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Amazon Firestick is the best streaming device available that provides various advanced features. However, due to having 1GB of RAM, it is no doubt you have faced Firestick So Slow or app freezing. In this way, if you also want to learn how to boost Fire TV Stick and improve loading speed then this is the perfect guide.

It is because a few weeks ago I was using my device peacefully but then when I try to open another app it shows some glitches and lags. I was anxious about Why Is My Firestick So Slow I thought might have damaged my device that’s why it is not working properly as it works before.

But later I start searching for this problem and after spending several hours I finally found some common reasons. So, in this article, I am going to share with you proven methods that help you to boost FireTV Stick like it was before.

To improve your loading speed or fix glitches or app freezing I would recommend you to keep reading this article until the end. The reason is I have listed various methods for everyone as many people may have a different problem so after reading the whole guide you will be able to speed up in no time.

Why Is My Firestick So Slow?

Before moving towards the solution section you must learn why Firestick slows down suddenly. As once we understand it then we will be able to find the right method for ourselves. Even though by knowing the reason you will be able to understand some common things that you should take care of.

Ok, so here are some common reasons why you are facing Firestick slow speed:

Overheated Device: The most common reason why Firestick feels choppy or suddenly starts loading is that it is overheating. Whenever a user starts using their device for a long time and opens various apps it became hot.

So, when that device became hot its processor works slow and you will face performance issues, app freezing and lag while scrolling. How To Fix Firestick Overheating

Too Many Bloatware Installed: This is another reason behind the slow performance of a Fire TV device as by default Amazon install various app. Even though when a user installs too many applications that He/She is not using would also take some RAM.

That’s why when too much RAM is consumed you will see the app launch become slow and you will also face some buffering issues.

Many Apps Running in Background: This reason is quite related to the one I have mentioned above because whenever a user opens an app and then opens another it won’t get killed but instead it runs in the background. However, if you are using some services like Mouse Toggle, or VPN then keep in mind that these services automatically run in the background.

So, when they keep running in the background these apps also consume some of the RAM which makes it choppy. This is why it is highly recommended to always close apps properly and disable apps from running in the background.

How To Improve Amazon Firestick Performance


After reading the above section you surely learnt the reasons why Firestick became a choppy or slow performance. If you have already learnt it then you will surely be able to find the related fix for yourself easily but if you are not able to find then don’t forget to keep reading each method.

It is because we will learn to disable some unused apps and clear the data to save storage and free up RAM. Even though we are also going to learn the method to disable Firestick features that are interrupting the performance.

Ok, so enough wasting time let’s just check out the below fixes to solve the slow performance of FireTV:

Use Original Power Adapter/USB

The first thing that you need to do to boost your FireTV Speed is to use the original power adapter and USB that are provided along with the box. It is because these both are optimized enough to provide proper power to the Stick to make it run smoothly.

So, if you are using another USB cable instead of the one you get with the box then make sure to change it. Other than this try to avoid using the USB port on the TV as it doesn’t provide enough power to the device. That’s why always use the original Power Adapter of Amazon because it helps it to receive proper power to run apps smoothly.

In case you have broken the adapter then you can simply buy a new one directly from Amazon itself. If you don’t know which one to choose then just check the link given below as I have already bought it and it works pretty fine.

Buy Amazon Firestick Power Adapter

Use Ethernet Adapter

You might be wondering how using the ethernet adapter is related to the slow performance of Firestick. Well! as you know that the Fire TV requires to have a good signal to launch apps or stream its content.

So, if your device is not receiving proper WiFi signals then you might face slow app opening or buffering during streaming your favourite TV Shows and Movies.

Furthermore, there could be various other reasons like some things are causing hindrance between TV and WiFi signals. Other than this if your router is placed outside the room there could be chances that you won’t receive proper signals.

However, if you want to learn how to solve WiFi issues then make sure to check this whole guide: Fix Firestick Not Connecting To Wifi

If even after trying all the methods you still have an issue then it is recommended to use Ethernet Adapter instead. By using this you won’t face any hindrance or signal problems and even the best part is that you will never face buffering issues because a wired connection is faster than WiFi.

In case you don’t know which Ethernet adapter to buy then you should surely love to read my review guide. Here I have shared some of the best and Firestick compatible adapters that can work like a charm. To find which adapter you have to choose just follow this link: Best Amazon Firestick Ethernet Adapter

Restart Firestick

Let’s consider if you are using an ethernet adapter as well as the original power Adapter and USB cable but still, you are facing slow speed on Firestick. Then you probably need to restart your device as I already said earlier if you keep using it for a long time it will overheat.

When the device overheats it feels laggy and even the performance became poor. So, whenever you are facing lag make sure to simply restart your Firestick from settings. Otherwise, if you are using the latest Firestick 4K, or 3rd Generation then you will get a power button on the remote that makes our work easier.

There are several other benefits of rebooting a device as it deletes all cache or temporary files. Fix various sorts of bugs and release memory by killing background running apps. Even though your device will be faster just like you bought it for the first time.

To learn how to restart your device you can simply follow this article: How To Restart Amazon Firestick

Clear Data of Unused Apps

Amazon FireTV comes with various bloatware installed on this device that we don’t use but still, they consume some of our storage. Even though there are various apps available that we don’t use but we still don’t want to delete them either.

In this way, you can save your storage and avoid it from running in the background by simply clearing app data. Data files on FireTV are those types of files that are created when you perform certain actions there like Creating or Signing in with an account, Offline Downloads, and so on.

However, you should be very careful with this action as it will remove all your accounts and delete all data that you have downloaded or made. It is quite like as we reset our Firestick that removes all data and makes it look like a new one.

In case you want to learn how to clear data then you can read about it here: How To Clear Cache on Firestick

Uninstall Apps You are Not Using

This method is simply related to the one that I already told above which is clearing data. Since we know that the clear data will only remove files or settings that we have made on that particular app. That means the app will still remain there and still uses some of our RAM.

Furthermore, since it is installed on our device that means it took some storage as well. To avoid this problem I would recommend you just uninstall the app that you are not using. Because by doing this you will be able to save some RAM and Storage.

To learn how to uninstall the app you can follow given below steps:

  • From the home screen on Firestick hover to the above menu and click on Settings.
  • Now move forward and then select Applications from there.
  • After this, you will see two options so now select Manage Installed Apps.
  • It shows the list of apps that are installed now scroll down and select the App that you want to Uninstall.
  • On the next screen, you will see various options so now just click on the Uninstall button.
  • When you click on it a warning message will appears and from there select Uninstall again.

In this way, you can uninstall as many unwanted apps as you want and save some storage and RAM as well. Also, please be careful while performing this action or else you will end up losing your data so make sure to first backup your files.

Other than this if you want to learn more about uninstalling an app you can check out this guide: How To Uninstall/Delete Apps On Firestick

Factory Reset Firestick


Did you tried everything but still can’t find any luck you are still facing slow speed on your Firestick. If so then the only way to boost its speed is by factory resetting this device to default. This is the best practice and comes in handy in various places like buffering, Kodi icon disappearing, overheating, running out of storage and several others.

But please keep in mind that following this guide means you will end up deleting all downloaded apps, Settings, data, and Files and even removing your account. To perform this method make sure to first make a complete backup of your files.

Once the backup is completed you can simply follow the below quick steps:

  • Close all apps and then go to Settings by going to the above menu from Home Screen.
  • After this just move forward and then click on the My Fire TV section.
  • From there scroll down and then click on Reset To Factory Defaults.
  • At this time a warning message will appear so simply click the Reset button.
  • Now you will see a notification saying “Resetting your Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K to Factory Defaults”.

That’s it now Leave this and don’t press any button also keep in mind that your TV might restart several times during the process. So, don’t worry about it and when everything is done you will see the device is restored to the original state as it was after purchasing.

However, you need to Set up Firestick again so make sure to follow my guide on it in case you are having any problems. Other than this if you want to learn more about the factory reset option then simply follow this link: How to Reset Firestick to Factory Settings


These are some common fixes that you can use whenever you are facing slow performance on Firestick. All the methods are proven and are checked by me before posting them here. I would recommend you to read all the methods that I have provided because if one is not working then the second will surely gonna work.

Although if nothing works then the only option left is to reset FireTV to factory defaults. But keep in mind that it will delete all your data, apps, and files so be careful while following it. However, if you are facing an issue with WiFi then it is better to go and buy the Ethernet Adapter.

If you have followed all the methods then please let me know your precious feedback below. It will help other users to understand that the guide is helpful. Even though if you know any other best solution except those I provided above then feel free to share it with us. You can even ask any questions related to FireTV or regarding this issue by commenting down below.

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