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Are you tired of searching for a way to find Amazon Firestick Mac Address and still cannot find any helpful guide? If so then you came to the right place as in this article I am going to share two simple methods to get a mac address in just 2 minutes. Make sure to stick with this article until the end so you don’t miss any helpful information.

However, this is simple and way easier than excepted but still to learn about these methods you need to read and keep reading this article. As the steps might be complicated and if you didn’t follow them correctly you may not be able to find them and just waste some of your precious time by going here and there.

What is Mac Address on Firestick?

Before moving to the actual guide you might be wondering about what is mac address on Firestick is. So, basically, it is similar to the IP address that is used to identify a device. Although Mac Address is quite different because IP is provided by the ISP provided while the mac is written on the device hardware.

These both are used for the same purpose but as for IP it can be changed from time to time and even you can use a VPN to hide or mask your current IP. While on the other hand Mac addresses cannot be changed or masked that is fixed and it is inserted into the device’s hardware instead of software.

This address is used to diagnose the internet connection or troubleshoot the WiFi network. Even though this can be used to block someone’s device from the router. There could be different usage for this depending on the situation people want it like either diagnosing the internet or simply blocking a device from the router.

How to Find Amazon Firestick Mac Address Info

Now as we know what is a mac address and why it is used for different situations if you are willing to continue. Then you should simply keep reading this guide simply until the end. So, as we talk earlier that there are two methods to find Amazon Firestick mac address info.

In the first method, we simply use our device’s Settings to find it which will only take a few seconds. While on the other hand, the second method will take some time as we will find using the router settings. In both situations, we will get the exact address so don’t worry about it just follow the method that suits you.

However, if you just want to use the first method from Settings then there is no need of following the second method. Similarly to those willing to find it from the router instead of Settings then just leave the first method and check the second. Both are working and work pretty find so don’t hesitate to give it a try.

So, without wasting any time let’s just check the given below methods:

Find Amazon Firestick Mac Address Using Settings

Now let’s talk about the first method which is finding the address directly using the Amazon Firestick Settings. To follow these steps you are required to have a workable device. As if your device is just showing a blank screen or is stuck due to some issue and you don’t get into settings then you should probably check out the second method.

Check out the steps given below to get the mac address from FireTV settings:

Boot your Fire Stick and from Home Screen hover to the above menu and select Settings.

Or you can press and hold the Home button for a couple of seconds and select Settings from there.


Once going into Settings move forward and then select My Fire TV.


From here you simply need to open About section.


After going there simply scroll down and hover to the Network and on the right side you will see the Mac Address.


This is how you can find the mac address on Firestick quickly from settings. The address will be in xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx format or check the screenshot attached above.

How To Find Mac Address on Amazon Firestick 4k From Router

So, let’s just talk about the second method which is getting an address from the Router itself. This method is quite easier as you just need to have the user and password of the admin panel. This could be useful when your device is stuck on a blank screen or it shows optimizing system storage and applications.

Because we just need to have our device connected to the router as if it is connected you are ready to go. Simply follow the steps that are shown there and then you will be able to find it in no time.

Ok, so let’s find the amazon firestick mac address from the router:

  • Open the router’s admin panel that you can find on the backside or router. The address will look like or
  • Now after going there log in with account details that by default is username: admin and pass: admin.
  • After you log in there just hover to the WiFi Network or just check the Connected device from the above or left panel.
  • Once you enter there now just find the FireTV name in that list and it shows the mac address under or on the side of it.

Just note that address and you are good to go as you have successfully found the mac address of your Fire TV.


These are a few simple and easiest ways to find Amazon Firestick mac address info in under 2 minutes. Both the methods provided here are tested by me and work pretty fine. Simply follow the steps that suit you better or find it easy and then you will be able to get the address instantly.

However, if you knew any other simple or easiest way please don’t hesitate to share it with us. If I find it helpful I will add that method to this list as well. Also, if you have any other questions that you want to ask then please don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section I will be glad to hear from you and answer that question.

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