8 Reasons Why Do You Need a VPN on Firestick [2023]


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If you are a jailbroke FireTV device user then you probably getting confused over using a VPN. However, I am also getting too many requests over this so if you want an answer on do you need a VPN on Firestick? In that case, you came to the right place in this article I am going to provide you with the answer that is being asked throughout the internet.

Despite this when I purchased the device for the first time and start using 3rd-party apps I was also wondering the same. So, then I try to search for it but I didn’t get any helpful information out there. Even if someone says you should use it but they didn’t provide any reason why do we need it?

This is the reason why after getting emails about this question I thought to make a whole guide on it. In this, I would suggest you keep reading this article until the end because I am also going to provide you with some reasons. By reading this you will understand the answer more accurately.

Do You Need a VPN on Firestick?

Coming to the question which is, Do you need a VPN on Firestick? The answer is Of course anyone who is using a Firestick need to use a VPN service. It is because using this service will help you to avoid getting tracked and protect your privacy while surfing the internet.

Instead of this, it can be helped you to protect your personal details while using any public WiFi. For instance, if you are on a trip or just going on vacation and carry this device along with you. Then here you probably use the WiFi provided by the hotel which is called a public network as other users are already connected to the same network.

In this way, some users can access your personal information like credit card information, search history, or your name and address just by using the same WiFi. This is why using a VPN is mandatory for FireTV users to avoid such problems and even it can be used to avoid ISP throttling.

It is because your internet provider knows everything that you are streaming and searching and they keep your log. That’s why if they saw you streaming a lot there are chances that they slow down your bandwidth. There are several other reasons for it which you can check out from the below section.

Reasons Why Do You Need a VPN to Stream on Firestick

So, in the above section, we get the answer to the question that you were asking and also provides some common reason why you need a VPN on Firestick. Now if you are willing to learn more about it then I have listed some of the reasons why you need a VPN to stream on FireTV Stick.

Just make sure you read this section completely if you miss anything here then you might not be able to understand it properly. As there are different reasons for every person and this is why I am recommending reading this section so you can also understand how a VPN helps you with this device.


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Unlock Geo-Restricted Content

The first and the very common reason why you should use the VPN is that it helps to unlock geo-restrict content. For instance, Netflix is a famous streaming service available out to provide Movies and Web-Series. But the problem is this service is blocked in various countries and even some content is restricted.

In this way, some Web-Series are only available for some countries and to access them you can use a VPN. Other than this there are several other apps like Pluto TV, BBC iPlayer, and Hulu that are restricted in various countries. This is why unblocking all your favourite content using this service is highly recommended.

Using 3rd-party Apps

Now let’s consider if you are using a jailbroken Firestick then you probably installed 3rd-party apps to access free content. But the problem is these sorts of apps scrap links from different sources. In this way, there are chances that you may get a copyrighted or pirated link from that app.

So, streaming a Movie or a TV show from that link is considered illegal and you could get in trouble. This is why with the help of a VPN service you can hide your IP address and avoid getting tracked. However, it is still illegal so please try to avoid using pirated content and use free apps like Roku Channel to stream free movies and TV shows legally.

To Use Kodi

No matter if you are an old or newer user of FireTV you surely heard of the popular media player named Kodi. This is a free app that is available for different platforms including Firestick. The app is simple as it is used to watch locally stored content on your device or use to stream free content by installing an Addon.

Kodi offers various Addons that are officially available on its repository which are completely legal to use. However, there are 3rd-party Addons also available that provide free content just like 3rd-party apps. Similarly, these Add-ons also scrap links from different sources and that’s why to avoid problems VPN is required.

Secure Your Data and Identity

Most people use the internet for online shopping or to buy an app or service for Fire TV. In this way, they need to put the credit card information in the case to make a payment to purchase that item. This is sensitive information that cannot be shared with anyone else because of certain reasons.

However, the problem is some people use middle-man to attack your device and steal that information. But with the help of a VPN service, you can hide your IP address and keep yourself secure. Most of the time occurs while using the public network or a hotel WiFi that’s why to avoid using them or connect to a VPN.

Keep Safe From Malware While Watching Online

No doubt we purchase Fire TV devices so we can watch our favourite TV Shows and Movies online. For this, there are plenty of apps and websites available that provide free streaming. But there is a problem with it since they use some untrusted ad networks on their website to earn money.

These ad networks push the app to your device and force you to download and install it to watch a movie. However, that app only contains malware that is supposed to attach to your device. But with the help of a VPN, you can avoid these attacks by hiding the device’s information.

Hide Online Activity

Do you know that whatever you are searching on the internet is being monitored by the Government? If not that this is the truth as the Government knows all about your online activity like what you are searching, what you are watching and your current location as well.

This is really annoying with the help of a VPN we can simply avoid this and hide our online activity from governments. Even though we can avoid it from the Internet Providers as they also keep the log of your history.

Bypass Internet Censorship

Despite Government knowing about your activity, there is another thing that is even worst than that which is internet censorship. As there are many countries like Korea, China, Saudi Arabia, and Iran that blocked too many websites. These are some commonly used sites like Facebook, Wikipedia, Netflix, Twitter and so on.

But with the help of a VPN, we can simply avoid that restriction and can access these websites easily. It is because a VPN provides a virtual IP address from a different country where that app is not banned. That means when you connect to that server you will be able to access these services without letting Government know.

Stay Anonymous

Now as I have mentioned earlier that all your data is being tracked by your Government and your Internet Provider. In this way, they know everything about which app you are using and what you are streaming now. This is really awkward because you don’t have any privacy and we are being watched.

But thanks to these VPN services we can keep ourselves anonymous by simply connecting to another server. With the help of this, we can avoid tracking and we can surf the internet independently. Privacy is something that everyone needs on the internet so just make sure to buy a service for you to stay anonymous.

Which VPN am I Using

After reading the above reasons I am sure you are willing to buy a VPN service for you. In that case, I have listed some of the best VPNs for Firestick that you may like to read. But despite this let me share my experience with you as I have tried several services and now I will tell you which VPN am I using!

When I purchased this device for the first time I was also worried about my privacy and later I purchased IPVanish as it was suggested by many users. After using it for a while I felt the streaming is quite slow and I was getting buffering issues even after choosing the recommended server from there.

That’s why after a month I switched from it to the next service named NordVPn as it was also suggested a lot by many bloggers. So, when I start using I was getting better speed than IPVanish and it also has various servers which makes it easy to get the fastest one but the problem is NordVPN doesn’t support various apps.

This is why I also left that VPN, and after that, I finally think to try ExpressVPN, which was quite more expensive than others but as I said, I was concerned about my privacy. However, I just bought this service a month as I was just trying to check if it’s worth buying or not.

Well! Then I start using this service and I was completely shocked because this service provides everything that I needed. For instance, it provides fast and buffer-free streaming on various servers. Other than this it works for all apps including Netflix and even with Kodi and BBC iPlayer.

I used this for around two months but I never felt any issue with it and the performance was also good as before. Even though it provides 24/7 live chat support which is quite impressive and fast. Instead of this, they have a no-log policy, provides a Kill-Switch feature and offer servers from various parts of the world.


These are some of the common reasons to understand why you need a VPN on Firestick. If you read this article completely I am sure you understand this properly if not then make sure to go above and read it again. It is because if you miss anything then you may not be able to get the proper answer for you.

However, with the VPN you can unblock geo-restricted content from Netflix, BBC iPlayer, or Hulu. Similarly, it can be used to access content from 3rd-party apps and keep you secure. But please keep in mind that we never encourage the user to use VPN to hide illegal activity as this guide is for educational purposes.

Despite this, if you have completed reading this article but are still confused over something then please let me know in the comment section. I will be very glad to hear from you and will try my best to answer the question that you are looking for and help you with the problem you are facing.

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