Gears TV Reloaded IPTV Shut Down [Raided By FBI 2023]


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Gears TV Reloaded IPTV was once known as the best service to watch thousands of live channels. Recently we heard a piece of news that this is Shut Down and it was seized by the FBI itself. So, if you have purchased their service then I am sure you will be sad about it.

In case you want to learn more about why it shut down suddenly and how it affects the users. Then don’t forget to keep reading this article till the end. Here I am also going to discuss some important things that you must follow before using any alternative to Gears TV Reloaded.

Why Gears TV Reloaded IPTV Shut Down?

TV Gears Reloaded is a premium-based IPTV Service that provides 400+ live channels from all over the world. But all the channels that are provided by them are not owned or have any legal right to stream them.

That’s why due to providing or selling copyrighted content FBI raided the owner and then immediately took down that service as well.

Once the FBI raided the developer of Gears TV Reloaded named OMI IN A HELLCAT uploaded 36 minutes of video. In this video, he mentioned every information regarding the reason behind the shutdown and also told me that it won’t be available again.

He also said that the FBI has seized all properties owned by him including cars etc. The owner of this service is charged for providing pirated content and also for money laundering.

Instead of this other services also went down including One Nation, IcDrama, SportsDevil, and so on. Furthermore, other streaming services called Openload also shut down because of copyright infringement.

How Does it Affect Users?

Whenever any app or service shut down the owner of this service will be asked by the FBI or other agency to provide all the user details. As a result, the users of that service will end up having some serious troubles because these are the culprits as well.

It is because the policies already said that streaming such content is highly prohibited so if you ignore it you may get into some legal problems. Furthermore, sometimes the owner might use the credit card details and sell them on other illegal websites.

That’s the reason why using a VPN is highly recommended it hides your IP address, doesn’t store any log files, and so on. There are various VPNs already available on the internet but not all of them are safe and secure.

I have listed some of the best VPNs for Kodi that you should go and read the review of each by yourself to get the best choice for you.

Also, if you have purchased the service and don’t know how to install a VPN then don’t forget to read these guides:

Here you will find the installation method for the most famous VPNs as NordVPN & Express VPN. Make sure to check the comparison between these two services.

What are the Best Gears TV Reloaded IPTV Alternatives

Since the Gears TV Reloaded IPTV has been shut down it doesn’t mean that you cannot watch live TV anymore. As there are various other services that are already available on the internet that you can use and again start watching your favourite channels over the internet.

Because of having too many choices you may face problems to get the best alternatives if that is the case. Then you don’t need to worry about it anymore because here I am going to list some of the best services that are checked by me.

Best IPTV Service Of 2023

Below is the list of best Gears TV Reloaded IPTV alternatives:

Sportz IPTV

Sportz IPTV is a premium-based service that provides the user with around 6500+ live TV channels from all over the world. All channels are working fast and provide buffer-free streaming even on a slow internet connection.

This works on various devices including Firestick 4, Android Phones, Nvidia Shield, and even on Roku. The prices are also quite affordable and are available for many years which makes it trustworthy. Although the app is not available officially that’s why sideloading is the only way to install it.



Mobdro is a free app that comes with 800+ live TV channels of various categories. It has different channels and all of them are well managed. You will find different categories like News, Sports, Lifestyle, Documentaries, and many more. The channels can be streamed even in local languages and also there are no geo-restrictions in any country.

It is also best for providing many free Movies, TV Shows, and previous match highlights. Since it is free you may face several ads while surfing but don’t worry these ads are not annoying at all. Mobdro is available for all android devices including Firestick 4K, Android TV Boxes, Chromecast, and so on.

iPlayer WWW

This is the official BBC iPlayer Kodi Add-on that provides legal and owned content. With the help of this, you can watch many live TV programs and some movies as well. It also comes with some BBC original documentaries that can be streamed without paying a penny.

However, there is a drawback to this service as it is not available in many countries. If you are living in the UK then only you can stream all their content without interruption. In this way to use it in other countries, you are required to use the VPN and change the location to the UK.

These are the alternative IPTV services that can be used instead of Gears TV Reloaded. You can either install them on Kodi or install their application instead. However, if you are not satisfied with them then I have a complete list of the best IPTV that you should check out by following the below link:


This was everything regarding the news about the shutdown of Gears TV Reloaded IPTV service. Since this was used by many people so it is quite sad that it is not available now. But don’t worry I have listed some of the best alternatives that you can use instead.

Also, as I have already mentioned earlier that you need to use the VPN along with any 3rd-party app or unknown service. It will be useful to keep your personal information safe and hide your log information and protect you from phishing attacks etc.

After reading the whole guide you surely understand why such services went down. But if still you have any confusion or simply wanted to ask related to this topic. Then don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section I will try to answer it and help you with any problem you are facing.

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