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Searching for the Best FireDL Codes List For Firestick? But didn’t get succeed or get those codes that are already expired? Well! Don’t worry then as I am here to provide you with the 100% working and tested Fire-DL codes

I have been also searching Best FireDL Code around the internet but got no success because most of them were expired or not working. Even some of them contain that content that was irrelevant for FireTV devices like adultery etc.

That’s why I thought to bring only those which can be helpful for every user so stick with this article at the end so you don’t miss any information that I have provided here.

What is FireDL?


Before we move to the FireDL Codes list, first of all, let’s learn what FireDL actually is. So, it is a free platform similar to Filelinked that is used to share files anonymously.

For example, it converts a normal link into a short code that can be used to download that specific item provided in this link.

Just like that, it is the same platform that can be used to share your files, photos, apps, documents, and almost all types of private data without worrying about leakage, etc.

But there is a difference between these two apps as DroidAdmin a.k.a Filelinked is a platform where you can create your own code by creating an account there.

Perhaps this platform is free so it only hosts that code for around 60-days and after this, it will be expired automatically.

It has some good sides and bad sides because when you share some private files then it is very good that the code expires automatically.

Similarly, if you are going to share it with others on the YouTube channel or through the website then it will be expired and you have to keep updating them every 60 days.

Best FireDL Codes List

This is the list of some working codes for FireDl that are tested in 2023. I check all these codes once a week to make sure if they exist or not. Somehow if I missed any of the code that is just expired then make sure to let me know in the comment section.

I would love to hear from you and will replace that with the new one as soon as possible.

Freeflix HQ452090
MORPH TV355326
MOVIE HD440289
Redbox TV693082
Nitro tv Pro414411
HBO Movies680010

Best Firedl Codes in 2023

Super Atom083026
Tulatino TV 2020459124
Tulatino TV462117

Latest Fire DL Codes

The given below Codes are famous because many people look for the apps that contain them. So, make sure to check the code and the name on the right side. You will then understand why I write them separately from others.

  • 452090 – Freeflix HQ
  • 680032 – CINEMAX
  • 300006 – FILDO
  • 355326 – Morph TV
  • 451896 – CotoMovies
  • 300013 – Amazon File Manager
  • 564837 – Mobdro
  • 680025 – Geo Streamz
  • 300008 – Mouse Toggle
  • 767221 – APK Time

How To Use FireDL

After copying the code you might wonder how to use FireDL. If so then here is the complete step-by-step guide to easily understand the use of this app. In case you don’t understand the steps just check out the screenshots attached.

Ok, so just follow below step-by-step guide:

Launch the FireDL and here you see a search box where you will be asked to enter the URL. So, in this box, you need to enter the code.


Now note that code and then using a virtual keyboard type in that box. When you finish typing the last letter you will notice it automatically converts into a URL so click next.


Now you don’t need to do anything as the download starts automatically but in case it doesn’t start then click on the Download button.


Wait for a while until the download completes and here you will be redirected to the installation section. From here click on the install button.


The app will be installed in a second and now you are ready to use and Open it like any ordinary app.


What To Do If FireDL Code Not Working

This is the common issue that almost everyone has ever faced so the problem is not with the code. As if any code not working it means the owner has deleted that file or FireDL itself removed it. Because most of the time people upload illegal apps that are not allowed by FireDL.

If the code doesn’t work then make sure to comment down and tell me about it. I will try my best to bring you a new code and I also update the codes on a weekly basis so you never face this issue.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Have you read all the guides? Still, have some doubts in your mind that you are looking to ask? Then you should read this FAQ list in which I have listed the most asked questions.

It will surely help you and you will get the answer to your question easily.

In case this doesn’t have the question you are asking then simply ask in the comment section below. I would try to reply to you as soon as possible.

Q1) Is FireDL Safe to use?

Yes, this is 100% safe and secure to use but make sure you use the code listed there. As people have noticed some codes that contain malware and trojans in them.

If you are using code from another website then I am not responsible for any harmful material there.

Q2) Is FireDL available for Android?

Yes, it is available for the android phone as Firestick is also based on the Android Operating System. If you want to get this app for your phone then here is the link to the Google Play Store from where you can download it.

Also, the codes that I have listed above are for both Firestick and for Android Phone users as well.

Q3) Can I download FireDL from Amazon App Store?

No, you cannot get this app from Amazon App Store, when I write this guide it was available on the Store. But recently they have removed it so we have to sideload FireDl to use it on Firestick.

If you don’t know how to sideload apps on FireTV then comment below so I can make a guide on it.

Q4) Can I create my FireDL Code?

Yes, you can also create your own code from the FireDL website as it doesn’t require signing up or money. The service is totally free all you have to do is this. Open Aidymatic website > From here choose the 4th FireDL option > Now copy and paste the direct link of apk or other sources> Just click Submit and here you will get a unique code for that file.


These are some working and the best FireDL codes list for Firestick and for Android device users. You can simply copy any code from the list and then start getting favourite apps without facing ads issue on most of the sites.

These are checked and are working 100% fine and I also keep adding the new code when I found it. So, don’t hesitate to use them as all of these are free from viruses, malware, and other malicious codes.

If you find this article helpful don’t forget to encourage me by sharing it with others. Also, bookmark this page and visit it once a month or 2 weeks to get the new code as soon as I upload it here.

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