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Amazon has provided us with the best streaming devices at low cost but the problem is it requires a WiFi network! However just like me many people out there are curious to know if Amazon Fire Stick need an internet connection. If you are also like me who is searching for this question then you came to the right place.

It is because a few days ago I was thinking about the same thing and then trying to find the answer on the internet. After finding for several hours I didn’t find anything useful as everyone was talking about something that doesn’t make sense. This is why I thought to try it by myself if there is internet required or not.

After trying several methods now I am finally here to help my visitors understand this device and will answer your question as well. This is why make sure to read this article until the very end as if you missed it you may still have some problems understanding this device also I will share an amazing guide.

Does Amazon Fire Stick Need Internet

As I said above I searched a lot on the internet for an answer to whether Amazon Fire Stick need internet. and the answer is Yes, it requires an internet connection to interact between servers. This is a cloud-based device that requires to have a WiFi network to show Home Screen or other installed applications.

It is because as we know on the Home Screen of Firestick we get too many advertisements for Prime Video. This is why if you don’t have internet this won’t be synced from the server and you will face the Home is Currently Unavailable error. But you can still open your apps that don’t require internet like Kodi, ES File Explorer, MX Player or VLC Media Player etc.

It is because these apps are used to manage Files, play downloaded media from your device and so on. However other apps like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu or 3rd-party streaming apps won’t work. As these applications work only with the internet so if you don’t connect with WiFi and launch them you will see no internet error and the app will close automatically.

Can I Use Firestick without WiFi

So, as we talked about earlier that WiFi is highly required for Firestick to work properly as it is a cloud-based device. Despite, this it also comes with internal storage which means we still have the option to use it without WiFi. But the problem is you can only use offline apps, and games that don’t need an internet connection.

Furthermore, you may not be able to see the Home Screen which means you can launch apps from Settings. In case you are willing to watch a downloaded Movie or TV Show using MX Player. Then you can launch it by going to Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications > Choose MX Player and select Launch.

By following the above steps you will be able to launch any offline that you want. However, if you are facing Poor WiFi signals or due to some reasons, it is not working. Then you should probably read the below guides to solve the internet issue on your FireTV to make it work like before.

Use WiFi Extender for Poor WiFi Signals

Let’s talk about the first problem that almost everyone has ever faced Poor WiFi signals. So, if you have placed a router outside your room then you probably won’t get full signals. It is because the router that you get from the Internet Provider doesn’t provide enough coverage in all rooms.

In this way to fix this problem, you should simply purchase a WiFi Extender for yourself to get signals all over House. There are plenty of products available out there that you can choose from. But one of my favourites is BrosTrend WiFi Extender as it is quite affordable and provides coverage up to 1200 Square feet.

However, BrosTrend provides different modes depending on your choice as you can connect it through Wifi and Extend it. Another mode is you can connect BrosTrend with WiFi and share the network using an ethernet connection. And the 3rd method is you can use a Wired connection and share WiFi signals.

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Use Ethernet Connection

If using a WiFi extender doesn’t help you in solving this problem and you are still unable to use WiFi then you should try using an ethernet connection instead. Unlike Fire TV Cube you won’t get any dedicated port or ethernet cable on the Fire Stick device but thanks to Amazon they offer an alternative version for this.

As you can buy an Amazon Ethernet adapter that is used to connect the wired connection directly to the Stick. This is the best choice as with WiFi you may face several problems but with wired you get extra fast speed. Even though you can stream from Kodi, Cinema HD or another app without facing buffering issues.

Most of the time I also use an adapter because WiFi is simply annoying and it keeps disconnecting while watching my TV Show. This is why I just replaced it with an adapter and now I am not facing any sort of issue with my device. If are willing to learn more about Ethernet adapters and find the best choice for you then check this guide: Best Ethernet Adapter Firestick

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Install FireStarter to Use Firestick without WiFi

Now talking about another solution which is using Firestick without an internet connection. As I said earlier if you are not connected to WiFi you will face a Home Screen unavailable issue. In this way to launch offline apps to watch downloaded Movies, you will be required to open it from Settings instead of Home Screen.

This is really annoying but we still have an option as we just need to install FireStarter a.k.a AppStarter on our device. It is basically a launcher for Fire TV users that provides a simple layout and shows apps in a clean interface. This is the best app to use if you are fed up with Amazon Prime promotions.

However, before we move towards the steps there are a few things that you need to do. As this is a 3rd-party app that means you cannot download it from the Amazon Store. That means we can only get it by using the sideloading method and for this, you first need to enable Apps from Unknown Sources.

After enabling this now Install the Downloader application which is known as the best app for sideloading. It is available free on Amazon Store that you can download by using this guide: Install Downloader on FireTV

Ok, so here are the steps that you need to follow to use Fire Stick without WiFi:

Launch Downloader on Fire TV and then from Home Screen hover to the simple box and press the Select button to open the keyboard.


From here you just need to type this address and then click on the Go button.


This will try to connect to the server and then you will see Downloading Status on your screen so wait until it downloads.


Within a few seconds, FireStarter will be downloaded and then you will see the installation window appear there and then click on the Install button from there.


The installation will take a few seconds and once completes click on the Done button.


After this, you will see the Downloader app with a dialogue box then simply click on the Delete button. You will be asked for the confirmation so again click the Delete button to remove it.


That’s it now the FireStarter has been installed on your device and you are ready to use it as your launcher or simply use FireTV without WiFi. To launch this app just press and hold the Home button for 5 seconds and select Apps, now scroll down and from the bottom select the app icon to launch it.


You will then notice a simple home screen without any advertisements for Amazon Prime. All your apps are located there and you can open Settings or go Back to the official launcher as well.


No doubt Fire TV is the best streaming media player available but the problem is this won’t work without WiFi. But after reading this article I am sure you get the answer does Amazon Fire Stick need internet to work? As I have mentioned everything here and all situations where this device needs a WiFi connection.

Instead of this I also few tips to boost your network by using the Extender or just connecting to a wired connection. If you have skipped it then go above and check it again. Also, don’t forget to check out the guide on how to use FireTV Stick without an internet connection by using a FireStarter application.

However if even reading this article you are still having some issues or are confused over something. Then please don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section. I will be glad to hear from you and will try my best to reach you as soon as possible and help you in solving a problem.

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