Kodi. It is because this is a legal application and can be found in Microsoft Store and Google Play Store.

This could be the best option for those who are using Android TVs and want to save storage on downloading apps separately. As this app provides YouTube, Crackl, BBC iPlayer and other apps in the form of Addons.

Can I Use Kodi on Firestick

Yes, you can use Kodi on Firestick as it is multiplatform free open-source that supports Android as well. Since this is also running on an Android operating system that means you can still use it for free streaming.

Almost 90% of the users from all over the world prefer to use Kodi on their Firestick 4K, FireTV Cube, Firestick 2nd, 3rd and even on Lite.


No doubt Kodi is one of the best media players available for every device whether it’s a Phone, TV, Computer or laptop. After reading this guide I am 100% sure you learn how to use Kodi as I have covered almost all the things that a new user needs to learn.

The main thing to learn is installing an Addon that I already mentioned above. If you have skipped that section then goes above and check it and also don’t forget to read the installation guide for builds as well. Even though you can find the best and most suitable Addons for you from the link that I provided earlier to stream unlimited content without paying a penny.

However, using a 3rd-party or Unofficial Add-on might provide some illegal content so make use of a VPN service instead. You can easily buy a VPN that is compatible with Kodi and keep your identity safe while using it and also avoid ISP throttling as well. To learn further why is it necessary to use and which is the best VPN then follow this guide:

Also, if you find this article helpful and want to show some love then make sure to share it with others. If after reading this guide you still have some questions or facing any issues. Then feel free to write your question in the comment section below. I would be very glad to hear from you.

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