Hotspot Shield For Firestick Review 2023- Is This VPN Safe?


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Have you just discovered Hotspot Shield and want to get it but are still confused over a few things? If so, here is the complete Hotspot Shield For Firestick Review to let you know if it is worth your hard-earned money. Everyone should consider a virtual private network(VPN) to keep their data secure from Internet service providers.

Moreover, like any other device, the traffic you generate through your Fire Stick is visible to your ISPs ( internet service providers). To protect this, we need to get a Virtual Protocol Network (VPN) service. 

A VPN is software that makes you anonymous online, makes your internet usage secure and private, and lets you successfully trick your laptop, mobile, or Fire Stick device into imagining it’s in another place while it’s not.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of fraudulent VPN services that fail to deliver what they claim. The internet is full of fake reviews. To avoid this, I’m here to provide you with my honest review and opinion so that you do not get scammed. Make sure you read this article until the end. It will answer all of your questions and concerns regarding Hotspot Shield VPN.

Interested to know more about this service? Let’s know if this service is worth your hard-earned money. 

Does Hotspot Shield Work on FireStick 

But before we get into that, the question that might pop up in your mind is: Does Hotspot Shield actually work on Amazon Fire Stick? The answer is a big YES. Hotspot Shield works great as a VPN for FireStick. 

Amazon’s Firestick is one of the most widely used portable TV sticks on the market. Sadly, Almost all in-demand streaming services are blocked and the device itself has a few big privacy issues. So, it is recommended you use a reliable VPN to make online surfing safe and secure. 

Hotspot Shield recently launched an application, especially for FireStick TV devices You can now get all the benefits of Hotspot Shield VPN on Firestick, including unblocking region-locked video streams and keeping the online activity private and secure. 

Let’s take a look if the Hotspot shield is a good choice to enhance your Firestick streaming and make you more safe and anonymous online.

Is Hotspot Shield Illegal?

Fortunately, using a VPN is not illegal in most countries, including the United States. But utilizing a VPN service to conduct criminal acts is still illegal and you can be caught and brought to court. If you carry out an illegal act while using a VPN to hide your identity – you are still committing a crime.

Hotspot Shield, just like other services, is perfectly legal to use. It is one of the most popular VPN services for its well-used free version. It has over 650 Million users worldwide and multiple servers from 80+ countries. 

In Fact, Hotspot Shield is one of the fastest VPN providers in the market. If someone is using it to stream pirated websites, it is illegal. Otherwise, it is perfectly legal. However, Its fast servers, customer care, handsome interface, and cheap rates will never disappoint you.

Pricing and Plans

All plans at Hotspot shield VPN come with a 45-day money-back guarantee. So that you can cancel anytime whenever you feel disappointed. It is among the few service providers that offer a free version.

The best thing about Hotspot Shield is that all the subscription plans come with a 45-day money-back guarantee.

  • Free Subscription 

That subscription comes with limited access. It allows one device at a time with 500 MB of free bandwidth per day. It is generous in contrast to other free service providers. For example, Tunnelbear’s free version provides users with only 500 MB of free bandwidth every month which is stingy.

  • Premium Monthly Subscription (25 dollars per month)

It is an ultra-fast VPN that comes with three apps: Antivirus, Password Manager, and Spam call blocker. It allows five connections at a time with 1 member account and has no data or server limits. 

  • 1 year Plan (10 Dollars per month)

This plan lets you secure over 5 connections across 1 member account and over 115 locations worldwide. It also comes with the following three apps: Antivirus, Password manager, and spam call blocker.

  • 2-year subscription ( 6.99 Dollars)

This highest subscription plan provides 5 device connections across one member account.  It also comes with the following three apps: Antivirus, Password manager, and spam call blocker


Hotspot Shield Speed

Hotspot Shield is exceptional when it comes to speed and reliability. Once you get this service, you will experience an amazingly fast Amazon Prime streaming service without buffering, thanks to their hydra protocol. 

The free version of the Hotspot shield comes with a 2 MB per second speed which is petit. However, the premium subscription comes with a blazing-fast 1 GB per second speed.  Family Subscription also comes with 1 GB per second speed which is huge.

It is surely the fastest VPN service provider out there

Servers and Locations 

Hotspot shield is unparalleled when it comes to the number of servers and locations. It has over 3200 VPN servers from 80+ countries worldwide. Once you connect to any of its servers, your device will be granted another Internet Protocol address. 

These 80+ countries are from Europe, North, and South America, Asia, and Middle Eastern countries. Why do these server locations even matter? Well, If you are a FireStick user, you can get content from any other country once connected to their server. For example, if you live in the United Kingdom, you can get streaming services from Canada. All you have to do is to connect to Hotspot Shield’s “Canada” server.

With a VPN, the usage traffic becomes encrypted. It will let you track your FireStick device into thinking you are located in another country while you are not. This is the actual reason why you should use a VPN to remain protected from Data stealers, Government Trackers, and different websites.

Hotspot Shield Logs Policy

The headquarter of Hotspot Shield is located in the United States, a founding member of 5 eyes, 4 eyes, 14 eyes also known as 5/9/14-Eyes. It is one of the few privacy concerns related to Hotspot Shield VPN.

Does Hotspot Shield store logs? But before we get into that, let’s know what “log”

Is. Logs are the data that VPN providers store about the way you use their service. It can either be your personal information or IP addresses.

It may include

  • User’s Internet Protocol (IP) address
  • The address of the server that the user connects to
  • Period of the user when they connect and disconnect from a VPN 
  • Provider’s ability to analyze the data mentioned above.

Even if the Hotspot Shield does not collect any log information. But it may still collect some information that they have already mentioned in their privacy policy.

The data that the Hotspot shield collects is the IP information ( which is deleted at the end of the session), your username and E-mail address, your mobile ID and device information, network info, and the operating system information.

Moreover, if you are using the free version of it, you are at a bigger risk. Under these circumstances, the Hotspot shield is really risky to use. Most experts and popular reviewers suggest not using the free version at all.

The free version of Hotspot Shield collects the following data : 

  • Your IMEI mobile ID
  • City information
  • Media access control (MAC) address.

If anyone is fond of privacy and anonymity and is concerned with security issues, they should not use its free version at all. However, paid are safe enough and can be trusted.

Customer Support

Customer support service is crucial if a company wants to stand out in the market. Good customer support encourages customers to leave positive reviews and recommendations that help a company strengthen its brand.

They have 24/7/365 customer support to contact them regarding any issue and fix it for you in no time. Plus, their customer support team is very friendly and caring and they are going to fix the issues and problems within minutes.

Moreover, their customer support team is available via live chat and email. They reply and fix customers’ issues within a few minutes. This is why they are loved by most of the people out there.


These are the key pros of Hotspot shield VN service : 

  • It is among the fastest VPN providers in the world.
  • Most popular VPN service with over 650 Million users worldwide.
  • It provides customers with the best security. Keeps websites and other programs from collecting user data.
  • It is user-friendly and stores no logs at all.
  • It comes with over 3200 server locations from over 80 countries worldwide.
  • The beauty of its application is exceptional compared to other providers. Very handsome and catchy.
  • Amazing for torrenting.
  • It comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee which is huge.
  • It allows 5 connections with one premium subscription and 25 connections with 1 family premium plan.
  • Its own Hydra protocol will let you stream blazing-fast.


  • It is very expensive compared to other providers in the market.
  • Their Chrome extension leaks the DNS which is not good.
  • The free version is risky and stores important information.
  • Dated transparency report.

Is Hotspot Shield Good For Amazon Fire Stick?

In fact, Hotspot Shield VPN is a great option for Firestick. According to research conducted by Tom’s Guide, the Hotspot Shield delivers over 400 MBs Per Second which is exceptionally unparalleled. They provide unlimited bandwidth for uninterrupted streaming without any buffering.

In Short, If you are going to choose HotSpot Shield, you will never be disappointed. As a service, it is amazing. 


To make a long story short, do I recommend Hotspot Shield VPN, If you have still doubts in mind that Does this service worth the money? Well, my answer is Yes.

They provide extreme privacy and security. It comes with 3 additional software: Antivirus, Password manager, and spam call blocker.

Hotspot Shield is one of the fastest VPN providers in the market. It is completely legal in most countries. As I mentioned earlier, It depends on the activity. If you are using it to stream pirated websites, it is illegal.  Otherwise, Its fast servers, customer care, handsome interface, and cheap rates will never disappoint you.

However, I don’t recommend its free version at all. If you want to give it a try, get its paid version. In case you get disappointed, you can utilize its 45-days money-back feature and cancel the subscription anytime. 

I would personally suggest you go for this VPN service to protect yourself from tracking and avoid buffering and lags. By the way, it is one of the most expensive service providers in the market.

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