Top 10 Hidden Amazon Firestick Tricks You Should Know [2023]


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Amazon Firestick is the leading streaming device available that is used as a cord-cutter for many users. However, there is still something you need to know as in this article you will get the top 10 Firestick Tricks that will change the way of using this device.

This is a famous device among individuals because it is budget-friendly and offers support for various apps like Hulu, Netflix, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, and so on. Instead of these we also have an option to install third-party apps to watch free live TV, Movies and other stuff.

But the problem is this is a little bit tricky and just like that there are many things that a normal user doesn’t know. This is the reason behind writing this article as it will completely change the user experience and you will be amazed after reading the whole article.

Furthermore, I would like to know if these tricks will work on Firestick 4K, FireTV Stick 2nd, 3rd Generation, and FireTV Cube. Instead of this all tips and tricks are verified by me so don’t hesitate to try it with your device.

Top 10 Amazon Firestick Tricks & Tips

Many tricks are available for the Firestick device but in this article, I am only sharing the 10 best of them. As these are worth talking about and most of you might already know about other tips that’s why we are not talking about them here.

Also, make sure to read each trick carefully before applying it as some of them might change the interface. This is why when you read them completely you will understand what happens after applying it and in this way, you won’t make any changes and avoid getting into trouble.

Ok, so below are the top 10 Firestick Tricks and tips to change your user experience:

Jailbreak Firestick

Now talk about the first and very useful trick for Firestick users is to jailbreak their device. The term jailbreak is completely different for FireTV users and is not illegal like on iPhone or iOS devices.

This is completely legal and safe to perform since we don’t change any system files or make changes in hardware. Although this term is only used to enable the installation of Unknown Source on Firestick that means with the help of this you can install 3rd-party apps.

It is because by default this feature is disabled due to security as an app downloaded from the internet might contain the virus. But if you use it safely then you will get many free applications to watch Live TV, Movies, Music, TV Shows, and so on.

Since this app is Android-based that means there are thousands of apps already available to be downloaded. Apps like Cinema HD, Mobdro, Tea TV, Morpheus TV, Live NetTV, and many others can be installed after jailbreaking.

To learn more about this term and how to perform a jailbreak you can simply read this detailed instructions guide: Jailbreak FireStick

After jailbreak makes sure to check these free apps to watch Live TV and Movies:

Use Mobile Phone as Remote

There are chances when you lost your remote control and can’t find it at a time when your favourite TV Show is about to air. This is really a bad feeling but now if you own an Android or an iOS device then you can simply use your phone as a remote.

Amazon provides its users with a virtual keyboard application that is available on the Google Play Store and on the App Store. Fire TV remote application is quite similar to the Physical remote as it comes with navigation keys, a select button, and even though it has an Alexa button.

However, there is still a drawback here as you won’t find a volume key or a power button just in case you need them. But still, this could be very useful at a time when you cannot find your remote or suddenly your remote stop working.

Also, the setup process is quite simple as you just need to connect to the same WiFi network and then choose TV from the mobile app. This will connect your app and you can use it as a remote to play movies or open Settings and so on.

You can read the setup process to sync the FireTV remote app by using this article: Sync FireTV Remote with TV

Mirror Mobile Screen on Firestick

If you want to watch your photos and locally stored videos on a bigger screen then you can do it now. As the Firestick also provides users with the screencast or screen mirror feature. By using this feature a user can easily watch their Mobile, Computer, or any other screen on the TV.

However, for various mobile, it may require to use of a 3rd-party application so if you don’t want to use it then there is another trick for this. Because many Website or apps like YouTube supports casting feature that means by using you can show that screen on your TV.

For this just open YouTube on any Android Phone or Computer and then play a video. Here you will notice a TV screen icon appears now click on it and it will start searching for TV.

Now simply Go to Settings on Firestick and then open Display & Sounds. After this click on the Enable Display Mirror option.

At this time connect to the FireTV device that will be visible on your phone or a computer and boom that screen will appear on a TV.

However, this option is limited as it only be used on apps that support the Screencast feature. In this way, if you want to show everything including download photos or movies then just follow this complete instruction guide on how to cast to Firestick with Android, iOS, or Laptop.

Enable Parental Control

Just like adults, kids also love to watch TV in their free time but the problem is they don’t know how to use it properly. That’s why in most cases they purchase any app or subscription when they don’t even know what are they doing.

Even though sometimes apps like Netflix, Prime Video, or others may show some content that is not suitable for kids. In this way, you can avoid such things by simply enabling the parental control feature on your Firestick device.

After enabling the Parental Control feature a user will be required to type 4 digit pin two times (on the first setup). Once this option is enabled you can easily turn off access to apps like Netflix or Hulu and some others too. Instead of this, you will be asked to enter a pin code each time you make a purchase from Amazon or any other 3rd-party apps.

This is an important trick for those who have children in their homes and don’t want to show them any R+ content. To enable Parental Control just hover to Settings > Preferences > Parental Controls and then press the select button.

Now as I already told you earlier you will be required to type the pin code twice while setting it up for the first time. Although you can also use a web browser to set up this option and then select the apps that you don’t want kids to open.

Calibrate Display

Calibrate display is another best Amazon Firestick trick that is used to set screen size on your TV. In most cases, people have found that the Screen is over-zoomed or it is shrunk. That’s why they cannot watch their movies properly and it is quite annoying too.

However, the best part is that FireTV allows users to calibrate the Display and set it according to their TV display. Another thing that you need to know is that you need to Set it up for the first time and after this, your display will be set forever.

To perform Display Calibrate on your TV make sure to follow these steps:

  1. Hover to the above menu and then select Settings from there.
  2. Now move forward and then click on Display & Sounds.
  3. Just scroll down and select Display.
  4. At this time hover to Calibrate Display and press the select button to open the Setup menu.
  5. Now using the Down and Up navigation keys, you need to adjust the display size accordingly.

Turn Off Click/Navigation Sound

It is quite annoying when you are using the TV at night and you hear a sound whenever you press the Navigation key. Most people don’t know that there is an option available where users can disable the Click Sound of navigation keys.

Now if you are also annoyed by this sound and want to learn how to disable it just follow the below steps:

First, go to Settings by pressing and holding the Home button for a few seconds.


Now move to the right side and select Display & Sounds settings.


After this, you just need to scroll down and select Audio from the list.


At this time highlight Navigation Sounds and then press the select button to toggle Off.


Now try pressing the navigation keys and you will notice the sound is completely stopped now. In this way, you can use your TV at night without disturbing anyone else.

Add Wireless Headphones

This is another best option where a user can connect to wireless headphones to watch movies at night without disturbing anyone else. Most people don’t know that they can use their Bluetooth headphones or other devices with this device.

This trick is most of the time used to watch movies at night while connecting your wireless headphones. Furthermore, you can also use other devices like Wireless Keyboard, Mouse, Speaker, and so on.

To connect to a wireless device just follow the steps given below:

First of all turn on Bluetooth to your headphones or other devices and make sure to make it discoverable. Now boot into FireTV and then from Home Screen hover to the above menu and select Settings.


After going into Settings just move to the right side and after this select Controllers & Bluetooth Devices.


From here you simply need to click on the Other Bluetooth Devices.


Now from the next screen click on Add Bluetooth Devices.


It will start searching for available nearby Bluetooth devices and then you need to select your device from the list to pair it.

Now your wireless headphones will be connected to the TV and you can start watching your favourite TV Shows or Movies.

Disable Auto-Play Video

Most of you have surely experienced that whenever you look for something to watch and stay hovered to any image for long enough it automatically starts playing with sound. This is the most annoying thing that I hate about this so if you are also like me then you will be glad to hear that it can be disabled too.

Many people didn’t know yet about this feature and after checking most people are looking for it that’s why I thought to add it to this top 10 Amazon Firestick tricks list.

Just follow the given below steps to disable Auto-play video on Home Screen:

Press and hold the Home button for a few seconds and then select Settings.


Now just move forward and then go to Preferences.


From there you need to scroll down and select Featured Content.


After this highlight Allow Video Autoplay and press the Select button to toggle Off.


Now hover to Allow Audio Play and again press the Select button to turn it Off.


Use Magnifier

There are many people who have eyesight issue that makes them hard to read what is shown on TV. In this way, they don’t understand it and have to walk near the screen to read. Even though if your eyesight is fine but you are surfing the internet then you surely face tiny fonts.

This also makes it hard to read and that’s why FireTV offers users a Magnifier feature. Most people don’t know about this feature yet and that’s why I thought to add it to our top 10 Amazon Firestick Tricks list. In this way, anyone who is having a problem with tiny fonts can read them clearly.

To enable Magnifier on a FireTV Stick make sure to follow the steps carefully:

  • Long press the Home button on the remote and select Settings.
  • After this go to the Accessibility Settings.
  • Now just hover over the Screen Magnifier.
  • It will then enable the Magnifier feature and after this, you will see the instructions.

The magnifier has been enabled and you can simply use the shortcut buttons that you see in the instructions section.

Connect Wired Internet

I have seen many people who are facing an issue with WiFi due to some hindrance. Other than this WiFi itself is slow and doesn’t provide enough speed as compared to the wired connection. Since the Firestick doesn’t have an ethernet port like FireTV Cube people think there is no way to use it.

This is quite wrong since Amazon is selling an Ethernet Adapter compatible with FireTV devices separately. The price of this adapter is also affordable and is handy to use even if you don’t have much knowledge of it. With the help of this, a user will be able to use a wired connection instead of WiFi and get fast speed for streaming.

If you want to learn more about an Ethernet Adapter and want to buy one then here is a complete review guide that will help you with it: Best Amazon Ethernet Adapters Review


These are the top 10 Amazon Firestick tricks that will help you to change the experience of using a FireTV. Most of you might already know about some of these tricks as this is for those who have purchased this streaming device recently.

Although there are many other hidden features of this device available out there in which some of them are not worth telling.

Furthermore, if you know any other trick instead of the one I have provided above make sure to share it with us. If I found it helpful I will also add it here and don’t forget to share your experience about which one you liked the most.

Even if you love my work and want to show some love then don’t forget to share this article with others. Other than this if you have any questions that you want to ask or facing any sort of issue then don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section.

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