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Is your Firestick overheating? And you are looking for the perfect guide to solve the problem? If yes then you came to the right place because a few months ago I faced this same issue.

I was looking for fixes on many websites and only one of them works for me. This is why I think to collect all these fixes and troubleshooting for you to avoid this problem on every device.

Why Amazon Firestick Overheating?


Before we move to the fixes first let’s learn why this device overheats. What are the causes of overheating? Because when we understand this concept then we can easily avoid it from heating and as it is said that “Prevention Is Better Than Cure”.

So, if we prevent these things we don’t even face this issue. Now the first reason could be plugging the Fire Stick behind your TV. Yes, this is the first reason because when we plugin behind the TV it won’t get enough airflow to keep it cool.

Using heavy applications could be another reason why this device heats too much. Because this device is not made to run heavy apps or games but it can be used only to run some lite applications. It is recommended to always use those apps which are lite in size.

Another major reason could be many apps running in the background. Now if you are a daily user of FireTV then you surely use many apps on and then minimize it to run second. In this way, these apps keep running in the background and your device may heat.

These are some well-known causes of why this device gets warm so you just have to avoid these things. Now let’s move to our guide and follow the steps that are shown there.

How To Fix Firestick Overheating Issue

Ok, so now we are ready to move our guide on how to fix Amazon Firestick overheating problem. This also applies to the Amazon FireTV users as well so the steps are the same for both.

9 Solution for Amazon Firestick Overheating

here are the best nine fixes to cool down your amazon firestick, these are totally free methods

Fix 1: Using the HDMI Extender

As I have mentioned above most of the time your device heats because it doesn’t get the airflow. So, to avoid this issue you can use the HDMI extender that you get with the box. You just have to input the Fire Stick into Extender and then connect it to another USB.

Now you just need to input this directly in your FireTV and then place it some distance from your TV. Make sure that it now gets enough Air and then in this way you can easily fix the issue.


Fix 2: Insert this Device into Side Panel

Now, this is something the same as the above fix because in most TVs you will find two different HDMI ports in the side panel and in the back. So, if you have just plugged this device into inTV’s back-port then you are doing a big mistake.

Because by doing this your device is not getting too much air and it is the reason why it overheats. So, if you don’t want to use the Extender then I would recommend using your TV side Port. In this way, the device will be at some distance from the TV and then you can solve this issue as well.


Fix 3: Using TV USB Port

As we know that this device uses the Power Adapter to boot which can be used directly with the TV or from an Adapter. So, this is also an issue when you use the Adapter as times our light voltage goes too high and in this way, this Stick can overheats.

In this way, I would recommend using the USB port of your TV as it provides only a certain amount of power to this device. And in this way, you can avoid overpowering, and then your problem will be fixed. Give this a try as I used it and found no issue after this.


Fix 4: Clearing Caches of Heavy Applications

I have mentioned this problem earlier that this device is not made for heavy apps. This is why when you use these apps on your device you may face slower performance or overheating.

Now here are the steps given below that you can follow to clear caches of those heavy applications.

– Turn on your TV and then open Firestick Home Screen and from here using the above menu open Settings.


– From there move to the right side and then open Applications.


– After this simply open Manage Applications.


– Here you will find all the applications installed on your device. Now keep scrolling and click the Ok button from the remote when you find the app you want to clear the cache.


– From here simply click Clear Cache and Press Ok if it asks.


Please Take a Note:
Do not clear Data as it will reset your application to Default and will delete the installed Addons or Builds from Kodi.

Fix 5: Force Close Background Running Applications

This issue is also mentioned in the above guide so now what happens is when we launch an app and minimize it and then launch another at the same time. We might think that the app we just minimized is no longer usable but this is not true.

Firestick is based on Android Operating System so similarly when you minimize application in Android it keeps running in the background. Just like that when you close that app and launch another the old application will keep running in the background.

This is also a major issue which not only overheats the device but it also slows down the device as well. So, to avoid this problem you just have to follow the steps that are given below.

1. Open the Home Screen of Firestick and then open Settings.


2. After this open the Applications section.


3. Click on Manage Applications.


4. Now scroll down and then select the app which you think is running in the background and then click Force Stop.


That’s it the app is now stopped and it won’t run in the background. Now after a few minutes, you will notice the speed is improved in your device and also it is cool now.

Fix 6: Unplug Firestick

So, there are many people who may face problems while clearing caches of each application and force stopping it. It is because we sometimes install many applications so stopping each will consume too much time. In this way, we can simply unplug and re-plug this device to stop all the applications from the background.

This is also useful to clear caches as these temporary caches will only remain until you are using them. Now there is also a downfall of it as we don’t have an option to directly reboot this device from Settings. In this way, we have to do it manually so just unplug the Firestick from the TV.

Now let it unplug until the temporary becomes normal and then try to plug it again. Just Turn on Your  TV and then see the device is working fine now. This can be used at the time when you use too many apps or don’t want to waste precious time.


Fix 7: Uninstall Unwanted Application (From Settings)

The biggest drawback of having a Firestick device is limited Storage. Because whether you buy a normal stick or the FireStick 4K you will get only 8GB Storage which is not enough. This is because nowadays apps become very large in size that even using 5 applications can fill the storage.

No matter if you use a mobile phone or these devices, having a Storage full will surely slow down and overheat it. In this way, we just need to uninstall some unwanted applications to save storage and avoid overheating.

Here are the steps you need to follow to uninstall apps:

– Turn on FireTV and then hover above Settings.

– Now open Applications from there.


– After this click on the Manage Applications section.


– Here you see all the apps installed on your device move down and select the app you want to Uninstall.


– Click on the Uninstall button.


– Again click Uninstall when a prompt message appears.


That’s it the app is now successfully removed from your device. Now if you don’t want to follow these huge steps then below is the alternative method to remove applications easily.

Alternative Method To Remove Applications

Ok, so here are the steps that you can follow to remove apps directly from the Home Screen. You don’t need to open settings as we can directly remove it by following these steps:

1. Open the Home Screen of your FireTV and then scroll down to the Your Apps & Channels.

2. After this, you need to click on the See All button.


3. Now using the Remote buttons highlight the app that you wanted to uninstall.


4. Using your Remote press the 3-line button to show options.

5. You will notice some options appear left-side below so from here just click on Uninstall.


6. It will then ask for confirmation so again click Uninstall in prompt.


That’s it the application is now removed from your device and now following these similar steps you can remove all unwanted apps directly from your Home Screen.

Fix 8: Deleting Apks of Third-Party Apps

Whenever we install any app that is downloaded from third-party sources like using Downloader or any other method.

It will leave their apk file on our device which we have to delete as it also took some of the storage. Now to delete these apk files we have two methods. The first method I show you are to remove directly using the Downloader app. And in the second method, we use ES File Explorer.

Ok, so here is the first method you can follow:

This method is only useful when you are downloading the App from Downloader. After the app is downloaded or already installed from other sources then you should move to the second method.

1. Open Downloader and then download any application that you want.


2. When the app is downloaded successfully it automatically launches the installer Window.

3. Now from here just click on the Install button and wait until the app is installed successfully.


4. After installation simply click on Done and you will be returned to the Downloader app.


5. Here you will notice a prompt appears with three buttons. Now we just need to click on the Delete button.


That’s it the apk or the backup file is now removed and you can still use the app from Home Screen. Now let’s talk about the second method of deleting old downloaded apk files.

Alternative Method To Delete Apks from Firestick

In this method, we use a File Manager named as ES File Explorer. It is the most famous File Manager known all around the world.

This app is available on the Amazon Store so let’s check how you can download it and use it to delete apk files.

1. Turn on your FireTV and from Home Screen choose the Search or Magnifying Glass icon.

2. Now using the Virtual Keyboard type ES File Explorer and hit the search button.


3. Here you see the first app with a blue icon and ES written in it so just click on the Download button.

4. When the app is downloaded now click on Open.

5. The app will be launched and it will ask for some permissions just allow them. Now here you see the Home Screen of the ES File Explorer.

6. From the left-side menu Select Local and then click Home either you can click on Internal Storage from the right side.


7. Now from the right side, you see all the folders available, now open the Downloads folder as almost every app is downloaded in this folder.


8. When you see the app is there now long-press on the Remote Middle button to see more options. Now from the below menu, you will see the Delete option.


9. Just select that Delete option from there and it will show a prompt message. Click Ok when the prompt appears to allow deleting of the apk.


Fix 9: Factory Reset

This is the final method in which we factory reset our device which means it deletes all the data from the device. It will make your device totally new as it comes when you purchase it.

To factory reset make sure to make a backup of the apps or other personal data.

Now let’s move to the steps:

1. Open Settings from the Home Screen.

2. Scroll on the right side and then open My Fire TV.


3. Now scroll down to the bottom and then select Reset to Factory Defaults.


4. It will open a prompt message so simply select Reset.


Now just wait for a few seconds until the device restore completes and then it will be opened automatically. When it boots again you will then require to setup again.


These are some simple and easiest methods that you can use to fix Firestick Overheating. All the steps mentioned are working perfectly fine and are checked by myself.

Make sure you have read all the fixes so in case one is not working then the second will surely gonna work for you.

Now tell me your experience in the comment section of which of the above method is working for you. Because in this way other people will also get an idea that these are working fine. Also, if you have any other method that worked for you then don’t forget to share it with us.

I hope you just loved my work and find this article helpful. If yes then don’t forget to share it with friends or family as it will encourage me to bring the latest tips & tricks related to this device.

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