How To Fix Firestick keeps Rebooting – Solved 100% [2023]


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Were you watching your favourite movie or TV show but suddenly Firestick rebooted? Well, if the answer is yes and you want to look for the fix for this then you are at the right place.

A few days ago I was watching my favourite web series on Netflix but after the sometimes strange thing was to happen which was my device suddenly restarted itself. However, I never pressed any button and the remote was far away from me I was also afraid if it was broken or damaged.

After looking for hours I finally found some solution that made my day so now today I am here to also solve my visitor’s issue. In this guide, I will share with you all 100% working and my own checked methods to fix Firestick keeps rebooting problem.

Why does Firestick Keep Restarting?

There could be several reasons for Firestick to keep rebooting as the most well-known factor is Overheating. It is a fact if you use any machine like a mobile or any other sort of device it will surely restart itself if it is being used for hours and becomes overheated.

However, there could be other reasons as well like if you haven’t used it for long and it is cool as well then there could be an issue with the Adapter. Because the adapter provides its electricity and without it this device is useless.

Damaged HDMI cable or port could also be responsible for it because it needs a source to show you content on TV. Or maybe you have a major update pending in which they solve this issue as sometimes their firmware has this issue so in an update they fix them.

How To Fix Firestick Keeps Rebooting Issue


Now as we already know some of the major reasons why this device keeps restarting so we have to talk about every factor in depth. So, without wasting any further time let’s move to our today’s guide and make sure to check each and every method.

Because sometimes people read the first method and try it at the same time so if that doesn’t work they think the guide is fake. This is why I recommend reading it till the end as some people face this problem due to overheating while others face Power Adapter.

Now as there are several issues this is why I am writing all possible methods to fix this problem.

Use Only Official Accessories

One of the major mistakes is that people who are lazy like me (LOL) use whatever the power adapter sees. This is totally wrong and it cannot only cause this issue but even though you can damage your Stick permanently.

The reason behind this is those original accessories that we get while purchasing Firestick have a limit of certain power. For example, if we use a power adapter of 20 watts in the source that requires only 10 watts it will 100% damage that file.

This is the reason why Amazon itself recommends only using the Power Adapter that comes in the box. Using this will avoid many issues like Firestick overheating and this device will get enough power to work properly.

However, if you have damaged the original Adapter then still you can purchase one from Amazon itself. To check out its price just follow this link: Amazon 9W Official OEM USB Charger and Power Adapter

Best Amazon Firestick Ethernet Adapter Reviews:

Change USB Cable

Now if you are using the original power adapter that is working fine then there are chances the problem is caused by USB Cable. Because USB cables or Data Cables don’t have a long life span that’s why they easily got damaged after using for a few months.

That’s why using the branded USB cable can help avoid this problem, so if you have any old cable just remove it and buy a new one. There are many companies that provide quality cables so make sure to purchase from them.

Changing Power Adapter

This is related to the first method as many people who are using it for years surely damaged the original power adapter. So, buying the official adapter may cost high so for this, we can purchase from a third-party seller.

Since Firestick runs on 1Amp so using a power adapter of 2 amp wouldn’t make a difference and it will surely gonna work. But please keep in mind that we are not responsible for any damage with this so try it yourself as I have only tested it using 3-Port USB Charger DeepDream.

If you use any other charger make sure to use the port that supplies 2 amp power however using a high power adapter can damage Firestick.

Avoid Using Extensions

In most cases, people use an Extension instead of a power socket and this is where the problem occurs. Because in most of the time extensions don’t provide proper power to the Adapter because of low-quality wire or other faults.

Even though some extensions are of a very cheap quality which can cause Firestick rebooting. To avoid and fix this problem make sure to always plug the adapter into the mainboard. In this way, your adapter will get enough power to keep this device working properly


If you already know about the use of Universal Remote on Firestick then you surely know about the name called HDMI-CEC. Well, this feature is available in most of the latest and old televisions that help to control the TV with multiple remotes.

Similarly Firestick remote can also be used to control the TV which is not necessarily so in most cases people have enabled this feature which is causing restarting issues.

Some people have already tried this method and got successes in it. To disable or check if this setting is enabled just follow the below steps.

1. Open Home Screen in FireTv and navigate to Settings.


2. From Settings move to the right and then select Display & Sounds.


3. After this scroll down and press the Remote Centre button (when highlighting HDMI CEC Device Control).


4. It may ask for confirmation just press Yes.

But wait if this feature is already disabled then you don’t have to do anything here just keep reading this guide.

Update Firestick Firmware

Another thing that we can do is update its firmware because in many cases we install a firmware version that contains various bugs including auto rebooting. This is the reason why they themselves recommend keeping the device up to date.

Also, there are other benefits of updating the firmware as you get some new features, some bugs got fixed, support of new apps and many more. To check if you have an updated version or if there is a pending update just follow the below steps.

Navigate to Settings from Home Screen and then open My Fire TV.


Scroll down and select About.


At this time move down and click Check for Software Update.


This will take some time and after this, you can see the new version (if available) or it will say Firmware is already updated.


If the firmware is available for download just click on Update and it will start downloading. This will take some time depending on the update and then the device will reboot automatically to Install these updates.

When following all the steps now try to use this app for some time and check if it still keeps rebooting or not.

Factory Reset Firestick

Now if you have tried everything but found no luck then there could be the last chance of factory resetting. When performing this action make sure to have a complete backup for your data and remember your account as well.

Because it will delete every application and remove your registered account as well so it is highly recommended to do a complete backup.

Ok, so for this you need to just follow these simple steps:

  • Hover to the above menu and click on Settings.
  • Now move to the right-side and just select My FireTV.
  • From this menu move down and click Reset To Factory Default.
  • It will ask for permission so click Yes.

Now the process will begin and it will restart several times during this process. When the process is done you will see a completely new Firestick and then you need to set up Firestick again.

Should I Unplug My Firestick At Night

Yes unplugging Firestick at night is highly recommended because most of the time when we just turn off the TV without unplugging think that it is safe. But it is not as the power adapter is still providing voltage to the firestick even if TV is off.

In this manner, the chances of damage Power Adapter will increase and that’s the issue we have already mentioned above. Instead of this since Fire Stick is still getting power this may damage the device as well because sometimes the voltage increases automatically.

Whenever these voltages increase and provide more power as needed will damage some internal parts and it will cause permanent damage. This is also a major issue why Firestick overheats and in this way, we can face an automatic reboot issues.


Firestick is being used throughout the world because it is the best streaming device as compared to others. The situation gets worst when we face some unknown errors like sudden reboot, or overheating. In this way, if anyone is facing Firestick keeps rebooting problem can easily fix it just by following the above methods.

Every method that is described above are tested by me and are working 200% so make sure to follow every guide if one is not working. But if after the following everything nothing works then there could be chances that your device is damaged so for this just call to Amazon or take it to the shop from where you bought.

If this guide helps you in any way just don’t forget to share it with others because share is care. Also, if you have any other solution except the above make sure to share it with us. It will help many users who are struggling and I will also add it here if I found it worthy.

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